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He's Incredible!

7/16/2009 1:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's Michael Jackson's 57-year-old personal trainer/"Hulk" star Lou Ferrigno.

Lou Ferrigno
You wouldn't like him when he's angry.


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Did this man give Michael drugs too..?
Just wondering. I hope steriods aren't found in Michaels body.
I thought about this when I first heard he was gonna train Michael.

1903 days ago


Oh that's nothing , I could kick his ass any day hahahaha :P Seriously tho, what a freak.

1903 days ago


Like Arnold Schwarznegger & Sly Stallone, Lou is reaching an age where big muscles on a man is just EEEEUUUU!!!
Who wants to see muscles with wrinkles.

1903 days ago


A freak??? Ferrigno is in awesome shape...especially for his age. And he works hard for it I'm sure.

1903 days ago


i knew it was the hulk! i love lou ferrigno! he was so funny on king of queens

i thought i read somewhere that he didnt even have a chance to train michael. he had just hired him to get in shape for the tour.

1903 days ago


Just because someone has muscle doesn't mean they are on steroids. Lou Ferrigno is known for NOT having taken steroids.

Arnold Schwarznegger is the one that took them and that's why he looks so horrible now.

It's intersting to read how people just assume that those with muscle, especially at an older age, are somehow on drugs to get that way. Just shows how lazy people are that they can't believe someone could be in that good of shape without drugs.

It's no more then making sure you don't eat garbage, working out and have some movation not to be a slob as you go through life.

Sure there are plenty of people that take the drugs but there are tons of people that don't including Lou Ferrigno.

BTW, he didn't get a chance to train Michael Jackson either. He was suppose to be heading out the day Michael Jackson died to meet him to start the training.

1903 days ago


That's why I work out hard now in my late 20's. I hope to still be in great shape like that when I'm pushing 60. Way to go Lou.

1903 days ago


Ferrigno is awesome. He's in great shape. Who wouldn't want to look as fit as that when they're pushing 60?

1903 days ago

to little    

It is steroids, to say it isn't is just ignorance and like saying Michael didn't have a drug problem

I will bet Lou would not pass a cardiac stress test. I bet he has a week heart and liver from all the steroid abuse. He is a walking cardiac arrest waiting to happen.

1903 days ago

Justin is Calling    

Why doesn't TMZ offer to test Lou for Anabolic Steroids and post the results?

It would be a great motivator to everyone if Lou's physique wasn't the result of cheating with steroids!

1903 days ago


WOW... Lou is in GREAT shape for his age. I think his body is HOT!!

1903 days ago


Why is the strongman parked in a handicap zone?

1903 days ago


Lou is hot! He could pound me any day all day with out stoppping!!!

1903 days ago


Plz...everyone that is in good shape like that isn't on steroids. There are people that just bust their ass all their life to look like that. My God look at Jack Lalanne. That man is what now 95yrs old?? That man did not touch steroids. He's freekish about what goes into his body. Very big on nutrition and regular exercise. You don't look like he does at 95yrs old from steroid use.

Lou's in amazing shape, and a great guy.

1903 days ago


Gee, and I was gonna guess Madonna.... ;)

1903 days ago
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