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Nurse: I Warned Jackson of Drug Risks

7/1/2009 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse who Michael Jackson allegedly begged to supply him with the dangerous drug Diprivan, was on "Good Morning America" -- saying she warned him about the medicine, telling him "you might not wake up the next morning."

Cherilyn Lee: Click to watch
As TMZ first reported, Propofol -- the generic name for Diprivan -- was found in Jackson's house after he died.


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Donna A    

In Nursing school patient information confidentiality is stressed all the time. This nurse shouldn't be on television ratting about a patient. Conversations she'd had with her patient should fall under patient confidentiality. I don't believe that because that patient is dead, the confidentiality expected is dissolved. If she wants to help the investigation, she should be talking to law enforcement personnel involved in the investigation.

1941 days ago


I am sorry something dont see right about her story.......i just dont understand how she was hundreds of miles away in FL and she was overseeing his health in California? I am sorry she FAILS

1941 days ago


I do not believe this woman not one bit. She is a liar. Rest in Peace Michael.

1941 days ago

Auntee Rach Rach    

Another Anna Nicole.senario........Let us Pray!...........Another Elvis Presely senario.........Let us Pray!.........I am so fricking glad Brittney Spears family stepped in and got her away from those a holes who were deliberating sabotaging her life/career.........KUDOS to Daddy Spears..........Let us Pray....................I ain't even got money but I am very particular about letting any and everone with my personal circle/space...................I don't eat and drink anything that people bring or give to me........there are a lotta haters out there and ur best friend may be the very one trying to do u me crazy but this is real......we are all raised differently...................The Medical called Professionals gave MJ medicine to pep him up and medicine to bring him weird.......this lil lying hussy called............cared for MJ ................adm the IV no doubt.......from Jan until April........and the Dr. Murray dude obviously picked up the IV adm where she left off.................cause he statred about 2 months back.....and also a cardiologist musta been the closest they could find to a anesthesiologist............cause everbody aint finna jerpordize their license/freedom or a patients life.....................damn.....................all they saw was dollar sign ..........patient safety is must in the caring for patients.................what happen to theses peoples ethics..........................and accountability..................well it's definitely too late now........but no matter how bad he wanted the drug...................somebody should have had guts enough of gave a F enough to say.................No and go to authorities so that Micheal could get some help.......u can snitch without saying ur name etc....... what ever happen to tapering a patient off the drugs..............

1941 days ago


Ha ha ha ha...this woman calls herself a doctor on her website.


1940 days ago


Why the hell didn't this girl call the police on sunday night days before death

possibly he wouldnt be dead now

she is speaking up way too late to help

MICHAEL JACKSON did not have to die, he should not be dead why why

1940 days ago

South Bay    

If this biotch is areal nurse din't she sign a privacy act when she worked for him? And why in the hell did she wait until he died to go public, let me guess are you writing a book you skanky trick? I hope she loses her license and never gets the chance to work in medicine again? Keep going to the media your 15 minutes of fame are almost up, and then the lawsuits will start for you breaking the privacy act, hood rat!

1940 days ago


Notice the nurse claims she was a hospital in Florida when MJ called begging for drugs. She implied she was checked into the hospital but not once did she admit why she was in the hospital. Could it have been the psych ward of a hospital. When reporters asked her why she left Michaels service she claimed she had check into a hospital three months ago. Then when he called her the sunday before he died she was still in the hospital. This woman is a nut!

1940 days ago


You self righteous People sicken Me!

Let Him Rest in Peace!

Leave the Nurse alone!

1940 days ago


There's something very noncredible about this nurse. She took an oath not to reveal personal patient information, yet here she is, blabbing to the world. Book deal? Wait for it, 'cause it's coming. The other thing is, she is obligated by law to report just the sort of abuse situation she claims existed. When she first became aware that Jackson was home-dosing and wanted to get his hands on Diprivan, she was supposed to report it to the proper authorities. She could have saved his life. As for that useless doctor who was in Jackson's house when he died, he has a lot of 'splainin' to do. What a tragic loss of not only a musical genius, but also a very fine person who didn't know how to make an enemy.

1940 days ago


I cannot fathom why she was still speaking last night on Larry King and Anderson Cooper. She went so far as to discuss his blood test showing low blood sugar. She obviously wants that 15 minutes. Larry Kind even told her she was dragged into this, she wasn't dragged into anything, she decided to inject herself into all of this. Unbelievable. Whay hasn't she been charged with violating HIPPA laws yet? It's been 3 days now and no one from the licensing board has stopped her from talking publically about medical personal private information. For those of you who think it is okay for her speak to the media, that is clearly wrong. Deceased or alive, the only people she has a right to speak with is the proper authorities, not the public. Authorities investigating wouldn't be allowing her to speak publically either. This is tragic. She is so wrong and she will be made a pariah in the medical community for violating a patients privacy. Not likely she will ever work in the medical field again.

1940 days ago



Why leave the nurse alone? SHe is violating the law. Get a grip unless you know the laws. I have no idea what you are saying calling people self righteous. As a as everyone has a Dr. we expect priveledged information to stay private. People are not being self righteous for expecting a medical so called professional to follow the oath they took.

You get a grip! No one asked your opinion. The consus is she broke the law and unless you know anything about HIPPA, I'd recommend you look up the laws.

1940 days ago


She is probably lying!!!! Chances are the stupid doctor THAT KILLED HIM, put her up to this little scheme. I agree with everyone here that she is just trying to get her 5 seconds of fame!! I am 29 and grew up LOVING Michael Jackson, never once thought he did anything wrong, stood up for him when people would make remarks because my kids jam to him.....all of this is just wrong. The people who lied about him in the past and those screwing him over now should all just leave HIM alone, for his childrens' sake!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

1940 days ago

Registered Nurse    

I am a registered nurse and I am APPALLED at the unethical, UNCARING behavior of the medical professionals that surrounded Michael Jackson. Didn't anyone care about the patient????????

1940 days ago


This woman is only looking for her 15 min of fame, in different interviews she changes and adds to the history, Do not believe anything she says . She is lyining

1940 days ago
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