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Jackson Family Gathers at Forest Lawn Cemetery

7/7/2009 12:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jackson Family Gathers at Forest Lawn CemeteryJackson family members -- including La Toya and Randy -- have been spotted entering Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.

A hearse was also seen pulling up to the Hall of Liberty complex -- we hear there may be a viewing of Michael's body tonight.

UPDATE 12:36 AM ET: La Toya was seen leaving the cemetery around a half hour ago -- nearly everyone has left by now.


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Dear Michael Jackson,


"I love you more." - Famous Quote by Michael Jackson

WE LOVE YOU MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1905 days ago


So the "memorial" tomorrow morning is just a ruse to get people/press to stay away from Neverland - makes total sense.

Wow - the world is getting punked.

48. ******** BREAKING NEWS ************ MJ TO BE BURIED AT NEVERLAND RANCH ************

Anyone else happen to catch KCAL9s live web feed on the internet? Helicopter pilot was pissed at another helicotper for getting too close. Was worried that KCAL would be blamed. but he said this..."at least we only have two more days of this"... "tomorrow and neverland"... to which the camerman asks a question off the mic., we can't hear, but the response is "that's where they're gonna plant him."

Posted at 11:55PM on Jul 6th 2009 by Al Sharpton's Alter Ego

1905 days ago


If the family wanted privacy, they would have it.

1905 days ago


Funny...that photo you posted looks EXACTLY like Entertainment Tonight's EXCLUSIVE helicopter shot!
Where's the credit at?

1905 days ago

Paj from NJ    

Here we go with the hate comments again. What I really don't understand is, if you hate this man so much, why are you wasting your time on him? Doesn't make sense. Think you would just stay away unless you yourself have something wrong with you. Maybe you better see a therapist before this problem manifests itself. Could lead to something very bad...
Rest in peace, Michael, now you can finally sleep! Your fans will miss you. Thank goodness you left your legacy behind. You will always be immortal....

1905 days ago

Michael Russell    

ya man tipped this in ABOUT 1hr5o mins ago, RIP MJ, Please RESPECTthat Family though

1905 days ago


Leave the Jackson family their privacy. They have the public thing planned for tomorrow... leave them alone tonight. Their son/brother/father died for Pete's sake!

1905 days ago

fish taco    

#38 and #57

Get a life...

Crying will make you fatter.

1905 days ago


I am so amazed at the ugliness of these comments. Regardless of how you feel about Michael, his family does not deserve the pain some are trying to inflict upon them. Michael can't see your comments, he is dead. You are not hurting him, but you may be hurting a member of his family. Hopefully when you pass people will be more respectful to your families. God bless you all cause you obviously need it.

1905 days ago


LOL etonline has had this on for an hour, where have you been tmz...not breaking news when you didnt break it!

1905 days ago


Bravo Jackson family ---- you got a bit of privacy - Prayers to the kids and Katherine!

I read a couple of versions thoughout the evening ...

Will the Jehova Witness bury the dead at night?
Iread that tonight would be closed casket at Forest Lawn...
They other thing being tossed around is MJ will be cremated and then he could rest at Neverland. I did see an interview in recent days that MJ did not want a casket (also said he did not want to die either) when they were looking at a mummy tomb in an antique type shop - so this may happen....who knows? At lease the kids will not get exploited here tonight the cameras. They have a nice hearst driving up vid too....

RIP MJ .... its almost over

1905 days ago


"Even though you are dead,I will always love you and may the Lord be with you and may you rest in peace and all of my love goes out to The Jackson Family and espically the kids and your mom because it really hurts when you die before your mother.Michael remember you are dead now and you don't have to worry about all that abuse and all those lies and stories that are not true.Now,you are with the Lord and he is going to let nothing happen to his child.I know it is hard to see children playing and you having to go to the recording studio.I guess people were jealous of you because you were famous and they weren't.I am 10 years old and I am old enough to know much about Michael Jackson and I am saved and Jesus is the final judge. (Rest In Peace - R.I.P Michael Jackson) we all love you and adore you !"

1905 days ago

just me    

RIP Michael....Thank You for sharing your Gifted Talents with all of us....You are a Musical Genius...Thank You for the efforts for WORLD PEACE and showing us how to try to 'MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE"...."THE WORLD WAS A BETTER PLACE BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU"..... RIP....MAY GOD BLESS HIS CHILDREN AND KEEP THEM IN HIS TENDER LOVING CARE.

1905 days ago


Poor guy. I never followed his career. I thought some of his music was pretty good but never understood the fanaticism. I even thought the accusations against him were probably true, although I didn't know too much about it.

But now hearing so much about him actually changed my opinion of him. I can see how someone who is of his background and personality could set himself up for such accusations while still being innocent. I guess it is possible he was guilty but now I see that as extremely, extremely unlikely. He interacted with so many children there's no way that every single parent would sell their kids out for money.

He really overstepped bounds trying to treat all kids as if they were his family when they were not, and this combined with his eccentric image was a recipe for being susceptible to accusations. I'm sure he viewed this as noble, but when kids do have their own family while they might have enjoyed his support it was definitely not worth the risk for him. He should have left his humanitarian efforts to more conventional things, which I know he also did.

I don't think that I'm the first person to draw this parallel but he really was a kind of Boo Radley.

1905 days ago


These MJ haters make me sick. Like #63 said, why do you even come to the site and follow the news. Anyways, tricky move holding the ceremony tonight - nice one. Give one up for the Jacksons. I knew Miko Brando was being cagey on Larry King Live tonight - very cagey. LK picked up on it too, but didn't push him.

1905 days ago
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