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Injection Marks on Jackson's Neck

7/10/2009 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Injection Marks on Michael Jackson's NeckMichael Jackson had injection sites on his neck, according to law enforcement sources.

As we first reported, Jackson had "dozens" of injection sites and punctures all over his body the day he died. Law enforcement sources tell us some of these injection sites and punctures were old and some were fresh. They were found, we're told, on his upper arms, upper legs, ankles, inside around his knees and the neck.

Dr. Arnold Klein told Larry King, "I never saw needle marks on his body." Klein, who saw Jackson multiple times in the weeks before his death, did not explain why he didn't notice marks on the singer's neck and other places.


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1896 days ago


they need to wait until the autopsy results are fully released

1896 days ago

mitch myers    

lies and the liars that tell them!

1896 days ago


What did these monstrous butchers do to Michael Jackson? This is so disturbing. I hope they imprison these so-called doctors. They murdered Michael Jackson. They're no better than the common, drug-pushing criminals on the street.

1896 days ago



1896 days ago


He was a drug addicted pedophile. NOBODY can properly function with this level of addiction.

1896 days ago

mitch myers    


1896 days ago


Dr. Klein, you are a complete and utter moron if you think that anyone believes you.

1896 days ago


leave him alone

1896 days ago


That is some weird stuff. You can see events at

1896 days ago

Texas HoldEm    

Why should anyone be surprized at any more comments on his drug use?

Such a shame if Janet Jackson did show up at his house in 2007 & wanted to pull an intervention. My question is why she would leave the 3 children in that home? Why didn't she contact child protective services? You can't tell me she couldn't find an attorney to step in to get the kids out of a home with a drug user...Guess she wasn't worried about 3 innocent children.....

Things change when now the estate is up for grabs.....Now that money is in the picture Janet's like a magnet to the children......Guess she wants to get the kids next so she'll get the big monthly "PAYDAY" with support & control of the kids trust.

1896 days ago


You just know that Perez Hilton had something to do with this.

1896 days ago


I still can't believe you are dead. Rip MJ. A lot of people miss you.

1896 days ago


How come Drs, close friends, family members, staff, business associates, etc didn't notice that he was riddled with injection marks? I can see how he successfully concealed this from the paparazzi, but not from all those he had daily, personal interactions with. If it is true that he has all these needle marks, *someone* (many *someones*) should have noticed and stepped up!

1896 days ago


Dr. Arnold Klein has been said repeatedly to be Michael Jackson's dermatologist. Dermatologists from my experience treat the skin... So my question after reading the article is - How on earth could Dr. Klein NOT see the puncture marks on the skin if he was treating him as a dermatology patient? My dermatologist doesn't sit with me and we just chat it up. She does her job. Examines my skin, discusses her observations & if a prescription to treat my skin is needed, then she writes it out.
A general physician who does general practice - not specialized - would prescribe Xanax... DR KLEIN TREATS SKIN and XANAX doesnt treat the skin so therefore prescribing MJ for that is to me abuse of his authority.
Something is really not right with this world when doctors no matter their specialty just start writing prescriptions for whatever and whomever.

1896 days ago
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