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Steve McNair's Mistress -- The DUI

7/9/2009 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sahel Kazemi was busted for DUI two days before she murdered Steve McNair and then committed suicide -- and cops just released dashcam footage of the incident.

Sahel was initially pulled over for speeding on July 2, then forced to take field sobriety tests -- which she failed. Cops allowed Steve and another man in the Escalade to leave in a taxi -- but Steve showed up at the jail later on to bail out Sahel.

The DUI is one of a handful of circumstances -- including Sahel's belief Steve had another lover -- that cops believe led to the shootings.

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Could her dress get any shorter?

1877 days ago



unless she helped Sahel... go away...

1877 days ago


Wow! I am blown away at what people will say on these post. It's no wonder there is so much hate in this world. At the end of the day we are all human and we ALL make mistakes and SIN and FYI... all sin is equal. So whether it be calling someone a name, or murder... it's all the same. Only God can judge.

1877 days ago


If we would like to get technical....It's STANDARD AMERICAN ENGLISH. Thanks for helping me with my typing! I can tell that you really like HOT DOGS! I can see why u blog on TMZ since u don't have a meaningful job to supply them with all of your knowledge and wisdom....NOT! Get a job biiiiotch!

1877 days ago


Steve had no loyalty to his wife. He had no loyalty to his children as he put the family in peril with his needs. Apparently his girlfriend felt he had none to her either if there was possibly another adulterous lover in the picture along with her. No, he didn't deserve his fate, but he was recklessly putting himself in harms way, and was not anyone deserving or respect as a man, only as an athlete who produced on the field. So, as a retired football player, I'll always remember rooting for him on the field. As a human being, he's a role model on how NOT to live your life when you make promises of faith to others..

For me, his wife and sons are victims here as well. Steve is out of his misery, but they must go on with the knowledge of being betrayed. They must go through the process of burying him and dealing with his estate, and wondering out to sort out feelings of love verses feelings of pain or even hate and disappointment. Even though there is apparently money allowing for them to continue living a comfortable life, emotionally they are likely struggling. It won't end any time soon either, as the boys will grow up not only without their father, but knowing that he was a liar and a cheat. To write that is not judging Steve either, but rather it's who Steve McNair proved himself to be. A liar and a cheat. Lacking in loyalty.

May Steve rest in peace. He has to explain it to his maker, who I believe will be forgiving. Even though Steve left a mess for a lot of people still living.

May the young lady rest in peace. She had a rough life with what happened with her family in Iran. Her demons were obviously legion. It's a shame that she chose to steal Steve's life along with her own.

1877 days ago


I just saw the video... she's wearing stripper shoes...

memememememememe how did she get the shoes from your collection???

1877 days ago


Hell Hath no fury like a Red-Blooded Dark Haired Ethnic woman! It's his own damn fault for getting involved with a Crazed Psycho woman like this- She looks like an Indian girl I once knew who was Just as Crazed! be careful people-

1877 days ago


Dude didnt deserve to die, maybe a lil prison time for cheating on his wife, but she probably cheated at some point also. If any body deserves anything bad it would be Jesse James Hollywood, the fake thug.

1877 days ago



Actually its used both interchangeably.. so whether you say American Standard English or American English, either is correct.

As for work.. Would you fall in the same category as myself? i also see you didn't respond to the initial comment from me, so your handle is appropriate... lube up and enjoy!!!

1877 days ago


Sahel believed Steve had another lover? LMAO! Yeah, his wife smart one! You know, stuff like this wouldn't happen if people, men and women alike would honor their wedding vows...

1877 days ago


First of all, black men aren't named "Steve" Hilarious! And secondly, he was a crappy football player and he got what he gave...misery to his family and girlfriend.

1877 days ago

Baseball Mom    

Well if you play with fire you are going to get burned. Not that I would wish this ending on anyone but he was a married man with children. Obviously she either didn't know about the wife (how could she not, she had the internet didn't she and it's not like the world didn't know who he was) or she, like most women that cheat with a married man are delusional in their thinking. They "assume" that the man is somehow going to find their relationship so much better than his married one and choose them over their wives or families,. Problem is, that this is rarely the case and if the men do decide to choose their "on the side women" over their families(you are a temporary piece of ass) it almost never works out because they wind up cheating on them too(ironic that these women think that it won't happen to them, lmao!). Its a trophy thing! Women wake the F up! Let us all put our big girl panties on and believe that we do no need sloppy seconds or someone elses husband.There are plenty of "good" guys in the world that aren't in a marriage or relationship with someone else. Men, you need to stop playing head games with these women(as you can see, it could cost you your life if you mess with the wrong one). Put some honesty and integrity in your vocabularies.

1877 days ago


you can't have your cake and eat it too. Apparently it can shoot and kill you dead in your sleep.

Another life lesson for the married men, and stupid young "ladies", that think he will ever leave his wife and kids for you .

1877 days ago


Duh, he had another lover-HIS WIFE!

1877 days ago


Joe (Knob),

School is out for the summer, and some of us DO NOT have to work.

1877 days ago
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