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Steve McNair 911 Tape -- 'Somebody's Been Shot'

7/8/2009 6:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve McNair 911 Tape -- 'Somebody's Been Shot' click to listenThe 911 tape made after Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi were found dead was just released by the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Steve's friend -- Robert Gaddy -- made the call and was hysterical as the dispatcher desperately tried to get information from him. Steve's roommate Wayne Neely initially discovered the bodies and then notified Gaddy to call 911.

Cops announced today they believe Sahel murdered Steve and then killed herself.

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#64 your ignorant biatch!! shes entitles to her opinion!

1932 days ago


Very sad. This can happen when you cheat. What goes around comes around.

1932 days ago


Mrs. McNair was the ho! Her husband had been seen around town for months with Ms. Kazemi. Why didn't Mrs. McNair kick his sorry ass out of their house and sue for divorce? The ho is still alive!

1932 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

I once was banging a young 24 year old chick when my wife found out. I was 36 at the time. That was the most drama I've ever gone through in my life. Plus that girl was nuts. It was all well and good for a few months, till she wanted more. She wanted me to leave wife and kids etc. I thought, "this bitch is crazy." At first we were just booty calls, crazy bitch should have kept it like that. but nooooo.
But the poon was good (not as good as my wifes either) so I used every trick in the book to keep her, i even promised her to leave my family lots of times...but i never did because i may be dumb but im not stupid.
Long story short, a 90 pound woman can get a preacher to drop his bible.

1932 days ago


#64 I agree with #82 You're the ignorant BIATCH!

1932 days ago


Mermaid: Don't throw stones and don't let color or heritage paralyze your thoughts I'm not a Steve McNair fan but the man is dead and to hear someone relate to color he was married to a beautiful black sister and obviously not totally content should tell you something. I'm a blackman who loves his black woman but there are so so many of you who are so very angry and woman of other cultures tend not to be brought up with that anger that's been instilled by someone who has never had a man in the house.

1932 days ago


#87 Geno I am so tired of black women being sterotyped as angry. We are not angry, just very observant. You guys have been classifying us as angry for years and years, actually I think it's just a cop-out or an excuse. And as for women of other cultures not being as angry, Ms. Kazemi seemed pretty angry to me!

1932 days ago


My prayers go out to the grieving families, and the wife that was played horribly. One less man pig on this earth.

1932 days ago

Suspicious Mind    

Here's what strikes me as odd: Friend finds McNair and girlfriend shot and calls another friend to contact 911. What? He didn't remember the number? I guess it might be that he didn't know what to do, seeing as McNair was cheating, but those were valuable moments wasted that could have saved lives. Seems very fishy. I heard after Heath Ledger ODed, a clean up crew was called in to get rid of all the drugs, and if they had just called the police, he may well have made it. I don't know if that's true, but it was a pretty reliable source. I wonder if there were tons of drugs to clean up in this situation. It's just a sad, weird occurance.

1932 days ago


10. Have you seen the pics of McNairs widow? SHES GORGEOUS! Was it all worth it? Apparently not.

Posted at 5:54PM on Jul 8th 2009 by Allie

Men cheat, even on beautiful women. It's not a race thing at all. I'm Caucasion, tall, blonde, pretty and funny. My "soul mate" ex-husband cheated on me. When I went to confront the woman, I started laughing. She was short, dumpy, overweight, unattractive in any culture. When he attempted to crawl back three months later, I showed him the door. Fortunately, we had no children. I've been happily married to a terrific man for the last 12 years. My X remaried once, and she left him for a woman. Karma is a bitch.

1932 days ago


the meaning is stay away from sick whorish women

1932 days ago


Mermaid we can chat further about this if you like eedward57@yahoo.com?

1932 days ago


90. the meaning is stay away from sick whorish women

Posted at 8:26PM on Jul 8th 2009 by Nobody

I think anytime a woman KNOWINGLY becomes involved with a married man she is a "sick whorish woman". no normal woman with a good head on her shoulders would voluntarily become a married man's whore/play thing/f*ck toy/side piece. women who do that have no respect for themselves or anyone else. so if a man is going to cheat and creep chances are he's doing it with a sick whorish woman. think about it, what kind of woman is content with being someone's mistress and nothing more?

1932 days ago


People are so stupid to sit here and say that death is what someone deserved. God is the only person that should make that decision. If you had sense, you would know that Steve would have and still will have to answer to his savior. This sick woman was as guilty as he was considering she knew she was the mistress. Stop being so cruel and wishing death on someone that made a poor decision. Grow up....We are all sinners but have no right to take one anothers lives.
With that said, I am curious to know why the roomate did not call 911 instead of calling a friend. I hope the authorities truly did their homework and did not rush to a quick resolution.

1932 days ago

oh my    

How did he come over after receiving a call from Wayne, but not know the address? How does he know that there are two bullet wounds and that there were two gun shots? Why did Wayne call him and not 911? He later said, "I haven't even been upstairs." So how the hell does he know so much? At first he told the dispatcher that he was upstairs and that he doesn't want to go back up!! Where was Wayne while Rob made the call? Drinking his beer? WTH kind of mess is this?

1932 days ago
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