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Birth Certificates for Jackson's First 2 Kids

6/30/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've just obtained the birth certificates for Michael Jackson's first two kids -- Michael Jr. and Paris.

Birth Certificates Click to view!

In both certificates, the father is listed as Michael Jackson. The mother listed is Deborah Rowe. The place of birth for Michael Jr. is Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. The place of birth for Paris is listed as Spaulding Pain Medical Center in Beverly Hills.


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I absolutely agree with the others who think this is too much info. I did not look at those papers, nor am I going to. It's none of my business. This is private information. Leave those poor kids alone. They have lost their father, it's more than enough... Michael wanted them out of the spotlight. Please don't go and try to expose them any way you can now that he is gone. Let them be,,, I'm getting tired of these gossip sites, they hurt too many people... I'm actually sick of myself for losing my time here... Think I'll find myself something better to do...

1940 days ago


These kids wil grow older and wiser and realize they have no African American features what-so-ever. And that they do not resemble Michael Jackson in any way. They will want to know the truth, and will become of age where they can obtain that information on their own. I just fell sad for them finding out what they thought was a loving Father had actually lied to them for, what, 12, 11 and 7 years.

1940 days ago


Suppose Michael, who was a demon -for-details, wanted children unrelated to his parents to send an undeniable message to this world about them? Not being related by blood to his own children is a slap they'll never dodge in their greed.

1940 days ago


It seems interesting to me that on one birth certificate, Deborah's middle name is spelled "Jeanne," and on the other one, "Jean." Hm..

1940 days ago

Michele H    

I think the girl looks a bit like the mother but she looks like Kieran Culkin

1940 days ago

True Believer    

Im just shaking my head in disbelief. I cant believe that this is even an issue. Do you really think that MJ was that stupid...uhmmm NO. Come on people (TMZ). Do you really think he had alllllll that money and didn't make sure HIS KIDS were you? I mean, let me know where you can adopt two kids that LOOK JUST LIKE THE MOTHER AND FATHER....please i'd like to pass that information on to people who would love to have children but cant. This is ridiculous. HEY MIKE...I KNOW YOU LOOKING DOWN AND I KNOW YOU GOT YOUR KIDS. YOU DEFINATELY SHOWED HOW MUCH BY TRYING TO PROTECT THE FROM TMZ.

1940 days ago


Come on Come on. Like REALLY TMZ. Why? Why are you digging up their birth certificates. What does that prove/ How does it help in this death investigation? ABSURD. I don't understand what this has o do with ANYTHING. Whats up TMZ?

And once again... Debbie rowe has NO right to contest Kathrines claim for these kids. She tried to sell them to MJ for money. If thats not crazy IDK whats normal.

1940 days ago


I agree with you NYCGirl, I myself am not a great fam of MJ, I do think he was very talented, a brilliant performer and song writer and did many great things for the music industry, yes I do believe he had some demons and skeletons buy doesn't most of America, whether or not he did the things accussed I do not know, he will face his maker now to answer to those problems. What I am upset over is all this about the children, PEOPLE PLEASE STOP TO THINK HOW YOU WOULD FEEL IF THIS WERE YOUR CHILDREN WITH ALL THIS BEING SAID. No matter if he was the bio father, he took care of them, supported them, and most of all was a father to them, who care who the father mother donors were, all this is doing is opening a million cases for everyone who donated sperm and eggs to get in line and say I am the mother and father, Just think of these children, let them grieve no matter what we think as Americans this was there father, ............My heart goes out to them because they get it from every way they turn, tomented when he was alive for having a wacko father, to now hearing all this B/S about Bio parents....................and NO Debbie Rowe does not deserve them back, would you want your children taken out of your home and thrust into the lives of people they have never known. Maybe Kathrine shoeld not get them either, but I am sure out of all the family there has got to be someone raising there children normal............

1940 days ago


These white children like all children, should know their roots and their heritage. Isnt that what the Blacks wanted and wasnt that TV series Roots all about that? The black Jackson family knows that these white children have no DNA connection to them. I THINK A DNA TEST SHOULD BE TAKEN OF ALL 3 KIDS. Obviously there was a SPERM DONOR and maybe it was someone MJ knew. The 3rd child never even had a MOTHER! Whoever gave birth to that child must have been paid very well to hand a baby over to an accused pedophile and have no further contact!! I wonder if there were THREE SPERM DONORS AND THREE DIFFERENT EGG DONORS for the 3 white children. And then you count in Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson and you have 8 "parents". Money can buy a baby, money can concoct a baby, but this is not what God or Mother Nature wanted, and this horrific example certainly shows this to us all. There are many children who live in orphanages their whole lives. why not adopt one of them, instead of paying $$$$$ to concoct a child like you are making a drink??? What is these SPERM DONORS or these SURROGATE MOTHERS decide to step up and claim their naturual children????????

1940 days ago

Fools Rush In    

Did I miss something, why the publication of their birth certificates?

1940 days ago


What does that mean? You just said "Sources say...Rowe is not biological mother...Jackson not biological father."
Then a copy of birth certificates? I don't think the surrogate mom could sign a birth certificate.

Now, I'm all confused.

1940 days ago


It's not impossible for a black man to have "white" skinned kids. Wentworth Miller's (Prison Break) father is black -- pure Jamaican and he turned out white. And Vin Diesel, too, has a black father.

As for the Jordan Chandler molestation case that started it all, the case Jordan filed against his father in 2006 (for attempting to kill him) showed the true colors of his father and what was the father's intention behind the accusation against MJ: extortion. See the case file here:

1940 days ago

Fools Rush In    

#183, Yes, you are brilliant, wow, they are different signatures on there. Whew, glad you busted that one out of the closet.

Oops, wait, umm, one is signed by the mother, one by the father. Clerical errors happen more than you might think, and also quite possible he forgot the correct spelling. Happens, all the time. Don't make a conspiracy out of it, a lot of men can't even remember their anniversary.

1940 days ago


Yes I have to say that I hope his kids are not seeing and reading some of this stuff discussing their parentage and lack of biological parents or at least not knowing who they are. My goodness! And to read about how poor Blanket, how no one knows who the father or mother are. This is horrible especially if the kids themselves really believed Michael was their biological father because they may be too young to understand. This would be horrible for them to read some of this stuff but they will eventually see or hear somehting sooner or later. I feel sorry for THEM.

1940 days ago


Sperm and egg donors sign away all rights. They have no legal case for custody, The parents are the parents that well, requisitioned the child so to speak. Let's get real here, there are a lot of guys who make a career out of sperm donation, some have over a 100 kids, why would they donate if they could get sued for child support? Donors and surrogates sign lengthy contracts, there are lawyers who make millions a year handing this sort of thing. California law supports the industry. Many surrogates just do it to make money- it's not their kid, it's a way to make far more than many make in a year just by carrying a child.

There are tens of thousands of children born each year with donor parents. Most will never know their parents aren't biologically related to them. People need to wise up, most of those older celebs who have babies past 40 are using donor eggs. No one suspects anything, and they wouldn't suspect anything w/ MJ's kids if they looked like the rest of his family.

1940 days ago
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