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Jacko's Kids: Let Us Pray

7/15/2009 3:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A week after speaking at her father's memorial, Paris Jackson (left) with older brother Michael Jr. (right) were spotted entering a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall on Tuesday.



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Micheal loved his mother dearly and KNEW the kids would be brought into her faith if he left them to her and that was HIS choice. Micheal has never spoken against the witnesses or his mother and her beliefs.

1894 days ago


For ones who think it's a cult, you are ignorant to think such. In that RELIGION which means "way of life" they do have a choice. They are not forced. Second of all you will never know if something is a cult until you actually do the research yourself. For you to just go off what someone has told you are hearsay that shows you the depth of yourself. Not so deep. Open your mind and quit being so closed minded. Jehovah's Witnesses have suffered a lot for standing up for what they beleive in.

And don't forget Debbie Rowe gave up her rights so what does that make her? What does she actually stand for.

1894 days ago


Two units to Debbie Rowe immediately please.

1894 days ago


What did you expect from Katherine?
She was/is controlled by that catfish face Devil Joseph Jackson.
And by her religion.....which evidently condones child abuse and neglect.

1894 days ago


Everyone needs to leave these kids alone! And now from loosing their dad to...Jehovah Witness....oh God! Don't you people realize that the Jehovah's are a cult. Michael was a great dad and humanitarian, I just wish everyone would leave his kids and family alone.

1894 days ago

Debbie Rowe asked joint custody as far as 2001    

I had an aunt who deceased because she was a JW. She was a nurse before turning into JW. She had trouble with her husband when she turned JW and he divorced her cause he couldn't bear her antics, not acknowledging the kids birthday and all the fights they went through because she refused any medication or surgery practices on the children when they needed it, like that appendicitis on one of their children..., out of her religion. Her husband warn her that he could not change her mind but that he will not tolerate their kids being forced into that religion.

She died of a breast cancer. As a former nurse, she knew she had a tumour. Her husband begged her to go see a doctor, he begged for months, years, then became angry, sometimes taking appointment where she didn't show up or sending her to the best care in other countries as she took the money to buy superficial things instead.

She let it go so far in negligence that her breast became totally deformed with a stinky liquid of putrification flowing out of it at times. Then, her daughter warn that she couldn't bear it anymore and wanted to cpommit suicide. the mother finally decided to see a specialist who was horrified saying that in his memory he has never seen someone in his cabinet showing a totally deformed breast full of stinky germs and rotten. It was too late and even then, she refused some medications.

JW don't accept medication, blood, transplant, surgeries, ect. I know some people who have died because of it because they refused for them or their kids any intervention, let it be pills or surgeries, even when it is a case of life or death.

In some countries it is considered as a cult and is illegal.

1894 days ago


Michael Jackson was raised in the Jehovah's Witness environment and chose not to teach their teachings to his children. I believe his brother, Jermaine also opted to leave the religion. Then, why is Katherine taking these children to be brainwashed at the Kingdom Hall. Notice how Paris is wearing pants. That's going to stop, becuase females are prohibited from wearing pants to the Kingdom Hall. I studied but never got baptized with the Jehovah Witnesses and for very good reasons. All they do is repeat the same thing over and over and over again. Each year books are published with the same information written differently. The Elders of the religion are to be obeyed and their wives are treated as second class citizens. The husband has the final word in the relationship. I am glad I discontinued.

1894 days ago


These kids look more like MJ now that you can actually see them. I was hoping they would now have a shot at a normal life. Being a Jackson makes that impossible. Jehovah's Witness can't be a good thing for them. Too bad.

1894 days ago

Gem Girl    

His name is Michael Jackson, not Jacko. Show some respect.

1894 days ago

Jennifer Spengler    

Whether you're an MJ fan or not, his children are innocent and deserve to be protected. If you would like to help, you can start by joining "The Media Oversight Committee To Protect Mr. Michael Jackson's Children" on facebook. (Just search for the text between the quotation marks while on facebook).

1894 days ago


Prince michael looks like Arnold klein I think he is the father and Miko brando is Blankets dad

1894 days ago

Tony Homo    

You better pray for your dad, he is burning in hell for molesting those innocent children, I don't think God is offering to much mercy for all the lives your freak show dad destroyed!

1894 days ago


Bottom line is this, everybody who beleives in his/her religion no matter what it is thinks there's is the ultimate and the right religion. I've seen people get into verbal confrontations about religions. All faiths beleive that there's is the "one" and only. Fact is that all God associated religions are showing respect for God no matter how it's sliced. The goal is common .... Honor, love and obey God .... so let people choose their own religion and abide by it. Just because I'm of a different faith I am not going to have a conniption. Faith and the choice you make is personal if you ask me. Christians beleive theirs is the ultimate, JaHovah Witnesses beleive there's is the ultimate and so on ... we can all agree to disagree and still enjoy our religion ....

1894 days ago


C'mom people. Don't blame TMZ. The Jacksons know exactly what pics will be released.
No pics of the kids for two weeks and now Katherine let's this come out.
Show them we are one big happy religious family. Sick. Please don't fall for the PR tactics.
The Jacksons are already using the kids for pr to get the money.
So far we have them used on stage and now we have pics of this.


1894 days ago


I just hope they are finding some way to be at peace and deal with the pain of losing their dad. May GOD bless them and keep them close.

1894 days ago
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