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MJ's Trainer: He Could Still Walk the Walk

6/30/2009 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno says Michael Jackson was "in great shape" in recent weeks -- and he should know .... Lou was in charge of training MJ for his London concerts.

Lou Ferrigno Click to view!
Lou told us he got to see Michael bust a few of his old moves -- and said the King of Pop was poised to make "the greatest comeback in history.'


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Lou has a speeh impediment and twitched... I think he has tourettes!


1940 days ago

two cents    

I had a chance to watch Lou's interview this morning on GMA. I had no idea they were so close, but Lou appeared really touched and saddened at his death. It was the saddest interview and I believe Lou completely that Michael would have kicked butt if his doctor hadn't killed him. Pfft.


1940 days ago

two cents    

#1, You're an idiot!! It's well known Lou is hearing impaired. If you don't have anything intelligent to say, maybe you should just be quiet. Numbnutt.

1940 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Great shape or not - DRUGS KILL!

1940 days ago

remember REALITY    

He was PAID to say that. He got upset because He's an ACTOR. Wake up people!

1940 days ago


It is a sad reality when children loose their parents. It is sad. I also feel sad for all the orphans made by 9/11. I feel sorry for all the children in Africa made orphans by AIDS. I feel sad for all the children that are abandoned, neglected and abused. The only good that can come out of this tragedy is that people are more aware of making the most appropriate, environment for children to be raised. If MJ had chosen a woman for love to have children with, this would be a whole lot different. There would be two families to participate in or raise these children. It is sad that it comes down to a 79 year old grandmother or a nanny. I know a teenager whose mother died when she was 14. There was no father, family, no friends willing to take her. She didn't have the resources or money such as the Jackson Family. There are tragedy's every day in this country.

1940 days ago

LUkas B. Killed    

What he got say more ... imagine YOU being in his place ...

1940 days ago

PEPSI Generation    


1940 days ago


1 and 4, you're both idiots!

If you knew Lou, you'd know he is a class act all the way.


1940 days ago

Danny Smith    

I think its so sad for reporters to be asking the stupid questions Lou is sad by the outcome MJ would have made the best comeback in the history of comebacks, people who would not buy the tickets thats your problem the man was awesome.
Haters I hope Karma takes its role, maybe your loved one will get cancer or something then I'll trash talk them while their dead or die see how you feel asses

1940 days ago

Lucie in the Sky with Diamonds    

I first thought that maybe Lou may have overworked him. I mean come one....he was mr freakin universe! He probably said, Michael...quit being a little girly man! You need to turn that flab into fab!" I know I know.....I'm burning in hell for that one!

1940 days ago


i don't buy it....

1940 days ago


this is even more saad! ):

1940 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

and his father BEAT it into HIM.thus he was the MAN CHILD that his father forever wanted him to be.

1940 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

LOU an`t got no cards man thus heart attack!.Lous is delts for the backup body builders...he could`nt train MJ...MJ was all cards in the lead for two hours plus.50 Year old lead two hour LA bad air and SLE means DOA.LOU F`d yup if he was MJ`s CARD TRAINER he`s just dumb dumb lift lift can`t hear due to body BUILDING?

1940 days ago
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