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Jewelry Heist at Orlando Bloom's Place

7/16/2009 10:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando BloomBurglars apparently knew what we didn't -- Orlando Bloom had hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry in his Hollywood Hills home. Notice the past tense, because we've learned burglars made off with the bling Monday night.

Law enforcement tells us the thieves entered Bloom's house through a window and made off with roughly $500,000 in jewelry -- including two very expensive watches.

Cops fingerprinted and photographed the scene. So far no suspects.

Bloom was in NYC at the time.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell us it does not look like "a typical burglary." They will not say if it looks like an inside job.


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i just don't give F@#$

1932 days ago

Emergency Broadcast System    

This is despicable! An undeniable outrage!

People are STILL saying "bling"! That word is SO 2004!

1932 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

Did they steal his sneakers he wore when he was running away from the car accident when his friend was injured?

1932 days ago


I just think it's pretty funny that Miranda was staying in Los Angeles but conveniently not at Orlando's house the night it gets robbed. I also think it's hysterical that Orlando and Miranda who are NEVER apart are suddenly surgically seperated, one on the east coast and one on the west coast. I read elsewhere that he spent extensive amounts of money on an alarm system. In another interview someone spoke with his neighbor who said they both had the same alarm company. So why, if someone allegedly came through the window, wasn't the alarm company notified and why weren't the police called. Why did it take his cousin coming over to the house and SEEING the aftermath for the police to get involved. I am no detective...but this REEKS of an inside job..and I think it is an inside job Orlando had no idea about. Sucks to be him. Now who do you trust, you know?

1932 days ago


Was Lindsay Lohan there lately!?!

1932 days ago


Did they steal his Gohonzon?

1932 days ago


Poor little Orlando! He loved those earnins so much :)

1932 days ago


He's worth over 30 million. He doesn't need the money. He needs his stuff back.
What do you mean they are never apart? Their work has them apart most of the time. They have been able to spend the last several weeks together, though. The've been together in LA and in NY. He stayed in NY, while Miranda flew to do the ESPYS on what was supposed to be a short trip. I'm sure that Miranda was put up in a hotel by ESPN. Why fight traffic and have to cook for yourself in your boyfriend's house, when you are only planning on being in town for two days? Why not relax with a limo and room service? And thank God that Miranda wasn't in the house at the time of the break in. That would have been awful. But Orlando is now in LA with Miranda. He went back to his house today.

1932 days ago

Carole Fabrics    

I am sorry to hear Orlando home got robbed... It is not a great feeling when someone invades your space and takes your belongings hope they find out what happened and who did it...

1932 days ago



Oh come on...he follows her around to her shooting locations like a lost puppy. He hasn't had a serious job since he started dating her. They are joined at the hip. In my OPINION, which I am entitled to have mind you, she is a fame hogger. She was panty model, and started dating him, after he practically stalked her, and now all the sudden people treat her like she's some sort of international sensation. SHE MODELS UNDERWEAR. Ugh. I just feel it's awfully convenient. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes out later on that she a) had something to do with it or b) shot off her stupid mouth (like she always does) and told random people about his extensive watch collection and how he keeps them at his home and stuff... She's an idiot.

1932 days ago


It's a well known fact around the fandom that he has an extensive watch collection. He has even mentioned in several interviews that his biggerst materialistic passion is vintage watches. So your attempt at blaming Miranda is ridiculous. As is your claim that they are never apart. Again, it is well known in the fandom (and by the media) that they are not only often on opposite sides of the country, they are often on opposite sides of the world.
And as for him not having a "real job"? I guess that you only consider blockbusters as acting jobs? You must, because he has already made two independent movies this year, with another starting in September. But I guess that isn't "working" to you?

1931 days ago


y don't these basturds get a job and their own stuff, it makes me sick 2 hear that some1 stole something that some1 worked 4. its sickening. sincerely

1931 days ago


Poor Kathy. Notice you're the only one disagreeing with me. *smirk*

1931 days ago


That's because I already proved you wrong. No one else has to say a thing.

1931 days ago


Or no one else gives too hoots about this d lister and his showmance gf anymore

1931 days ago
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