MJ Bike to Ride in Cemetery Tribute

The customized Michael Jackson motorcycle personally inspected by MJ's kids will be driven through Forest Lawn cemetery on June 25th to honor the King of Pop on the anniversary of his death.

Over the weekend, Paris Jackson tweeted photos of the family checking out the bike at their Calabasas home. Turns out, the guy who designed it -- Marcell "Porkchop" Miller -- is a friend of the family who happened to be in the neighborhood that day ... and figured he'd bring it by the house.

TMZ spoke with Porkchop ... who told us the bike was a hit with the fam ... and he feels like a ride through Forrest Lawn would be the best way for him to pay his respects on the anniversary of MJ's death tomorrow.

In related news, can you believe it's already been two years???

Jackson Kids -- Daddy's BAD ASS Motorcycle Memorial

The Jackson kids recently got a glimpse of the coolest Michael Jackson memorial yet -- in the form of a SICK custom-painted motorcycle ... depicting the King of Pop at various stages in his career.

Paris Jackson tweeted the photos over the weekend -- and the timing couldn't be more perfect ... because this Saturday marks the two-year anniversary of their father's death.

MJ Anniversary -- The Flying Helicopter Flower Dump!

With the two-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death approaching -- one helicopter company is giving fans the chance to pay their respects ... by raining flowers down around Neverland ... mid-flight.

The 30-minute Channel Island Helicopter flights are set to take off June 24th and 25th -- exactly two years since Jackson died after a Propofol-induced cardiac arrest.

During the flight, passengers are encouraged to honor the late entertainer by chucking his favorite flower -- a red rose -- out of the helicopter mid-flight ... over nearby Zaca Peak.

A rep for the helicopter company tells us -- fans are super excited for the aerial tour ... saying they feel it will bring them "closer to heaven" ... and closer to Michael.

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MJ Mausoleum -- Fans No Longer Welcome

The cemetery where Michael Jackson is entombed is launching a new crackdown on fans -- actively removing people hanging out in front of MJ's mausoleum.

According to sources at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, security has been informed that MJ fans are no longer permitted to gather on the patio of MJ's mausoleum. Those who loiter will be asked to leave.

It's unclear why Forest Lawn is making the move -- especially because fans have been visiting the burial site regularly since MJ moved in last year.

And now -- with the one-year anniversary of Michael's death fast approaching -- the Justice4MJ fan group is concerned about their plans to gather at the mausoleum on June 25.

A rep for the group tells us they hope Forest Lawn will "take into consideration" the hundreds of fans traveling from all over the world to pay their respects.

Lisa Marie's Flowers for MJ Plea -- Few Takers

Lisa Marie Presley's desperate plea for fans to bring more flowers to Michael Jackson's tomb must have fallen on deaf ears -- because as of today the entrance to the tomb was pretty bare.

Michael Jackson's ex-wife complained about too much "empty space" around the singer's tomb on her MySpace page yesterday -- and urged fans to fill the void with lots of sunflowers ... but obviously that didn't happen.

Fans have since fired back, claiming they've been faithfully doing their part flowers-wise since MJ died last year.

AEG Ready to Fork Over $90,000 --- Today

UPDATE: TMZ has learned AEG has dropped off the $90,000 to the L.A. Police Foundation -- as promised.

We're told part of the money will go to build a memorial for fallen officers in front of the new police headquarters in downtown L.A.

is finally putting its money where its mouth is -- saying they will follow through with their promise to donate money raised at the Michael Jackson memorial to the L.A. Police Foundation.

The timing couldn't be more impeccable, considering we broke a story yesterday that the L.A. City Attorney was investigating AEG for not forking over the money.

According to the LA Times, the company plans to make a $90,000 donation today from money made on the sale of 18 suites for the July 7th memorial at the Staples Center.

As we first reported, the L.A. City Attorney is investigating AEG for holding out on the donation -- and they believe AEG should pay for sanitation, transportation, street services and LAPD protection expenses, an amount which is estimated to go into the 7 figures.

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City Attorney Probes AEG

We've learned the L.A. City Attorney is investigating AEG for allegedly making promises to people who paid thousands of dollars to attend the Michael Jackson memorial ... but not delivering on its promise to donate the money to the LA Police Foundation.

Sources in the City Attorney's office tell us complaints have been lodged by people who bought suites for the July 7th memorial at the Staples Center. People who paid $5,000 for a suite claim AEG promised the money would be donated to the LA Police Foundation but AEG has not yet delivered a cent.

A rep for AEG told TMZ there were 18 suites that went for $5,000 a pop and AEG did indeed promise the money would be donated to the Police Foundation. The rep said AEG is still doing a final accounting of the event and "We have every intention of making this donation."

AEG says the city is trying to get way too much -- 7 figures -- out of them for the event. But the City Attorney believes AEG is on the hook for expenses including sanitation, transportation, street services and LAPD protection -- and that does indeed go into the 7 figures.

War Erupts over MJ's Memorial Cost

The battle over the cost of Michael Jackson's memorial has officially begun -- as an L.A. city councilman and the president of AEG traded licks today about who's responsible for the ceremony's hefty price tag.

Councilman Dennis Zine told KTTV today that taxpayers "are getting ripped off" because AEG made $50,000 by charging the media to use risers outside the venue. Zine said AEG should grow a pair and cough up some cash.

AEG President Tim Leiweke immediately swung back, saying Zine was out of line because the company helped secure funds for the L.A. Lakers championship parade last month.

So the question is...

MJ to be Buried Wearing One White Glove

Michael Jackson will be laid to rest in pure MJ fashion -- as in he will be wearing one (and only one) of his favorite gloves.

Dorothy Gaspar -- who owns Gaspar Gloves in L.A. and designed gloves for the "This Is It" tour -- tells us La Toya Jackson wanted Michael to wear a glove inside the casket. Turns out La Toya chose a white leather glove Dorothy made for Michael 10-12 years ago -- a glove covered in Swarovski crystals.

Dorothy tells us she was informed of this yesterday by Michael's stylist -- Michael Bush -- when he picked up 20 green gloves she had made for Jackson's dancers.

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MJ Memorial Donations -- Next to Nothing

The city of Los Angeles has only received $17,000 of the $1.4 million it cost to put on Michael Jackson's memorial -- but it's not because MJ fans are cheap ... it's because of the complete failure of the official donation website.

The press release from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says, "The city's Information Technology Agency could not handle the high volume of traffic or adequately respond to receive contributions for several hours Tuesday afternoon ... for at least 12 consecutive hours Tuesday evening ... and periodically throughout Wednesday morning."

So Villaraigosa is begging MJ fans to go back to the websiteand cough up a donation -- but please, not all at once.

Janet: Michael Will Live Forever

After the memorial at the Staples Center, Michael Jackson's three sisters, La Toya, Janet and Rebbie, spoke to the overflow crowd at the Nokia Theater across the street.

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Barbara Walters' Spy Cam at Jackson Memorial

If everyone were to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, Barbara Walters would too.

During last night's "20/20" Michael Jackson special, Walters showcased footage shot by an ABC producer sitting next to her at the memorial. The video captures Katherine Jackson and Michael's kids two rows in front of Barbara watching the service -- despite the fact that tickets to the event clearly state "no camera/video/recording."

An ABC source tells us Barbara's producer decided to shoot video because "once inside the Staples Center it was quite obvious to our producer that plenty of people were shooting video."

Calls to AEG (which threw the event) were not returned.

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Debbie Rowe Breaks Down Watching Paris

Debbie Rowe didn't go to Michael Jackson's memorial yesterday -- but she broke down crying while watching the girl she gave birth to, Paris Michael Katherine, give a passionate speech to the crowd.

For some reason, she was watching the service outside.

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