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Nicole Richie's

Plus-Sized Beach Body

7/13/2009 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pregnant with her second child, Nicole Richie showed off her growing baby bump with buff boyfriend Joel Madden on the beach in Malibu this weekend.


Nicole's healthy glow has nothing to do with the sun.


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I am in shock about the comments these days. What is gross about being pregnant? I don't understand why everyone is so hyped to look at a woman in a thong and can't stand to look at a pregnant woman! Are you really that much in denial? How do you think those women end up pregnant? Wearing granny panties? Why aren't men with big fat hairy bellies asked to cover up? I wore a bikini when I was 7 months pregnant and just so I can make the jerks gag I will be wearing one with my current pregnancy just for them. Hmmmmm.....I should get a thong bikini..The jerks are just jealous because of their pathetic existance while we women get to experience the child bearing miracle. I said it...and what???

1890 days ago


Briella, pregnant bellies in a bikini are nothing compared to a french canadian in a speedo with a beer belly. Which by the way, has every right to be in a speedo at the beach just like everyone else, including pregnant women in bikini's. Whats the difference between her wearing a little bikini with or without the belly? you still see it and its the same belly its just popped out a little more because shes carrying a child. Pregnancy is the most amazing natural ability woman have, I believe, and to be confident enough to show it off no matter who's talking about it is brave. She's just like everyone else, except for the fact that shes famous so we hear more about her than any random person on the street but how would you like it if someone took pictures of you posted it on the internet and idiots like yourself and all the other people on here saying its gross made rude and non-necessary comments about your body and whats wrong with it? Because believe me, you do not have a perfect body in this day and age. No one has a perfect body because no one is ever happy with anything these days. You're either too fat or too skinny too muscular or not muscular enough or you have too much flab maybe your skin isn't the perfect color. Your eyes are perfectly aligned. Come on now, get real. She looks great, with or without the belly but all you jealous and degenerate people always have something to say. You're no better than the media and you wouldn't look half as good in that bikini as she does, pregnant or not. Fact is, this world is free, get over it. If she wants to flaunt her pregnant belly, no matter who approves or doesn't approve, she will because she can. People like you and everyone else who have said its gross don't matter. Even people like me who agree don't matter. Its what she wants to do, you have no right to judge or make fun.

1888 days ago


I don't ness like when some people flaunt their belly by wearing shirts that are just a little too small or short or something that's not even for that season but Nicole's not showing off, she's spending time at the beach in CA, in the summer & looks great b/c she isn't showing off but is just doing her own thing, living her life... if it wasn't the dead of winter in NY when I was that pregnant & looked as good as she does then I'd be out enjoying the weather too trying to take my mind off how uncomfortable I am or am getting lol... pregnancy's tiring, esp @ the end so enjoy the little pleasures while you can!

1884 days ago


DRagonsociety - What are you? 12? Grow up you punk..

1884 days ago


wow you all are lame... why would anyone think that is gross? she is bangin for a woman who is about to pop. and if you find that gross, you need to grow up... and are probably a young male who has a lot of growing up to do... and i don't think she should have to cover up her belly just because it turns you little boys off : )

1884 days ago



1883 days ago



1882 days ago


She is really gorgeous despite being pregnant. I just find it odd seeing someone pregnant in a bikini. By the way, If you have any questions about being a Beachbody Coach, you can contact me at for more info.

1866 days ago


I have given birth to four children AND NEVER WANTED TO EXPOSE MYSELF FOR ALL TO SEE. Nicole should have COVERED UP!!Some things should remain private: Like one's pregnant stomach.

1836 days ago


How did he ****ed her from back like doggie, i bet yes. she is a hot female.

all three holes needed to be punched at the same time for her and Paris

Disrespecting the Crucifix Ha she will know when she enters the labour room.after all one day some one will walk over her dust

1577 days ago
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