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OctoMom's Kid Rushed to Hospital

7/17/2009 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. County Fire officials tell TMZ one of OctoMom Nadya Sulemen's children was just rushed to the hospital.

We're told a two-year-old male was vomiting after ingesting an unknown substance.

He was transported to St. Jude Medical Center.

Story developing...


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They were in it for the money    

This broad needs to have those kids taken immediately out of her reach. she only had them to make money and a name for herself. She is fantasyland come to life. she doesn't care about those kids, she cares for her selfish self. someone said munchasen by proxy-so right you are! Wonder when Gloria Alred is going to step up with Paul Petersen and Do Something? All yak and no shack. We refer to octobank as Nanook of the North, she invades eveything in our town, throws fits at the new local Target sotre, She is a low life rat and those nannies she has are not naniies at all...just her firends who are also living off the taxpayers dime. She's a Gypsy and a Thieve. I also wouldn't believe anyhting her mother says, this was all planned years ago...

1901 days ago


awwwwww how sad I hope he feels better soon :(

1901 days ago


this so called lady is a loser. i live near her and she is a loser who does not want to work and earn her money off her children.
she is taking money for having children. she is ugly and lumpy. get a job loser and give those children to someone who will love them and not the money you steal off of having them! she thinks she is a celebrity. i don't think so!
one day we will see she will reap what she has sown. her kids are going to pay her back.

1901 days ago


This must be that 2 yr old male kid who was chasing his grandmother around with a knife a few months ago.

1901 days ago


this lady is a dingbat!!! where was mom?in the hot tub?or making a porn movie ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shes gross!hope the kid is ok tho

1901 days ago


I hope the little boy is ok.....Just remember don't be so judge mental that can happen to any ones kids regardless whether you have one, two or more kids...the second you turn around it happens..she is only human with a lot more on her hands.... Her decision was maybe not the best option but reality is all those lil angels are here and she is trying her best to take care of them....

1901 days ago


For all the "it happens" people how many times has an ambulance shown up to rush your kid to a hospital? I am sure all "good" parents might have a chance to utilize poison control. (newb parent panics over 2yo eating a tiny amount of suntan lotion once- poison control must LOL at the newb parents). Maybe a call to the peds or another mom to do a reality check on symptoms when a child is ill? We, as parents, do not have all the answers so we reach out to those that do and they advise.

Any chemicals that could elicit a child hitching a ride via ems to the hospital are not of the the suntan lotion and toothpaste variety. They do this for chemicals that should be locked up and symptoms that are questionable (pupils, vomiting, lethargy). I hope that kid is ok and the company that supplies the "nannies" has some retraining on how to childproof a home.

1901 days ago



1901 days ago


this is the result of her not being able to watch all those kids!

1901 days ago

sure man    

i bet sarah palin had her hand in this.

1901 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

Octopus-OctoMom goes to St. Jude Hospital in Fullerton. Octopus-OctoMom goes to The Melting Pot restaurant in Brea. Who knew that Nadia could make humble, formerly boring northern Orange County a travel destination like coastal Orange County?

Scenes from the next exciting Octopus-OctoMom episode: Nadia goes to Trader Joe's off Imperial Highway in Brea!

1901 days ago


it was only a matter of time. soon we will hear about a death in that nuthouse. she shouldn't be allowed to have those kids. the state will finally step in, when its already too late.

1901 days ago


omg james u r so funny. but to boost their tv show they might just ake them go out for publicity. i can see it now nadya john+16 and her other kids.

1901 days ago


No doubt it was the child with autism. I have a child with autism and you don't need 15 kids for them to get into something they shouldn't and do it in the time it takes you to turn your back for a minute. Leave that woman alone!

1901 days ago


Personally, I think Octo Mom is doing a great job caring for these kids. These things happen!

1901 days ago
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