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Barbi Twins -- We Need More Protection

7/2/2009 6:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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I know the twins have been doing a ton of charity work rescuing animals. And they try to keep as private as possible. It's a shame all this is happening to them. I guess Alyssa got her 30 seconds of fame on TMZ!

1936 days ago


I can forgive the Barbi Twins for going naked in Playboy. They are making up by spending their time for animal rescue. So leave them alone so they can make a difference. Everyone puts down selfish celebs for doing nothing but showing themselves off, but when they retire and put their 15 minutes into animals, that's a good thing. This Silver girl is barking up the wrong tree.

1936 days ago


One of the Barbie twins is married to Ken, is the other looking for GI Joe? I'm waiting...

1936 days ago

Michael Madsen    

...And the problem is?

1936 days ago


I care about the animals, not people. Though it is sweet that the twins are doing good things for animal charities, it's the animals that are real victims, not people. Let's think about protecting animals, not people.

1936 days ago

Jenna T.    

you people are so *(*(0xI*#I* mean---everything I have EVER read about what these women have done with their lives after retirement has only been doing good---this is not big news, but it's not like they went and sought this out---OMG people are so simple minded---doesn't look they did this in a Press conference No. 8--looks like someone just found out they filed the papers--it's freaking Hollywood---they are looking for stuff all the time--and filing papers doesn't mean you still aren't anonymous--didn't know they were in witness protection, but who cares---they dont' look for attention anymore---looks like they are happy running under the radar except when stupid people like this lady rear their ugly heads---

go Shane---good luck

1936 days ago


Is there anyone out there who has not posed for playboy?

Did Michael Jackson pose for playboy? I know Farrah did. Barbi Twins did twice, and they are in current issue. They are still the hottest twins!

1936 days ago


A NEW TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!

And four beautiful ones at that!

1936 days ago


They have lived a hard life and put their body threw a lot of abuse with eating disorders, I think they're a inspiration to other woman who struggle. I think their still beautiful kind loving woman who gives of their time and selves' to help others..

1936 days ago


hey stalker chick:

Did the "voices of angels " tell you that you were going to be served with a restraining order? Dumb Barbis befriending a creepy airhead like that stalker chick. Maybe the Barbi's have beauty but not brains. That's ok, their posters don't need to pass a IQ test.

1936 days ago


Alyssa Silver needs to go out and get a real job and pay taxes and stop scamming hardworking people out of money. Alyssa has been asking people to donate money to her own personal charity. Though she tells people it's for a cat she saved what she doesn't tell people is that she drives around in a BMW, wears expensive furs, has top of the line hair extensions, fake boobs, botox injections, etc. Is the money really going to help this cat or to fund her expensive lifestyle that she obviously cannot afford....

1936 days ago


LMAO!!! Those two are the fugliest fugles I have ever seen!!!!! I guess that is one way to try and get their "careers" (and I use that word very loosely) going again!!! What a couple of ho baits!!

1936 days ago


Don't knock anyone that spends their time helping others or animals. All famous or simi famous people get trapped by people who want connection, that's Hollywood, right? Some go off the deep end and become bitter. Shame on the stalker/cat killer and yehh to the twins for trying to help animals no matter what.

1936 days ago


ok, please tell me how to stalk the barbi twins? i have tried for years and just ran into the flat chested trolls, the Olsen Twins. (the olsens wear too much fur--yuk). With all the fertility drugs out --twins are now boring, I want an octomom set.

1936 days ago


I can assist with protection for da girls! First I wanna see some boobies!!

1936 days ago
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