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'Potter' Star Guilty in Potted Pot Plant Case

7/16/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harry Potter Star The kid who plays Vincent Crabbe in the "Harry Potter" movies could be heading to Azkaban wizard prison soon -- he just pled guilty to growing magical marijuana plants inside his mother's London home.

Jamie Waylett -- who plays the school bully in all six "Potter" flicks -- was popped in April after cops found eight bags of weed in the car in which Jamie was riding. Cops then searched Waylett's mom's place and found 10 pot plants.

Waylett will be sentenced on Tuesday -- he faces up to 14 years in the slammer.


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Good thing the potter movies are done.

1890 days ago


Looks like someone had the munchies!

1890 days ago


Way to go, London police. Prison time for a guy growing some pot in his house. Hey, how's Tony Blair doing? Yuo know, The one that helped lie a country into a war that so far has killed almost a million people? Is he still walking around free with tax payer money?

1890 days ago


Terrible law!

1890 days ago

don't trust 'em    

Who cares? Everybody in the World are doing it. Even Doctors, Cops, Nurses, Lawyers are doing it. They are no better than him. Seriously. Everybody is doing it.
Stress is #1 cause for people and they need to learn how to deal with stress.
most odds, he will pay a fine and go home. maybe probation even. Many people had these sentences, they pay fines from 250 to 300 dollars and go home. that's it.
Who cares? there are more serious problems in this friggin world, like wars, diseases, ahhhh swine flu...etc...etc...

1890 days ago


are law's are worse then that the 3 strike policy ;/ this dude smokes a joint gets busted so long story short it happen 3 times now hes in the slammer for life just for smoking 4 joints :( what a lovely screwed up world we are in

1890 days ago

don't trust 'em    

Drug Dealers goes to prison like 14 years. He is no drug dealer, he is using it for himself. He grew it himself! Why put him in prison for just being an pot user?
Terrible Law you are right. it's stupid!!
UK cronies, get over it. He is just a pot head.

1890 days ago

don't trust 'em    

Well if that is the case with 3 strike policy, that's just plain stupid!!! In California, there's 3 strike policy, but that's for serious crimes like robbery, theft, murder, etc...etc....but pot is kind of legal in California. but not quite but much better than UK laws.
Canada only gives fines to people and they only pay 250 to 300 dollars. and Drug Dealers do go to prison but not these pot heads. Why don't they go after more serious drug like Cociane?? Crack...?
oh no, Pot is more easier. (ahem-sic)

1890 days ago


1. Good thing the potter movies are done.

Posted at 12:15PM on Jul 16th 2009 by k


The Harry Potter series continues so it's no where near done yet. And yeah in California he'd probably just get a fine and some probation.

1890 days ago

lost in lalaland    

14 YEARS? Apparently their priorities are as screwed up as ours.

1890 days ago


Look at that Teletubby!

1890 days ago


14 years in prison? Come on, we are talking about the UK justice system. He will get off with a "Now young man, do not ever do that again,or something really, really bad could happen!" They are known for letting their criminals off with a slap on the wrist. He will be a free man trust me.

1890 days ago

Wow haha    

What is with celebs using drugs? You have millions of dollars, why the hell do you need drugs?
Ugh, people like this don't deserve to have money like that.

1890 days ago


They should execute him. Wrap him up in a big white paper and grab a 3 foot Bic lighter!

1890 days ago


Whamo...that was Brittany Spears (Crazy)!

1890 days ago
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