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Barbi Twins -- We Need More Protection

7/2/2009 6:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Josh Ripely    

Barbi Twins don't have any fans. They are blogging themselves, while Alyssa never blogs because she has so many fans and friends unlike Shane. Everyone hates Shane. She is a ugly fat evil lying bitch. I have been with the most famous people, I don't need connections from that loser. Alyssa has made friends with everyone that hates her and they will back me in court and give declarations. Karma will bite you in your big fat ugly ass! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. My ex cop friend who is going to serve them restraining order and is giving me information so I use it against them in my press conference, like they deserve.. Shane is hacking and removing some blogs from TMZ that have the truth.

1931 days ago

Josh Ripely    

It's obvious the Barbi Twins are doing all this vicious blogging against me, because they are the only ones that know all this personal information about Alyssa. I never disclose any personal information about myself or the Barbi's, anywhere. If you want to know the truth go to Alyssa's FB. I even respected Shane's privacy by not telling her that I knew she was a Barbi Twin for 2 years. But now I have to tell everyone who she is to warn them that she is crazy. Right now my lawyers and cop friend are getting the email addresses to prove that the Barbis are doing all these evil, slanderous blogs against me that will support Alyssa's lawsuit.
peace om shanti

1931 days ago


You are validating the restraining order because you can't stop obsessing about the twins, especially in your own FB?
Your FB friend told you to STOP talking about the twins, you agreed, but continued.
You love this attention. Alyssa, why else would you tell your FB friend to google TMZ when he asked "what is TMZ" during your continual venting about the twins?

Do the twins blog about you in their own FB? No.
Do you blog about them in your FB? Yes.
Did the twins ever have you as a FB friend? Never.

It's clear you can't let go of the twins, though you clearly hate them.
Hence, a restraining order seems necessary.

1931 days ago


Yes there was an email asking for donations for a crippled animal about a month ago. anyone who wanted to help was directed to the person with the sick animal. donations are made directly to the people having difficulties with their animals, or to the Vet clinics providing care. Again show me this evidence of Alyssa directly receiving money. We have the people who have been helped that are willing to come forward for Alyssa. If you really care about animals why don't you donate some wet food for the kittens rather than putting all your energy into lies, slander, defamation etc. Ya all are just making the case for the other side. Keep it up . Great job!!!! You have no proof, Alyssa has all her evidence lined up air tight. Slam dunk as they say! YAY! Check Alyssa's hard drive she never threatened the Twins, and she's now moving to get away from Shane because she's afraid Shane's going to get her deluded friend/fans to come after her. Who's in danger here???

1931 days ago


Alyssa should stop buying so many material things and instead buy herself some CLASS.

1931 days ago
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