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Jackson Doc Talks Himself Into a Corner

7/16/2009 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson DocWe've learned the doctor at the center of the investigation into Michael Jackson's death is in the cross hairs of the LAPD because of his own words.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray's statements to police on the Saturday following Jackson's death contained incriminating disclosures about his involvement. Some members of law enforcement are surprised he spoke in the first place and surprised at what he volunteered.

As we reported yesterday, the LAPD is already treating Jackson's death as a homicide and there have been multiple conversations between detectives and the L.A. County District Attorney's office, although the D.A. has not opened its own formal investigation.

And we've learned, although some of the toxicology results are not in yet, important test results already completed point to the anesthesia Propofol as the primary cause of death. Our law enforcement sources say the evidence is clear -- Propofol was the primary reason Jackson's heart stopped beating.

Dr. Murray's lawyer would neither confirm nor deny if his client administered Propofol to Jackson the day he died.

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I think the countdown to this Murray fellow killing himself has begun...

1923 days ago


I am speechless! My heart goes out to the Jackson Family! I pray for strength and the understanding needed for this family! How horribly sad! Words escape me...I cannot imagine being in their position! Stay united as a family and look to each other for strength, as this crazy and cruel world has shown how despicable people can be. Stay focused on all of Michael's positives! He was truly loved and respected by the people who really could see that he only wanted to be loved and accepted! Blessings Always, Sloane

1923 days ago


its murder plain and simple
you make a patient dependant on drugs for pain relief.
you can then control them - they pay you money for that dependancy - a lot of money
its a deliberate act too make money and be part of a celebs life.
thats why they do it.
Its premeditated and deliberate.
A patient whoever they are puts trust in a Dr because they are a Dr.
These bastards take advantage of peoples genuine pain and turn it into an addiction.
That addiction then gives the Dr control and money.
This Dr should be charged with murder for that is what it is - Murder.
Premeditated, deliberate and thought out.
If you give someone this drug without being in a critical care unit enviroment the risk is the patient dies.
He put Michael to death.For Money
Plain and simple.
There is no worse reason to murder than for money.
Put him away for life and hope the prisoners take their revenge - because the state sure wont.

1923 days ago


And why is this doctor still graced with his freedom... why isn't he in protective custody pending outcomes of investigations? It sounded like he incriminated himself in the beginning anyway. And another thing: i am so glad this doctor is also a black man, as i hate to imagine the infernal uproar from the black community should he have been white. Thank god above that that scenario eluded us...

1923 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Black people commit a lot of crimes.

1923 days ago

Gaurav Mahashabde    

How can he smile.........

1923 days ago


I was so surprised to learn that the King had was addicted to drugs and for a long time!! What surprises me now is, I think the Jackson family knew about it, and i wonder why they didn't use hard gloves to help the King. I understand the bordguads never let some of family near, but somehow, somewhere they could have done much.
Let the doc who was by his side by the time Jackson lived, die in prison.
I miss you Michael.

1923 days ago

Ms. Hysterical    

Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are dying because this doctor is black. If he was white, the two publicity whores would milk this story for a year.
I can't wait to see this doctor's college GPA and his MCAT (medical college admission test) scores. Is he a good doctor who went bad, or an affirmative action admit that never should have been in medical school. It's all coming out now.

1923 days ago


FIRST!!!! Yes Yes Yes.......feet tap dance!!!

1923 days ago


Dr. Murray keeps smiling pretending he did all he could to save Michael´s life but he also said that he did not call the emergency for he allegedly DID NOT KNOW the address to Michael´s home!!!! Didn´t he find anyother stupid excuse to explain why he didn´t call the emergency as soon as he discovered Michael lying motionless in his sleeping room? It seems Dr Murraz knew that if he called 911 immediately, he would have been identified quickly as the poisoning doctor and his reputation is more important than Michael´s death, even today! Even Paris Jackson said that Dr Murray pretended to be the best cardiologist in the world when she saw him in the UCLA, even though this felon doctor who has never been registered as a cardiologist didn´t even identify himself to the Jackson family who had asked though to be presented to him when he showed up.TMZ find out WHO this doctor is and all the doctors who prescribed anesthesia as sleepin pills to Michael otherwise the world ain´t gonna sleep in peacefor such practices MUST STOP!

1923 days ago

Paul Weinmann, Germany    

burnt skin on 3rd degree in the size of that area of MJ gives you tremendous pain for a long time. MJ should have been given morphium for the first three days maximum and then stop it

guilty in this case for MJs hole life is the 1984 doctor who didnt switch him to less powerfull painkillers and stop them early.

even then it was a huge job for MJ to do all this hair and skin transplantations on his skalp. i assume it was the time when he learnt that full anaestasia drugs is cool stuff.

my mother is addict to Tavor since nearly 40 years. same case - doctor missed the point to tell his patient to stop medication. now its too late to change that life.

1923 days ago

Me in California    

Somethings not right with this man anyway. He's a cardiologist who didn't even perform basic CPR correctly.........
Why were the plates on his car suspended....he couldn't pay his registration? Why? He has to drive a car that is registered to his partner? Financial trouble.... can't pay bills on time.....Now MJ's dead on his watch...

Talk about having some problems

1923 days ago



1923 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

MJ was one HELL of a artist but his real everyday personal life was a total train wreak.I THINK he had LUPUS maybe aids maybe the doc helped him out asisted death and that he was dieing.OR he just got cleaned for the billions.Time will show and tell the truth BUT barking by TMZ can`t hurt NO one unless they BAD.GOOD JOB once again.BERETTA was either gon`a murder you or?MEXICAN FACE OFF HA HA HA but I think that chick as a mobster also but he should have kicked her BUTT out not bammed her.HE TINKS he is BERRATT4REAL4REAL

1923 days ago

The Truth    

Some members of law enforcement are surprised he spoke in the first place and surprised at what he volunteered.

DUH!! The guys an IDIOT..I said that the day after it happened...

1923 days ago
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