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Dangerous Drug Found in Jackson Home -- redirect

6/30/2009 9:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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455. Propofol could easily be stolen from any hospital ICU or Operating Room as it is not a controlled substance under lock and key. How could Michael get it? Money talks...Propofol walks. This drug should never be used without advanced life support(i.e. a ventilator) already in place. It is used in ICU's to keep patients in a light coma while on a ventilator and is a POTENT respiratory depressant. This is NOT a sleeping pill. I hope whoever provided/administered it to MJ can sleep at night....or maybe I don't. -an RN with 30 yrs ICU experience Posted at 8:31AM on Jul 1st 2009 by Pat

THANK YOU for that post, I had read the technical stuff about it but this makes sense and it is a bit unnerving that anyone would administer this to him without knowing what it was for, what it could do

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Shemia, many of us have 'been there and done that', and many of us choose to 'do it' without regard to the color of someone's skin or where they came from.... some of us choose to 'do it' (live) without blaming someone else for our misgivings, for taking responsibility for ourselves and trying to figure out a way to 'make it a better place' and still there are those of us that choose to 'do it' without thinking we are better than someone else because of the color we were born... I found your statement to be a racist statement, but I'm entitled to that opinion just as you are entitled to yours.....You have a nice day, I'm off to work....Back to your regularly scheduled program folks......

1938 days ago

RIP Farrah    

I think it's a joke that TMZ is writing about nothing but Michael Jackson. This man was a legend I get that, but he was also accused of doing things to children that are unthinkable. Farrah Fawcett died the same day and you didn't cover anything about it. She is a true legend and hero for fighting cancer the way she did. Sorry, but Michael Jackson more than likely died of a drug overdose.....By tmz and every other media outlet idolizing him at this point we are sending a really bad message to the young people of this world. RIP Farrah....

1938 days ago


#426 wrote...

426. To HadIt. The last thing ANY black person wants to be is white. We down to a man thank God he made us Black. Michael was just bleaching his skin as our elders advised us to do when we were young for its purifying. Beleive me he was not trying to be white. I would just die if I woke up white. Thank You Jesus for making me Black.

Posted at 7:37AM on Jul 1st 2009 by shemia


#426 You need to get off of the band wagon everone else has been on for years ---talking about Michael was bleaching his skin. I can tell you what, if that was actually the case that was ALOOOOT of BLEACHING CREAM. The man has said that he suffers from a rare skin disorder known as VETILIGO. Do your RESEARCH on the skin disorder. You can even look it up on YOU TUBE & you will see photos of people with this same skin disorder, where the PIGMENT (color) of the skin is lost gradually in patches or to an extreme where it ends up totally covering the entire body. YOU TUBE also has photos of MICHAEL JACKSON at times showing how the disorder GRADUALLY became a bigger problem for him over the years. The photos show Michaels skin, face, chest and arms in various photos displaying him with BLOTCHY skin, patches of pigmentation so Obvious he had told the truth about having this disorder. He said in an interview his fathers side of the family has the skin disorder so its in the genes.

His MAKE UP ARTIST over the years had started out using BROWN make up to cover the LIGHT patches that was forming on his skin. Michael says it started around the time when THRILLER was made. It shows up in past photos if you pay attention to his face, neck arms and legs (guess make up came off through performances, sweat, stage lighting played aart also I am sure) you will notice the WHITE SPOTS FORMING. They get bigger & bigger over the years (the WHITE PATCHES) to a point where the MAKE UP ARTIST could not use BROWN MAKE UP anymore. It became easier for the make up artist to apply WHITER make up to his skin at that point to cover the BROWN patches.

SO STFU with the BLEACHING of his skin. do a search on the skin disorder "VETILIGO" & go to you tube and look up "MICHAEL JACKSON VETILIGO" & you will see PICTURES of Michaels skin literally transforming over the years Along with other people who suffer with the condition---you will see their photos as well. Believe it or not, Michaels wearing of long sleeves & the glove, that arm brace he wore in one video, the lighting on the stage all efforts on his part to HIDE the spots that was forming & DEFLECT the fans & peoples attention from what was going on with his VETILIGO when he was in public or performing on stage. I am just sooo sick of people saying this man BLEACHED his skin, or had all these CHEMICALS from skin bleaching in his skin. Instead of jumping to the research. The evidence is there. The man told you what the skin condition was, rather than calling him a LIAR---look it up! DAMN!

1938 days ago


I've read a medical article on propofol.
It seems that the drug works for half an hour after which (during longer operations) should be administered again with ml's/ kg body weight.
In my opinion huge mistakes were made by Murray and it all went completely out of his hands cause he most likely didn't know the (low) exact body weight of just 50 kgs and gave him an overdose.
This would also explain the 30 minutes delay for calling 911, cause after 30 minutes the drug shouldn't work anymore.
Then the panic really started and another unknown person made the call, since he as a doctor couldn't present himself as a doctor to 911.

1938 days ago


So it seems Michael was in serious insomnia and he desperately seeked
for some rest and deep sleep, in preparation to the tour. He begged
for help for weeks! In that stressful state everyday medicines didn't
In a clinic, with the right equipment to monitor him, and so on???
Their people helped, but haldled the whole situation very-very
amateurish, they didn't care too much for him! So that he ended up on
the other side...

1938 days ago

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