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TMZ's Pierced People Contest -- Finalists!

7/18/2009 1:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From noses to navels to places that shouldn't get pierced -- the punctured pictures poured in for the Pierced People Contest. After the heebie jeebies wore off, we chose the best for your viewing pleasure.

TMZ's Pierced People Contest
** Be sure to check back on Monday to help us decide which spiked still will take the $250 prize to the bank!**


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I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Seriously demented individuals.

1922 days ago


I think these people have some type of psychological problem. Maybe it is an inferiority complex and they feel a great need to be seen. I dunno....all I know is what will they look like at age 60 plus?? Wonder what their parents think? Do these people have children? Imagine walking your child to school looking like that!! OMG!! Think about trying to get a good job.....wonder what the employer would think when some of these freaks showed up for an interview? Whew!

1922 days ago


Pretty amazing what people do for attention...

1922 days ago


Obviously TMZ must of been bored and had nothing to do, also needed a good laugh..
The freak show is in town!

1922 days ago


Tatto and piercings shouldn't be allowed until you're 65. By then, you're pretty sure how you feel about things.
To have permantent reminders of the ideaology of my teens and twenties would be HORRIBLE! So far in my life, I've gone from Republican to Democrat to Independent , to 700 Club Christianity to atheist, from hippie to conservative back to hippie, and everything in between.
Put a bumper sitcker on your car if you want to advertise your rebellion.

1922 days ago


What? Just "hangin out"!

1922 days ago


I'm not voting for anyone this is devilish.... These people are sick and need to be admitted to a psycho institute.

1922 days ago


tmz why would you even pay someone $250 for something this pathetic. Why don't you just donate that money to people that are dying of hunger in a poor country.

TOTALLY worthless and pathetic is all I have to say...

1922 days ago


demented individuals.............. and TMZ you people are as demented as they are to be posting it and offering money for it..

1922 days ago


this isn't something to enjoy watching... These people are known to be cutters. I have a friend that is a cutter and she enjoys marking her body with Piercings. I will not vote either. You're only encouraging them to do more. A normal person with a normal mind would know this isn't normal...

1922 days ago


I'm just wondering what would possess a person to do this ? If this is a form of self-expression then what exactly are these people trying to say about themselves? I agree with everyone that said sick, euuwww, gross, etc. But who am I to judge? I'd like to see these people when they are 50, 60, 70 years old with holes in their faces.

1922 days ago

BJ Rocks    

this is ridiculously stupid! bunch of circus freaks!

1922 days ago


I tried to pick a winner but they are all LOSERS!!!

1922 days ago


Now I know what the average TMZ viewer looks like. Geeeeez!

1922 days ago


That's disgusting! TMZ, you guys have crossed the line.

1922 days ago
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