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Dr. Arnie Klein Calls the Cops

7/10/2009 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnie Klein Calls the CopsWe've learned Beverly Hills Police have just responded to the office of Dr. Arnie Klein, Michael Jackson's close friend and doctor.

We're told Klein's office asked the cops to come -- someone in the office told us they called for protection. We do not have further details.

UPDATE: Cops tells us Dr. Klein's office has been receiving "suspicious calls" today -- so they took a report and are going to investigate.


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It was Michael on the phone and he said-Surprise!!!:P:D

1875 days ago


They need to test Dr. Arnie Klein for drugs. I've watched his interviews on tv and he looks high on some kind of drugs....

1875 days ago

too sad    

Mikko didnt want to trash his friend but he also just nodded when larry mentioned that blanket might be his son

1875 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Hmmm... all that for "suspicious" phone calls?

1875 days ago


uhh...Milko killed his sister's b/f do you really believe anything he has to say? Read the Brando's history then decide. I don't believe that this doctor had anything to do with Jackson's death. The smoking gun was Jackson himself, only he knew how much stuff he was actually taking and he was no doubt getting meds from more than one person. I highly suspect they will find that most of the meds he took were ordered online and out of the US. That's what people do that run out of doctors that will give them what they want. Sadly, people with money and addictions are like a loaded gun. Jackson was warned he was playing with a gun and it was loaded, his was is decision. That's what addicts do they chase that feeling that they love until it turns and kills them.

1875 days ago


Correction - On Larry King, when Miko was asked if he was the father of Blanket, his was response was that he absolutely was NOT.

1875 days ago


I'm sure that MIKO BRANDO knew what Michael Jackson was up too....He was around Michael Jackson a lot so I heard from his interviews. You mean to tell me that MIKO BRANDO doesn't know anything that BS...

1875 days ago


95 it appears that he has thyroid problems. Graves will do that to your eyes.

1875 days ago

Oh My Goodness    

All these vampires around MJ. All they cared about was taking his $$$$$$$$. Sure MJ just wanted to feel better of course, but the people making him "feel better" were not really true friends. They had him completely brainwashed! It's so sad. Klein and co. will be going to hell ............

1875 days ago


88 "Debbie Rowe and she knowingly co-erced MJ into marrying her .."

Remember what Lisa Marie said. She said that MJ really wanted a baby and because she kept saying no to him when he pestered her continually (she was afraid of custody battle she thought was inevitable) that MJ said he'd just go find someone else if she wouldn't do it. When he came back to her and told her Debbie said she'd do it, Lisa Marie said 'Fine, go ahead' and after that becuae he wouldn't stop the drugs Lisa Marie left. Seems MJ was determined to get what he wanted. He already knew Debbie and Lisa Marie said he seemed to like her. He probably co-erced her rather than the opposite.

1875 days ago


I have to wonder if it was Miko (security guard) that called the police on the 911 call??

1875 days ago

The Truth    

Country Legend Mickey Gilley Injured in Fall

1875 days ago


99. Correction - On Larry King, when Miko was asked if he was the father of Blanket, his was response was that he absolutely was NOT.

Posted at 5:27PM on Jul 10th 2009 by Elle


well ofcourse hes gonna deny it, just like hes denying that mj was addicted to presc drugs...but hes a loyal friend, no doubt

1875 days ago


HAHA..jackson fans don't play.I bet whoever committed the crimes won't be around for much longer

1875 days ago


#77..I agree, Miko was born into a curiosity of him, stops at, why is MJ's estate still paying him? For what? I'm surprised TMZ didn't jump all over that to find out why the estate is still paying him even after MJ's death. And when Miko spoke, he sounded like an bafoon....Just my opinion.....

1875 days ago
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