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Jackson Docs Can Run But Can't Hide

7/5/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonAs law enforcement officials comb through medical records to determine who supplied and administered the anesthesia Propofol and other drugs to Michael Jackson, we've learned there may be a fail-safe way of getting at the truth.

It's no secret -- especially in a celebrity town like L.A. -- some doctors use pseudonyms for celebrity patients and sometimes their medical charts somehow get "lost." But we've learned most doctors leave an indelible footprint when it comes to treating patients.

Many doctors -- especially ones with big practices -- use medical software systems from MD Systems, NexTech and other companies. These companies provide the software that makes it easy to input billing data.

Doctors typically input the patient's name, billing amount, type of treatment, type of drugs prescribed and administered, and date of service. Here's the thing -- that data cannot be deleted from the server.

The system allows doctors to add other data like medical charts, and those things can be deleted. But if someone deletes that info, the software shows the name of the user who did it and the date it was done.

Bottom line -- the basic billing information will not go away.

As we reported days ago, law enforcement found Propofol inside Jackson's house. Propofol is an anesthesia, which should never be administered outside a hospital, and it's looking like that drug killed Jackson. If cops find who supplied it and who administered it, the docs could well be prosecuted for manslaughter.


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Allred Tree    

Emma, I agree with you. Sadly, I do think Michael is really dead but I can't stop thinking there is something very odd about the alleged corpse we saw being loaded onto the helicopter to go to the LA County morgue to be autopsied. Maybe because it does not appear to have been in a body bag? As I remember, it almost looked like a mummy or a sheet was covering it. I do not ever remember seeing such a body in all the high profile cases we've had here in Los Angeles.

I am just sickened at how these doctors think they can still get away with dispensing these drugs to celebrities for money. They must have no conscience whatsoever and I hope all these involved here are punished to the fullest extent of the law. You'd think they would have been at least scared "sh_tless" after Anna Nicole's Smith's death if they have no morals.

I would not be surprised if this was not a case of murder as was seen with ANS. So many are ready to blame the addict and take no responsibility for the doctors and other enablers. I really think ANS was murdered and it remains to be seen what develops around Michael.

1901 days ago


Before you scream for the doctors blood, just remember that "poor Michael" was a 50 yr old man who built an enormous empire and knew full well what he was doing. He wasn't an infant. I used drugs for years and no one ever sat on my chest and forced them on me. In the end "poor Michael" did this to himself.

1901 days ago

marie east    

enough is enough I live in the UK and all we have heard in the last two weeks is Michael Jackson yes he was a great performer and yes it was a shame he had to go so soon but can i ask you to remember that there are more deserving people to think about like our troops fighting alongside the Americans in Afganistan we have lost nine army people in as many days Michael Jackson was his own worst enemy he had a choice if he lived or died those army personal did not so before you go to bed tonight please give a thought for all the people who are serving in the war zones no matter what country they are from they are doing a job and putting there lives on the line just remember they could be a member of your family. Mrs M East

1897 days ago


dude. the word is anesthetic. look it up. please. when you misspell words it makes all the rest of your "facts" look just as careless.

1896 days ago


Obviously we must take responsibility for what we do, any addict knows that, you do the crime you do the time. Problem is we have a double standard here, Doctors are drug pushers, they have no idea what drugs will do, so many contraindications, a very complex physiological makeup in every human being and they keep pusing this poision on the unwary without any consequences. I cannot tell you how many people I know in prison for all kinds of crimes including murder and thay have no recollection of what they did because they were so drugged upr, but they still do the time. Dr.'s on the other hand get away with murder, making zombies out of patients, hooking them on all sorts of drugs for the money and serve no time. I had another friend that had (13) Dr.'s, many pharmicies and a storehouse of drugs, eventually she died of an overdose. I know we canot prevent people from being addicts or stop them if they rally want their fix but we do have an obligation to everyone to control the Dr.'s that push drugs thus helping those that are unaware of what they are doing and take Dr.'s seriously, they actually believe what they say without doing some research.

1896 days ago


For the person who wrote that Michael Jackson's mother denied knowing Michael had a problem with pain medications, well I heard that Janet was trying to hold a family intervention for Michael and that Michael got " Pissed" at this and supposedly blocked his family from calling and visiting. My guess is that Katherine did indeed know that Michael was taking pain medications.

1896 days ago

susan bowler    

hooray, its took us to lose the most woderful entainer in the world for something to be done. These doctors probably very rich, they been getting away with murder for years and we have lost 3 this year, heath ledger, anna nichole, now micheal its got to be stopped now its getting out of hand, Its strange but even though we lost our very loved michel, he could be the one who gets this stopped. I hope the book gets thrown at this doctor, please dont stop until he is found.

1893 days ago


im so happy this dumb Dr will be found out ,what a dumb jerk he is,..........loser

1893 days ago

Rodney Rosen    

The only one to blame is michael. What an adult does is his business, not any of you people's concern. He took them, he's responsible. If he needed them for pain, then so what? This is a free country , folks. Worry about yourselves.

1892 days ago


WHAT ABOUT THE DEA? When will they hold some responsibility in this an other situations. Think about it for one second. The DEA holds all the scripts given and medicines ordered by doctors and is supposed to keep an eye on this activity. Not to mention, what is the purpose of DEA numbers being given to Drs. other than to monitor by the DEA what the Dr. is giving to patients, if he's/she's over -prescribing. I think as well as the pharmacies and Drs. that failed, the DEA failed just as much. Now, Michael could have gotten other kinds of drugs as he chose to get high, BUT the Drs., Pharmacies, DEA should of caught all the prescriptions that were being given to him and simply told him NO. Whatever happened to a Drs. OATH to take the best care of his patients possible. Sadly, all this comes down to is MONEY and the fact that a lot of Drs. now a days overbook and barely speak to you when you go to your visits just to bill and make the money. Even if Michael so called paid the Dr. for the bottles as one comment says, the bottle still has to be accounted for through DEA/FDA. There is no excuse ANYONE can give as to why a DR. would give any person drugs that are not even allowed out of the hospitals and NEVER allowed in homes for private use.

1883 days ago

i agree with no.s 5 & 8. if people did not treat celebrities like little gods, things like this would not happen nearly as often

1869 days ago

Stranger in NC    

Michael wasn't God and I never treated him like he was but I sure admired him for the way he tried to help people. He had a pure heart and that was used against him. Look at all the hateful comments about him on this site. What did he do that would cause such hate towards him? And I don't mean the lies that were told on him. I love him and I always will. Your comments won't change how I feel.

1848 days ago
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