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Jackson/Rowe Not the Biological Parents

6/30/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Michael Jackson was not the biological father of any of his children. And Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother of the two kids she bore for Michael. All three children were conceived in vitro -- outside the womb.

Multiple sources deeply connected to the births tell us Michael was not the sperm donor for any of his kids. Debbie's eggs were not used. She was merely the surrogate, and paid well for her services in the births of Michael Jr. and Paris.

In the case of Prince Michael II (the youngest), we're told the surrogate was never told of the identity of the "receiving parent" -- Michael Jackson. Three days after Prince was born at Grossmont Hospital in San Diego County, Jackson's lawyer came to the hospital to pick the baby up and deliver him to Michael.

We do not know if Jackson chose the sperm or egg donors or if he even knew who they were.

Although Rowe is not the biological mother, it's not a slam dunk that she would lose a custody battle. This type of case has never been litigated in California courts. Since Rowe was married to Jackson when Michael Jr. and Paris were born, there's a presumption that she's the biological parent. That presumption can be rebutted by other evidence.

We know there are documents outlining the whole arrangement for the birth of all three kids. Nonetheless, it's still an open issue with the courts.

Michael Jackson's kids


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In that one interview they have kept showing over and over this weekend on MSNBC - the one done by that British guy where the boy was shown with Michael originally (they've since taken that out since that's the boy who sued him in 05)????

The guy asked MJ about the kids - was he there when they were born etc

MJ says "yes of course" and then tells how he got to take both of Debbie's kids (or whoever they belong to apparently) within HOURS after their birth! AND the little boy had breathing problems when he was born, yet they let him take him out of the hospital and home in just a few hours???

AND then he said when the little girl was born, he (in his words, he says he snatched her up and ran with her) took HER out of the hospital IMMEDIATELY after she was born, even wiping off placenta with a towel on the way to the car!

What in God's name was wrong with that hospital?????

Anything can happen to a newborn within hours much less let them go home with Michael!

The guy asked him if that was all ok with Debbie and he said "sure", she was "fine" with it since she said they were a "gift" for him

I was shocked. Even famous people no matter who they are should NOT be allowed to leave a hospital with a newborn baby hours after it's born much less MINUTES!

He also kept telling the guy that it was totally "his sperm" and I was sitting there thinking "sure sure" we all know it wasn't from the get-go

BUT of course in this same interview he keeps telling the guy that he's had NO plastic surgery other than his nose which was for medical reasons. Again...sure sure whatever

1905 days ago


If I'm not mistaken, this 'story' first broke in News of the World, or maybe it was Weekly World News...neither is exactly known for their -shall we say- accurate reporting. Not that I doubt that MJ used a sperm donor.
Anyway, why are the newspeople so obsessed with Debbie Rowe? She hasn't made the slightest indication of even wanting to pursue custody!
Talk about making mountains out of molehills. I think we're all a little tired of the fabricated drama. His music was once great. He had issues. He's dead The end.

1905 days ago


Sorry, Farrah had her problems, too. Remember the appearance on Letterman? She was as big a space cadet as anyone has ever seen. That was before she got sick.

1905 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

He had SLE that he would have passed on...his fathers beatings gave him SLE as recored as far back as 1986.He could`nt love his father,his father did`nt show him love thius he built his own overly loving family without joe`s or his DNA.His father BEAT HIM INTO A WEAK LITTLE CHILD MAN with SLE he overcame all that and had a family without JOE`s hate or his SLE a every smart man and super loving to the point most of us can`t understand him.BUT when you look at his background and so on you see waht shaped him into the person he was.A product of his own making and control a overly loving father of a new age of designer familys.He knew what LOVE is and that it was more his own DNA

1905 days ago


Does it matter? Thousands of children are born via invitro, Michael loved those children with all his heart, and they loved him. Adoptive children love thier non biological parents so why would this even be an issue other than once again it is the show me the $$$ syndrome. So sad, can't even allow the man a modicam of dignity even in death.

1905 days ago


I can't believe anyone is surprised by this! The kids are white as can be.

1905 days ago


Shut the F*uck up... your ass is probably the size of the QE2!

Posted at 10:41AM on Jun 30th 2009 by Betsy

Wow, Betsy! Much anger in your life? And actually my ass is the same size 4 as the rest of me. Please don't post anything about yours, I really don't want to know.

1905 days ago


Please let the man rest in peace! I think they favor Michael. I am white my husband is Mexican. All 4 of my kids are each different looking. My daughter has dark brown almost black hair and brown eyes and has olive skin. My oldest son has dark brown hair and hazel eyes and is darker than his father. My second son has brown hair, olive skin and brown eyes. Now my third son is blonde haired blue eyed and has olive skin. I have been tempted to go on Maury to prove he is my husbands just to keep others from looking funny. If he is not my husbands then he was mixed up in the hospital because I have never been with anyone else. You have to understand that your children can take their looks from other family down in the generations. My oldest brother has a daughter who is red headed and because of this he thinks she is not his. Well, duh my fathers parents had red hair. Give it a rest. My oldest brothers have auburn hair and me and the other two have dark brown hair. I hope they are his and they prove it so those that say the mean awful things they are saying will eat their words! You will truly be missed MJ! Rest in Peace.

1905 days ago



1905 days ago

I am    

Just wondering if this will post...I haven't been able to for past 6 days.

1905 days ago


I figured they were not his biological kids, but kinda bummed that it is confirmed. It would be REALLY interesting to see if any of the kids had inherited his talent as they grew up.

1905 days ago


Aw snap!!

1905 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Still funny... I may be a pathetic freak... but I'm gorgeous and I like to open my long legs and squirt in guy's faces... guys.... unlike you... fa**ot.

1905 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Still funny... I may be a pathetic freak... but I'm gorgeous and I like to open my long legs and squirt in guy's faces... guys.... unlike you... fa**ot

1905 days ago

pink floyd    

of course he is not the biological father, your clue would be is that they are WHITE!!!!

1905 days ago
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