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Michael Jackson's Grand Farewell

7/7/2009 1:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's Grand FarewellMichael Jackson will create even more pandemonium in death than he did in life -- his body will take center stage at Tuesday's public memorial at the Staples Center in downtown L.A.

The family will hold a private memorial early in the morning at Forest Lawn -- where the body is now. The coffin will then be transported to Staples for what promises to be one of the biggest spectacles in L.A. history.

We will be live streaming everything as it happens beginning early in the AM.


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I guess he's going on tour afterall....

1935 days ago


41. @36: That is what has been reported for the last few days, but this has caught us by surprise as well. I'm not so sure that's a reliable source anymore.

Posted at 12:52AM on Jul 7th 2009 by Amy


Yeah, thats what I'm thinking. No one ever confirmed if the body was going to be there or not and that website has had that posted up there for a few days. I don't think its possible for them to be the ONLY ones to know when MJ will be buried and not have any other news station broadcast it.

1935 days ago


Wow! This is insane at first they said that they were going to have a private memorial only now all of the insanity begins. I hope that LA is ready for this. They will need the LAPD, US army and the Swat team to handle the millions who are planning to show up. Many blessings goes out to the Jackson family.

1935 days ago


1935 days ago

I am    

I feel fans would appreciate being allowed to participate in the 'Memorial Service' and said services should be conducted in a dignified manner, befitting MJ's stature as the 'King of Pop'. Family members have a long history of abusing, misusing and exploiting MJ...I hope they don't squeeze the last drop of formaldehyde from his corpse before fans can say their 'goodbyes' at the Staple Center. RIP

1935 days ago

Jeep Fu    

I am predicting death, riots, bloodshed, theft, rape, overcharging, and violence. LA can't do anything with having those things present.

1935 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

According to ETOnline, it says exactly the following: (read the second sentence)

"A casket has been removed from the Hall of Liberty at Forest Lawn Memorial-Park and loaded into a hearse.

The hearse then drove to another area of the cemetery, where the casket was unloaded into a different building."

Souunds like they changed the plans in public so LA would not be quaking. I'd run with what TMZ is reporting at this late time... sounds like they might have an 'in'. Besides, why in the world REALLY would LAPD put up a 4 block radius block? C'mon. Hightened security just to keep people from standing outside a building.

Great scoop TMZ.

1935 days ago



What a joke!

1935 days ago


I think it's a ruse - a trick for the media. I truly think Michael's at Neverland now.

Elizabeth Taylor isn't going to the memorial - had his body been there, she'd be there.


57. The hearse was not there long enough for them to do any kind of memorial of visitation (even if it was supposed to be closed casket)...look at the time stamps of the updates.

Posted at 12:58AM on Jul 7th 2009 by Watching

1935 days ago

The Truth    

Joe should hang his head in shame...Michael was a good looking kid and was great at dancing and singing..
But Joe warped Michaels much he wanted to change his looks..He did just that..From a cute guy to a freak..His face is terrible to look at..This Joe is YOUR FAULT..I never liked the guy but now the truth has come out and I understand why at least he wanted to change his looks..In his mind he looked like you Joe and he HATED YOUR GUTS.When he lost his hair in the Pepsi commercial is when the drugs started.It was down hill from there..All of this I didn't know until after his death..As far as messing with kids I have no answer..

1935 days ago


I thought they werent going to show his body there? Now all of a sudden they changed their mind? OMG this is going to be some event why couldnt I have gotten tickets :( Gosh seeing his body is going to be sooo sad and surreal OMG

1935 days ago


omg...i do NOT think they should be bringing his body there...imagine, your loved one's body in a SPORTS ARENA?! some things should be kept private for just the family...that's like inviting the entire world to his wake. and i agree w/ the earlier poster who said MJ would probably NOT have wanted this...

No wonder Liz Taylor is staying home! I'm sure she got wind of this little detail. Who would want to see their dear friend put on display like this. Leave it to the Jacksons...TACKY til the end. :(

1935 days ago


53. TMZ seemed to have some things correct but I highly doubt the body will be there tomorrow. The live stream showed the hearse move the casket from the auditorium to his burial place.

Posted at 12:57AM on Jul 7th 2009 by Jordan


They didn't move it to his burial place. They just moved it out of the one building and into another.

1935 days ago


I hope they never bring him back to Neverland.

1935 days ago


I wonder if they will put his body in a glass coffin like they did for Judy Garland. My aunt waited in line 6 hours in NY to see her body this way; she said it was beautiful. I hope the same dignity can be given to Michael. If he is indeed in a glass coffin it will be a wonderful way for his fans to say goodbye though I know I will cry when I see him.

1935 days ago
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