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K-Fed -- One Day in Paris

7/6/2009 3:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Britney Spears' moneymaking tour in town, Kevin Federline -- wearing a huge Michael Jackson t-shirt -- spent the afternoon sightseeing with his boys, a nanny, and girlfriend Victoria Prince in Paris (the city) this weekend.


Kevin is getting around $30K to watch the nanny watch his kids while Britney's on tour.


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white trash america    


KEVIN has been the only REAL STABILITY those precious children have; shove this fine fact in your hypocritical craws & stfu w/the pathetic K-FED bashing already! why aren't his other kids with him you bemoan? oh i dunno, there could be a million reasons - #1 being their mother who actually has custody of her own children is competent, stable, smart, loving & most importantly NOT BAT-SH!T CRAZY so he doesn't have to worry about her being with them! why drag those kids around the world to strange hotel rooms unnecessarily if they are safe & happy at home w/their mom??

1898 days ago

white trash america    


the suspected 30k was for him to drop his life/routine & follow queen bat-sh!t all over on her tour - not to baby-sit... which brings me to the rest of you WHINERS who complain about him not being an 'AVERAGE' guy & always needing a nanny (brit has them too as well as her OWN babysitters, LOL!) & security guard - NEWSFLASH SIMPLETONS!! neither he nor any other celeb out there is average!!

it's you BRITARDS & your death threats that necessitate the bodyguards in the 1st place you raging imbeciles & when out & about amidst the public throngs, they need all the help they can get... stop your griping. you know damned well if you could afford it, you'd bring a nanny with you to your outings, pifffft!

1898 days ago

white trash america    


lastly, as far as you 'GET A JOB' criers go, it's not that simple for him... THINK about it. he was a back-up dancer before... & once he married crazy BRITNEY he gained his own notoriety which eclipsed his job. would you want to hire a back-up dancer in your group who was just as famous or MORE-SO than you are??

i agree with you though, he is getting fat & needs to do SOMETHING respectable & semi-regular to give himself a healthy injection of self-esteem & perhaps be a better role-model for the kids!

1898 days ago


!!! This has officially stood out to me! KFed faught so hard to get custody of his and britney's boys, and I do understand she wasnt in the right state of mind, but it was very important to have them be apart of thier mothers life once she was stable.. So wouldnt you think he wouldnt ask for such a high price of money to not only spend time with his kids and tour around the world at the expense of Britney, BUT to have his kids spend time with thier mother!!! Am I right?.. He almost didnt allow this if it wasnt the right price that he wanted???? He also has a Nanny with him, Hes getting paid a high price of money to do what a REAL father should do.. watch his youngins'.. He has his g/f's help so why does he need a NANNY!!! im sorry kfed fans! but come on!! Hes turned parenting into a job!! He should be FIRED!!!!!!! or get a pay cut! Britt deserves more rights!! Ok im done ;/

1894 days ago


It's pathetic to get paid for watching your own kids! There's no reason for a nanny to even be there... K-Fed is such a LOSER!

1878 days ago
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