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Harvard Prof -- 'Yo Mama' Goes Hollywood

7/27/2009 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. got ready for his sit down with President Obama and the Massachusetts cop who arrested him ... by hitting H-Wood last night, dining at Beso, Eva Longoria's restaurant.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr: Click to watch


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My question is "Why does a HARVARD Professor use degrading language?" He should have more of a command of the English language.

1916 days ago


#57 lol,ole "AXE ME AL " hahahehewell,time for some malt liquor!!!

1916 days ago


rut ro #56

1916 days ago


Did I hear correctly that the Duke Lacrosse team was invited to the White House for their apology, too? I didn't think so. No wonder the "Reverend Doctor" Al Sharpton has been closed mouthed.

1916 days ago

just wondering    

The biggest racist in this whole mess is Obama who stepped in it by saying a white cop acted "stupidly" without knowing or caring about the facts. I sincerely hope the white cop tells him to take his beer and insert it where the sun don't shine! Obama sat in a racist church for 20 years and never understood that the sermons were racist, he claims. He's an incredibly stupid, arrogant man who embarasses our country on a daily basis. When will Obama's teleprompter tell him to say "I'm sorry"? or better yet, "Good-bye, I'm outa here!" In 3 years, I hope the voters remember what an incompetent, racist imbecile he really is!!

1916 days ago


Gates attended Yale on their Affirmative Action program, need I say more....... I didn't think so. Talk amongst yourselves.

1916 days ago


Hey Tameko, you better believe they got what they deserved: $5 million each from the university, $7 million each from the city of Durham...that sure spells guilt for the lacrosse players. Prosecutor in the case: disbarred. Douchebag.

1916 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

If we could rewind the past there would have been no slavery. The ships would have been empty and the millions of people from Africa that are in the USA would not be here either.
See, we all benefited from slavery and so did their ancestors.

1916 days ago


SO DESPERATE FOR HIS 15 MINS! Pathetic our President would even spend ANY time with him on our taxpayer dime. Next time a cop asks me for id Im going to pull some racial or sexist crap and see how many talk shows I can get out of it! Unbelievable!

1916 days ago


Although racial profiling is a problem in this country, this is NOT a case of it.

This professor seems to believe that his educational status/profession puts him above the law. Unfortunately for him we all now know what a complete idiot he is - regardless of his education and/or profession. Not to mention the fact that he is a RACIST.

And this guy is teaching our young people?? What a horrible example. Hopefully he will announce that he has 'decided' going to 'retire'.

As much as I respect and admire President Obama, he really messed up on this one.

1916 days ago


Tameko- i think most people would agree its typically the other way around. ALOT of black men marry white women but not alot of white men marry black women.

1916 days ago

you must stupid    

Why are all of Obama's friends fellow racists like he is? This is the most embarrassing, disappointing, dangerous President this nation has never known. God help us all.

1916 days ago



1916 days ago

you must stupid    

Wow, a homie screaming racism YET AGAIN.....who da thunk!?!?!?

1916 days ago


Shows how Harvard is a meaningless institution if they employ ignorant loons like this guy. What a shrill hysteric.

Now taxpayer time and resources will be squandered as Obama removes the foot from his mouth with a "stupid" beer party.

1916 days ago
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