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Jesse Jackson: 'There Is So Much Grief'

7/5/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse Jackson, with Al Sharpton by his side, talked very solemnly to our photog last night about the overwhelming reaction to Michael Jackson's death.

Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton Play video

BTW -- isn't it odd that Al Sharpton didn't say a word?


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These two aren't used to having to share their cash with anyone. But in this case, there are many corporate interests, plus the Jackson family, in competition for $. No wonder they're in mourning!

1847 days ago


The reason Al said nothing is because he had dookey breath from tossing Jesse's salad right before the camera guy got there. . If you look real close at the can see dingle berries in his mustache.

1847 days ago


I'm just glad they got both media whores out of the way in one shot....

1847 days ago


They will do anything for a photo opt!~

1847 days ago


Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson promote racisim in every way. Is Black men like these two that make it bad for all Black men. They are digusting in every aspect. These two sociopaths go into poor neighborhoods, attracting crowds to join them in a March, gotta ask myself what the fk are they Marching for? More hate? Uniting the forces? Sad that Michael died, should have been those two

1847 days ago


13 by Truthteller

Amen! I hate how he's treated like property.

And I really can't stand these two anymore either. Its funny how they weren't talking too much when MJ was in trouble with those child molestation charges or when he had to go to rehab. I never heard them defend him or anything. Now that he's dead, they can't get out of the limelight and talk about how sad they are and how much they loved Michael. Whatever, idiots!

1847 days ago


I grew up with his music. Michael made my generation one of the proudest. When he sang, he became the song. He was the song and he was the music!
I love you Michael.

1847 days ago


I wonder how Katherine (Michael's mothers) feels about these two. I doubt she likes them. But anyways, I think these two are the worst representation for Black people I have ever seen. I really dont think they care aout Michael Jackson at all, they are just riding his coat tails. I remember these two back in the day critizing him about his 'color change'. Michael said he has Vitiligo, and to prove that.. look at some picture and the inside of his ear... NO ONE can bleach the inside of their ear without going completely deaf, or killing themselves because the bleach would erode their wear canal, etc.

I believe him, what is there not to believe.. he knows himself the best and knows what he is doing with his money, etc.

RIP, Michael Jackson.. you were too good for THIS world, and have gone back to Heaven to be the real angel you've always been.

1847 days ago


Jesseeee doesn't have to wait for MJ to go belly up to go whoring around like Ssharpton does. I prey for equality so these guys can go out of business.

1847 days ago


Al needs to shut up and go pay his back TAXES,
You have to wonder why the IRS is quick to go after the little guy but allows Al Sharpton to owe so much..

1847 days ago


Too bad thier buddy Joe jackson didn't feel any remorse at the death of his son, he was laughing his A-- off in every pic I saw, and was more interested in promoting his record label (which isn't even his) than mourning the death of Michael...

1847 days ago


I am in absolute disbelief with these two. How, they don't realize they are two of the biggest ass clowns in the world, I will never know.

1847 days ago


"The only thing worse was hearing how someone at the BET Awards said MJ was a "black man" who's talent "WE" shared with "white people." Poor MJ. Still a piece of property and now he can't even make a statement through a spokesperson. MJ must be rolling in his grave"

TOTALLY agree! It was Jamie Foxx. This is the most egotistical racist man ever. After his "reenactment" of one of MJ's videos, he even yelled "Hail, Foxx" or "Give it up for Foxx" something like that. Not saying give the praise to who he was supposedly honoring. He can't open his mouth without referring to his "blackness"

I say boycott everything Jamie Foxx. Even blacks should...he gives them a bad image and name. And I will admit, I was not racist when I was younger, but for the last 10 years or so, I'm getting there, only because of the arrogant, entitled attitude of ALL the black people in the media and how they can't have any conversation without bringing race into it. And Jamie Foxx is the embodiment of all those qualities.

1847 days ago


13. These two are AWFUL. They're probably THRILLED at all the attention they're getting since MJ died. But here, they're missing their side-kick Joe. Funny how before MJ died many people, especially "leaders" in the black community were all putting MJ down as a white-wanna-be child molester who "hated" blackness ("look at his kids!"). But now he's dead and "up for even more SALE" (caCHING), these two "Afro-American" leaders stake "ownership". The only thing worse was hearing how someone at the BET Awards said MJ was a "black man" who's talent "WE" shared with "white people." Poor MJ. Still a piece of property and now he can't even make a statement through a spokesperson. MJ must be rolling in his grave....but wait, none of these slimy people have bothered to take care of the man's burial yet.

MJ's music wasn't about black or white. He went to great lengths (in his music anyway) to reach across barriers - not underscore them like these two and some other black celebrities are doing through his death. What a circus!

Posted at 12:16PM on Jul 5th 2009 by Truthteller


ohh ouch.. TRUTH HURTS!! OOH OUCH !!

1847 days ago


Who cares about these two publicity seeking jokers!!! Im so sick of these two guys looking for the limelight.

1847 days ago
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