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K-Fed -- One Day in Paris

7/6/2009 3:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Britney Spears' moneymaking tour in town, Kevin Federline -- wearing a huge Michael Jackson t-shirt -- spent the afternoon sightseeing with his boys, a nanny, and girlfriend Victoria Prince in Paris (the city) this weekend.


Kevin is getting around $30K to watch the nanny watch his kids while Britney's on tour.


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I agree with the comment that another housewife said. It pitiful when these celebrities that have kids are always walking around with nannies. They make millions but cannot take care of their own child alone. People have the gall to say " how do they do it with kids and acting careers. They make them out to be some amazing people but in reality they are not. The nannies, maids and butlers do all that for them. A real parent is one that does it all alone without nannies, maids or butlers doing it for them. come to the bronx, women without millions taking care of their kids alone and doing a great job . They are amazing moms.

1905 days ago


What about his black kids? LoL And getting paid to babysit your own kids with a nanny, man that dude's a piece of work.

1905 days ago

ex lax    

He lets his kids cut his hair too!

1905 days ago


K-Fed is a fat, lazy, good-for-nothing, tub of lard. The ONLY thing he has going for him is Brit's money which he uses to smoke weed, pig out, and sit on his a** while she works to support him. When the kids turn 18 she won't have to support him anymore and then he can crawl back under his rock. IMO this fool is a waste of skin.

1905 days ago


pimp bout time a man got over

1905 days ago


What a loser! If you are getting paid to watch the children leave the nanny at home. What kind of man needs to be paid to watch their kids?

1905 days ago


I think it's interesting that his kids always look happy when they're with their dad. The youngest does NOT have a pacifier in his mouth. And, he pays as much attention to the oldest one, which is sorely lacking in motherly love. She rarely touches the older child. I say we give him credit for taking good care of them.

1905 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Hey, you can make fun of Kevin all you want, but the truth is that Britney decided she wanted her back up dancer, despite that he already had a girlfriend that already had one child with him, and another on the way. She chose to marry him, and have two kids with him, and promised that she would help him with his career. As we all know, Britney proved to be a nut case, that to this day, is not allowed to see her children without supervision. My only complaint about Kevin is that I wish he would stop dressing as some kind of kid. Show some dignity - please!

1905 days ago


Hey, where are his other kids?????? Who is watching them!!!!!!

1905 days ago

for now    

So the sorry losers are still jealous of Kevin.
He is not being paid to take care of his kids.
His job is being a full-time father while Brit does her thing.
Attorneys,doctors,nurses,judges,social workers all say that
he is a good dad while Britney has not been a good mom.
The court system has ruled. Instead of wasting their time on here,
the losers should work for a living.

1905 days ago

noah taylor    

Dudes pathetic, but not nearly as pathetic as his ex-wife who does whatever the media wants her to do like a trained elephant. Jump through hoops, y'all!!! Please, you'd think that girl would of learnt from her other experience, but no... after this little circus freak show... it'll spit her out again.... you expect me to believe with those same handlers that backed her before that this time she's going to be okay? Dude, I tried to intervene, I tried to talk sense to that girl!!! but no.... no... she rather be dead.

I thought that, with a good foundation of knowledge wisdom and understanding that maybe should would survive after... I thought it would help but it seems, she doesn't care. Its like she was abused so bad that she doesn't even care about her own life anymore.... I dunno... I don't know what could make someone just not care about themselves that much.... I just don't understand it and I don't care to,

If you give up, you are your own killer in my eyes and I have no pity upon thy soul.

1904 days ago


Itstrue, you are wrong about Britney not being allowed to see her children without supervision. The only difference between the actual time Britney spends with children and the actual time K-Fed spends with the children are the rights of legal custody. The physical amount of time the parents spend with their children and the restrictions during that time are equal.

She does not have legal custody of the children because she cannot under the conservatorship, since she doesn't have custody of her self. However, the conservatorship at this point probably exists solely for business purposes, such as insurance needed to cover her tour, it has nothing to do with her being a "nut case". The last time I checked bipolar disorder was a medical illness that's controlled with medication, and Britney has it under control. Sounds like you are one prejudiced bitch, Itstrue.

1904 days ago


Ya know it is funny Britney is paying him like 5,000 a week to have the boys on tour with her yet she is also paying his air-fair and hotel stays. She is paying for him to go on a free trip to all these countries people would die to go to and it is total bullcrap and why is his girlfriend even there?

From what I read on another site Kevin is paying his idiot girlfriends way but still we all know the only income he has is from Britney therefore Britney is technically still paying for her to be there.

Does this guy ever even change clothes? Everytime you see his he has the same baggy shorts falling off his rear and a plain white tee, well this time he has MJ on it but it is still white.

Like another said you never see his other two kids because there mother does not have money and why do they need a nanny to watch the kids for a few hours? It is funny how Britney rarely gets help from a nanny and you always see her out without one but everywhere the kids go with Kevin a nanny is right there or half the time the kids are just out with the nanny and kevin is nowhere to be seen. How is it someone who has a job and such a busy scedule can take care of her kids on her own but someone with no job can not?

What is funny is when Britney gets custody of the kids back and Kevins child support stops, his girlfriend is going to drop him like a hot potato. There are rumors one Britney is done with her circus tour she is seeking sole custody of her boys

1904 days ago


We All know what K-Fed is i think the 30K should be paid to the nanny to take care of Brit;s Children including K-Fed LOL or better and what is he doing with that shirt he should wear an apron and make the purees for the adorable babies, what DB is he? no limits an no shame of any kind at all I am glad he will always be the one who will be under Britney's Skirt because he lost his pants when he cheated on a Huge star now he gets his 20%, while his Lost 80% is Making the millions touring and she is way happy with a new and way better boyfriend that he ever was or would ever be lol

1903 days ago

white trash america    


posters #46 aka " . " & #47 aka "chrissy" - the most DELUSIONAL BRITARDS i've seen in a while!!

your precious BRIT BRIT is still under a conservatorship because she's STILL deemed BAT-SH!T CRAZY by the judge presiding over her case. if her family hadn't stepped in when they did, you know as well as i do that she'd either be dead right now or still flashing us her UGLY BEAVER form one of her midnight starbucks runs - hey wait!!

THAT's why STARBUCKS business is failing!! they've lost out on all the BRIT business, LOL! :) sorry, i digress...

BRIT cannot even be alone w/her own children 'cuz she's proven herself to be a DANGEROUS FRUIT LOOP!!

1903 days ago
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