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Octomom Kids: Thanks Gloria!

7/27/2009 8:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Kids: Thanks Gloria!Octomom Nadya Suleman can rest easily, because her kids are assured of getting hard-earned cash ... thanks in part to Octo-nemesis Gloria Allred.

A judge just granted a petition filed by former child actor Paul Peterson (with the help of Allred), appointing a guardian to protect the 14 piggy banks belonging to Octomom's kids -- in particular, money the little ones are slated to make filming their upcoming reality show.

Filming begins September 1.


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I LIKE Gloria!

1892 days ago

be smarter then the other guy...    

To #32 it takes a real dumba$$ to call a helpless child a name,ur no better than allred or octomom...

1892 days ago

Lippy Loo    

I can't believe they would have a reality show for this stupid, fat lipped, fugly, liar. How in the world can anyone watch that hideous face and listen to that stupid fake baby voice. I am saying my prayers that NOBODY will watch this piece of crap.

1892 days ago

Wanda W.    

Geez, that Al;red woman sure has a grudge against the Octo Mom ! She seems hell bent on tracking her every move. They must have had a terrible time of it . Almost like CARLA WEVANG had at did .

1892 days ago


I will not watch this show. This is plain old crap tv, and borderline child abuse.

1892 days ago


How unbelievably stupid some of these comments against Gloria Allred are! She's a lawyer for cripes sake. The petition was brought by Paul Petersen of A Minor Consideration.

Thankfully, the judge saw the exploitation that has been going on with these kids, and has taken steps to try and mitigate it. To those who say it's her decision- what about the kids? Who is standing up for them? Do they have the right to say whether or not they want their privacy sold out just so mama can buy more fugly tattoos?

1892 days ago


How much is she getting paid?

1892 days ago


Gloria needs to mind her own dam business. Who the hell do her and peterson think they are filing a petition on somebody elses kids. they are not related to either gloria or peterson so but out.

1892 days ago


The public needs to step up and take a not watch this piece of crap

1892 days ago


When will the kids be able to spend it? 18? 21? It would be a great college fund.

1892 days ago


that is NOT paul peterson standing next to allred in the picture !!!

tmz will you get your act together & research...proofread...before you post & print !!! get your FACTS right !!!

1892 days ago


Who cares?!

1892 days ago


It's not just karma, it's JUSTICE. Good job to Paul Peterson and his legal team. You did more for those kids today than their narcissistic mother would ever do for them.

1892 days ago

tuna marie    

when is suleman going to pay back the taxpayers? she is still on food stamps and the state of california is paying for the nannies for her children. she should be prosecuted for fraud.

1892 days ago


There is one thing that the Octo mom is lacking to finalize her transition into Angelina, she needs a man. She looks just like Angelina , and they both have the same amount of kids . Gloria always has her nose where its not suppose- to be, butt out ya bitter ole hag. Gloria obviously doesn't have a life, cause she is in everyone else's.

1892 days ago
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