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Gov't Issues

Warning Over Propofol

7/14/2009 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PropofolWe've learned the FDA and CDC have issued a warning over certain batches of Propofol -- the drug found in Michael Jackson's home on day he died and the drug that may have killed him.

As far as we know the investigation is not related to Jackson, but certain lots from a pharmaceutical company in Irvine, Calif. have proven to be "tainted" and the company has issued a voluntary recall.

There have been no fatalities and so far the cases have only been reported in Florida, Arizona and Missouri -- but the CDC is urging physicians across the country to check their inventories because the product was distributed nationwide.


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Psychiatry Kills.

1892 days ago


Tainted with what?

1892 days ago


OMG. Murray is going to claim it was the "tainted" Propofol that killed MJ.

1892 days ago


Well how did they know it was tainted? And what happened to the people who received this "tainted" Propofol?

More info please!

1892 days ago

that's all    

If he was killed by propofol he would have not waken up, not walk around and then collapse.

1892 days ago


"tainted" with a bacterial toxin

1892 days ago

too sad    

and what about
legitamit patients being put under right now for surgey ???????????

1892 days ago

Lovely Rita    

The vials tested positive for elevated levels of endotoxin and there is a potential link between the drug and recent febrile reactions among patients. Endotoxins (not to be confused with enterotoxin) are toxins[1] associated with certain bacteria. Classically, an "endotoxin" is a toxin that, unlike an "exotoxin", is not secreted in soluble form by live bacteria, but is a structural component in the bacteria which is released mainly when bacteria are lysed. A febrile reaction is a reaction related to fever (pyrexia). Sounds like a bacterial contamination causing fever.

1892 days ago

too sad    

this could get dr murray off the hook ??? no way ???
dont let that happen ??????

how can this be ???
all of a sudden ???
sounds really wierd ????
what happened to the money in jackos house that la toya said is missing, million of dollars ??? what is it ????
did dr. murray pay the compant who made the anesthetic the millions to say it is ""TAINTED """" ??????
where is the money ? the jewells that are missing ??
check the banks and raid the anesthetic company to see if they were paid a huge ammount of money really recentyl? cash on the nose ??

1892 days ago


Well maybe the doctor will be off the hook but he will be guilty for prescribing to aliases and now the Jacksons will have another lawsuit in their hands against the pharmaceutical.

1892 days ago

sayy it aint so    

sounds like it might be some type of something to what latoya has been saying and michaels family all fills the same way and now look at all of this its very scary, especially for people who are getting ready for surgery my goodness, how did they find out that the medicine was tainted was it from the test ran on michaels body, oh my goodness tainted medecine wonder how long has it been out there the taintted medecine i mean , now thats enough to scare you straight, they have done so much to michael and they has showed how careless that they have been even back in the days when they raided netherland they found illegal medicines in other peoples names written by that skin doctor klein the guy thay debbie rowe used to work for before she became a millionaire, and his records needs to be checked out real good.

1892 days ago



1892 days ago

dawnn Mayher    

this is greaaaaaat 2 know since i have to under go sugery on friday. My nervous level just went up.

1892 days ago


There is absolutely no way this could get any Doctor who was administering this drug in a home for non-medical reason off the hook. Are you people really naïve to think that? That is just crazy! I think there are some very valid points from LaToya’s Interview and I think we are going to start seeing a lot more of this. I believe there are going to be many court hearings and trials. Also on another note, has anyone read the blog that Deepak Chopra wrote on his site? It says and I quote “His children's nanny and surrogate mother, Grace Rwaramba.. I believe and have believed that she was Michael’s “secret girlfriend” and that she is in fact the mother of Blanket and Michael is his father. Wonder why no one is talking about that?? Here is the blog for yourself. Also I find it interesting that Grace left only in December and 6 months later he is dead.
Full Article

1892 days ago


This product was being investigated on a separate case. Just because MJ had it in his position, does not mean it was this drug that killed him until the facts come to surface.

1892 days ago
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