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Oprah's Man Rides Oprah's Bike By Oprah's Home

7/16/2009 3:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey let her partner of over 23 years, Stedman Graham, out for a bike ride around her Hawaii home on Wednesday.


Although they were engaged in 1992, Oprah has yet to make an honest man out of Stedman.


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Oprah has had Native Americans guests. When Oprah & Gayel went on their famous road trip, they did a whole show with Native Americans along the way. Also Oprah once took a DNA test & found out she's part Native American.

1922 days ago


Having fun reading all the jealous comments about Oprah. No, you will never have her success. So you may as well just forget about it. She's not going to read your pathetic little comments on TMZ.....LOL.....the lesbian comments are especially funny.

1922 days ago


She is such a phony. She's been living in sin, supporting a president who's leading the USA into socialism and a BIG LIAR--where's his birth certificate. not the one with the ink drying either or a photocopy. ANYBODY can doctor it. I've seen people at work do it to theirs all the time.

She needs to find God and really rethink her views. I'd hate to be her when her time comes. She is a hypocrite!!!

1922 days ago


Stedman probably already is an honest man and he doesn't need Oprah like everyone else appears to to get along in the world.
Why are you dogging him?
From the little I have read about the man he has his own success.

1922 days ago


Darya, who are you? You aren't too successful yourself are you? If you were, then we would know you. All that we care about is if YOU read our comments. We'll nominate you for the weekly SLACKER WAKE UP call!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oprah just scared the dogs without her make up! Gotta go!

1922 days ago


I Hope his Front Tire Locks and he Lands in a Volcano!!!!!

1921 days ago


"Oprah's man,rides Oprah's bike near Oprah's house...looks like he's wearin ' Oprah's sandals too."

1921 days ago


I am so sick of Oprah! All that money and she throws mere pitance to peasants. They all lap it up like good little doggies. She could wipe out homelessness in Chicago all by herself. But all she cares about is keeping the middle class white women happy. During her road trip across america, she came across an indian settlement suffering unspeakable poverty. SHE DID NOTHING! With great success, comes great responsibility. 10 years from now, knowone will remember who she is. God will punish those who don't help others. Mark my words.

1921 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

What dude would date a fat ugly chick for 20+ years? Oprah has a great personality. Yeah Right. She must be paying him well.

She's a lesbian because even a billion dollars is not enough to have sex with her.

1921 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Oprah is the greatest talk show host in the world. She should get a Nobel Prize.

1921 days ago

who gives a shit    

#121 Fan Please, give me a break!!!

1921 days ago


I wish Oprah would come out of the closet already! She's so not into this guy it's pathetic! But he sticks around for the paycheck.

Oprah is into Gayle. Period.

1921 days ago


I would pay thousands of dollars to have sex with Oprah. I think she's hot. And she's the greatest entertainer ever. And so very generous. Climbing out of poverty to give over $300 million to charity. Oprah's the best person in the world.

1921 days ago


I really like Oprah a lot. Her show is entertaining & informative and she creates thousands of jobs for Americans. And she came from nothing to get where she is. Impressive lady.

1921 days ago


She is a lesbian right? Why doe she hate homosexuals?

1921 days ago
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