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Jackson Guardianship Hearing Delayed

7/17/2009 7:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThe guardianship hearing in the Michael Jackson case has been postponed ... and our sources say the delay is because Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe are close to a settlement.

The hearing was set for Monday, but is now delayed to August 3.

As we reported, lawyers for Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe have been hashing out a settlement and we're told an agreement is on the horizon. The discussions, we're told, is amicable and it involves the children -- not money.

Sources say it looks like Debbie Rowe will not object to Katherine getting custody. As for Rowe, she had an agreement with Jackson that was signed several years ago that gave her an undisclosed sum of money spread out over a period of years. That agreement survived Jackson's death and is unaffected by custody issues.

The court ruled Katherine will continue on as legal guardian until the hearing on August 3.


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TO LJS - Thank you for your sane comments on this insane media circus.  Debbie Rowe is very happy living a modest life with her dogs and horses.  I agree with you - she probably wants to keep her children away from Crazy Joe Jackson.  Perhaps she wants limited visitation.  She loved Michal as a dear friend, and gave him his dream of beautiful children. She is overweight, as are 50% of Americans. I also work with horses, and it's hard, physical work. Keeps me thin and fit, but I ride daily. I believe Debbie is a horse breeder. Let's let the two woman who loved Michal work this out.

1925 days ago

Jesus juice    

To # ignorant pig!! SO it is a GREAT thing that a DRUG ADDICT/JUNKIE...raised those kids???? And you are RIGHT...they are now Michael Jackson's kids...because they will be as f**ked up as he is as long as they stay in that FAMILY. Hey, I'm seeing a great relationship brewing between gramma in a wheelchair...and those will be a better excuse for her when good ol "Cabin Joe" abuses the hell out of those kids!!!! (She can ---once again, turn her head to it) Maybe those kids can have their own "Psychic networks" like LaToya.

1925 days ago


I am with notmichaeljacksonfan, it is time to move on from worrying about what will happen because the whole situation is a mess and there are no good choices. I have held out for Debbie but I am exhausted by the whole drama of what she will or won't do.

1925 days ago

to little    

There needs to be civil rights for children. They have the right to know at anytime in their life who their biological parents are. These children didn't ask for all this they had no choices in this scheme. Even if you were legally adopted it should be your legal rights to know who your biological parents are wthout question or delay.

I couldn't imagine growing up knowing who my mom was and who my dad was. Poor kids.

1925 days ago


It's good that they will be with their Jackson cousins, no matter how nutty the family is . It's all they know. I don't think Debbie Rowe is a monster. Maybe she just wanted some agreement that Joe wouldn't get his mitts on 'em. I sure hope he is kept FAR away - but I don't think anybody can control him as long as he's alive. Hey......

1925 days ago

Tracey Baker    

Debbie doesnt want the kids she was just a womb, if she took the kids she would have to deal with the paps following her,she will just take her money ,some people aren't maternal and she one, greedy yes, it will come back on her ,but it is better that Katherine gets the kids cuz they won't be split up. Janet Jackson would have been the best choice

1925 days ago

Michelle C.    

OMG I have heard it all, LJS thinks that she cares for these kids? Wow, I am a mother and no amount of money in the world would make me give him up! She does not care about them and all she is concerned about is she still get the money her and Jackson settled on. Thats what his dirty wh*re cares about. She is a money hungry bi**ch and should be sterilized!

1925 days ago


Don't hold out too long for Debbie... She does not want the children. She never did from the beginning. She got paid. She is probably not even biologically connected to them.

I think the media will milk this whole sordid affair for all it's worth.

1925 days ago


Just got back from grocery store---OK trash mag has pic on front of MJ dead! No matter your feelings towards the man, he was a father and shame on those who took/sold that pic and those who bought/published it. May tjeir children never be in a place where they are walking to the checkout of a store and see daddy dead on the cover of a rag!!! Kudos to TMZ for NOT posting that pic! ET online also showed this pic---disgisting!

1925 days ago


Michael said in an interview that he gave HIS sperm to be used! I believe those are his children they look like him! and even IF for whatever reason they are not his whocares Michael raised them,took care of them since the day they were born! Those 3beautiful children should stay with the Jackson family!

1925 days ago


13. #4 No he isn't the father. He is just butt ugly and couldn't possibly have fathered these kids.

Posted at 6:16PM on Jul 17th 2009 by Judd

Hello? Have you seen those kids? The girl has his dumbo ears and the boy has his Mansonesque eyes!

1925 days ago


I agree that Janet would be the best - she doesn't need to exploit them - she's got her own money. If she's gonna be a Mom she needs to keep her shirt on from now on, though!

1925 days ago

Jesus juice    

To #58 and LJS....I have no sympathy for Debbie Rowe if she does not fight for her children. Objectively---since I have NOT been intrigued with MJ, I think that anyone who has any common sense, would NOT have given MJ children as "gifts for a monetary donation" . I can give her the benefit of the doubt and say...."Well maybe she didn't know he was a drug addict". WELL...SHE KNOWS NOW. And, if she was close to MJ, then she would have known abut his background/upbringing.......IF I was her, I would be fighting tooth and nail to get my kids or no money. KNOWING now....that those children have been raised in a VERY unstable environment.....ALL these people are freaks!!! Let the chips lie where they will....those kids are already scarred for life.

1925 days ago


66. Michael said in an interview that he gave HIS sperm to be used! I believe those are his children they look like him! and even IF for whatever reason they are not his whocares Michael raised them,took care of them since the day they were born! Those 3beautiful children should stay with the Jackson family!

None of the 3 children look like MJ. I cannot believe he is the biological father.

1925 days ago


Debbie Rowe is ugly as homemade sin, what an evil devious ugly woman she is, she is world known for selling her children over and over again to their dad MJ and now Katherine how would this kids feel about this woman that has sold them and and cashed in and don't give a flying f@ck about them. And they don't even know her. But she says she had the children to make Micheal happy what a pathetic con-artist.

1925 days ago
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