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Michael Jackson Burial Mystery

7/7/2009 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've learned Michael Jackson's body will not be going back to Forest Lawn.

The body will go somewhere else pending final burial -- we don't know where that is. If a casket goes to Forest Lawn, it's a decoy.

We've learned the death certificate lists Forest Lawn as the responsible mortuary because the body was embalmed there -- but the rest is being kept secret.


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Wayne DeSouza    

Who do we thank for you?
Do we thank your mom Katherine for the birth of you,
for nurturing and molding your sensitivities?
Gentle Michael

Who do we thank for you?
Do we thank your dad Joseph for challenging and demanding
the best from you?
Perfect Michael

Who do we thank for you?
Do we thank your brothers and sisters
For helping the cream of the Jacksons to rise to the top?
Magnificent Michael.

Who do we thank for you?
Do we thank all the artists that influenced you,
Your song, your dance
Incomparable Michael

Who do we thank for you?
Do we thank God for you?
For only a gift from the divine could touch so many, so deeply
Sweet Michael

So who do we thank for you,
the one above or all of the above?
For now we would simply like to thank you
Thank you Michael. You are our Michael.

Thank you for decades of treats that sweetened life for us.
Forever Michael

Thank you for songs where you asked us to start with the one
in the mirror, love one another, cherish the earth, care for all children, , and to keep the faith.
Caring Michael

Thank you for your dance that mesmerized and kept our eyes glued to your every move.
Talented Michael

Thank you for moonwalking on earth.
Our Dancing Machine
Incredible Michael

Thank you for rewarding us with more of you even after our words hurt you. One more chance at love
Forgiving Michael

Thank you for proving by example that it shouldn’t matter what skin you’re in.
Beautiful Michael

Thank you for uniting so many through your music
Transcending Michael

Thank you for the hand you lent to so many in need, and the light you shined on the suffering
Humanitarian Michael,

Thank you for sacrificing your youthful years for our entertainment
Our Michael

Thank you for leaving us so much though you’re gone too soon
Everlasting Michael

Thank you for Rocking our world as we Rocked with you
Now that the groove is dead and gone
We know that love survives
And we will rock forever

Wayne DeSouza

1870 days ago


I think he was cremated yesterday

1870 days ago


Ashes were inside the casket. Ashes will be kept within the family compound.

1870 days ago

South African Fan    

SKY News just reported that MJs body is off to it's final resting undisclosed location.

1870 days ago


Is there some concern that burial site could be some how desecrated or otherwise not be respectful to family members if there's a constant fan presence? Yes, there's other celebrity stars at Forrest Lawn, but if it was your loved one buried in the same vicinity and you're morning and there's hundreds of fans mingling abound Micheal's grave wouldn't that be a problem for you?
When there's someone so big in stature that respects and memorial will be paid for many years to come, there must be a special setting. Yes, think Elvis but also Princess Diana or even the Kennedy graves in Arlington. A respectful and secure location must be maintained for both the family and public. Neverland may be the best and most logical place for a resting place. Access can be limited daily such as with the Getty with admittance given on a daily limited basis. This also can allow the family privacy when desired. I hope those neighbors in Los Olivos will understand and work with the family to offer this area as a final resting place - in peace.

1870 days ago


The motorcade is going to the Beverly Wilshire for lunch??? I guess it's more important to eat than to bury the body!!! I know that I want to eat before I bury a loved one. He has got to be buried already.

1870 days ago


I think they still may be working on gettting the permit to bury him at neverland

1870 days ago


hes already buried in a muslim cemetary..........larryking just tweeted that now the family is heading back to encino home for reception.........i think the casket was empty to begin with

1870 days ago


I will be so glad when this circus leaves town and takes all the clowns with them.

And "that" is no more his daughter than I am!

1870 days ago


Michael MUST be buried in Neverland and it must become a museum for all the fans around the world could visit it.
Please J Family stop the circus and be a real FAMILY!!!

1870 days ago


ET had a live stream of all the cars leaving Staples and then it looked like things got mixed up. They have to keep the site secret for a while at least. Remenber they tried to dig up Elvis and his MOM. Joe Jackson wore his hat throught out the Memorial What a goone, he has no respect for anything. He was sitting right next to Michael the first. That poor kid had to sit next to the man who brutalized his Father I can't believe none of those Jacksons are trying to protect those kids from Joe Jackson. Those children should be taken away from Katherine before she allows harm to come to them from Joe Jackson.

1870 days ago

Laura Chasse    

OH,,,come on already!!!,, leave the poor guy alone, if they want this to be a secret that is their choice., have some respect folks. He has to be glad to finally be away from all this crap.

1870 days ago

Tanja Theriaulr    

I think once they have their private burial they will say!

1870 days ago

Have no shame    

Damn TMZ....Did you miss the whole point of what was said at the memorial?????? Who cares where he is buried. Leave them alone!!! Let them lay that man to rest as a family. His memorial just ended. Give the vultures a break today. Send them back on their job tomorrow...

1870 days ago


Like the family said, they wanted the fans to see his casket. We saw the casket, which either was empty or had his ashes in it. Memorials are for healing. Let's assume MJ has already been laid to rest or his ashes are home with his family.

1870 days ago
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