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Cops Call BS on Gibson 'Victim'

7/30/2009 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell us the man who filed a battery claim against Mel Gibson is making the story up and no criminal charges will be pursued.

We're told after interviewing the man -- who claims Gibson tore his shirt after he attempted to take a picture of the star at Playhouse in Hollywood -- cops believe it was impossible for Gibson to have even made contact with him. They tell us Gibson was wedged in a booth with his pregnant girlfriend and couldn't have grabbed the guy's shirt.

We're told the "victim" was asked to walk away at least 3 times before the alleged incident. Security told him no photography was allowed in the club, but he persisted.

Cops say witnesses tell the same story -- the guy is making up allegations of battery. No one saw his shirt ripped when he left the club.

Cops say it's a civil matter at best, and they don't expect to even interview Gibson.

UPDATE: A rep for the Playhouse acknowledges "a minor incidence occurred between a persistent photographer and Mr. Gibson's party" and that "no one was injured."


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you must stupid    

You mean gossip spreading pappers lie to fuel their own personal agendas?!?!!?!?!? Who da thunk!?!?!??!!?

1881 days ago


If he's looking to get reparations for his shirt, i'm sure Mel Gibson had a $10 bill on him to cover the damages.

1881 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

I wonder if that guy was jewish...

1881 days ago



1881 days ago


A list of people who deserve to have their @$$ kicked

Peirs Morgan
David Hasslehoff
The guy who cut me off in traffic in Portsmouth
TMZ staff
Harvey Levin
Peirs Morgan again
Bill O'Reilly
Geraldo Rivera
Perez Hilton

I knew it was BS, some "victim" LOL

Mel is so cool.

1881 days ago


Who the guy steal the tshirt from Simon Cowell?

Maybe Simon will give him another one.

1881 days ago


why is she drinking......isn't she pregnant?

1881 days ago


Hmmm the things people do

1881 days ago


Who's the moron who asked why she's drinking...isn't she pregnant? Are ya stupid or something? How can you tell what she's drinking by a photo? I bet you see dead people, too.

1881 days ago


I think the real story is some paprazzi a hole stole Simon Cowell's
tshirt. Simon should call the cops!

1881 days ago


So will the pap be charged with filing a false police report?

1881 days ago


Doesnt surprise me, most all cops are liars and crooked.

1881 days ago


Damn, that was totally assault! Look at how messed up that dudes face is! Mel must have taken a blow torch to that dude judging by the looks of him. Hey Mel, why don't you go talk to your imaginary sky friend about your rage issues?

1881 days ago


Excerpt from Vanity Fair Magazine

Take General Maximo Overkill, for instance. That's his soldier of fortune's nom de guerre. His real name is Gordon Novel, and he moves in those spooky circles which he calls "high strange," where conspiracies flourish and cloak-and-dagger investigations overlap. He cut his teeth working for former New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison on the J.F.K. assassination, and he boasts that he served as former attorney general Ramsey Clark's "Doberman" at Waco. Several weeks before the trial began, I was put in touch with him through Steven Saltzman—the son of a James Bond–film producer—in Monaco, who told me that Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine had been seeking Novel's advice on how to stop the trial. According to Novel, the Jacksons believed that it was all a grand conspiracy, that the accuser's mother was being paid by Jackson's enemies, who wanted to take control of his major economic asset, the Sony/ATV Music catalogue, which holds publishing rights to 251 Beatles songs and works by scores of other pop artists. Jackson claimed that the main conspirators were Sony Records; its former president, Tommy Mottola; and Santa Barbara County district attorney Tom Sneddon, the prosecutor, who also investigated Jackson in 1993. The catalogue is held jointly by Jackson and Sony, and Jackson's share is mortgaged for more than $200 million. If Jackson defaults, Sony has first chance to buy his half as early as this coming December. (A Sony spokesperson said, "We are not going to comment on any aspect of this.")
Jackson explained to Novel that the conspirators had introduced him to Al Malnik, a wealthy Miami attorney who had once represented Meyer Lansky. Malnik later helped Jackson refinance his loans. That was not what Jackson told Novel, however. According to Novel, Jackson said he was lured to Malnik's house in Miami Beach by film director Brett Ratner to see a house so beautiful it would make him catatonic. He said that once he was there, however, Malnik, who Jackson claimed had Mafia ties, wanted to put his fingers in the singer's business. Jackson also said he received a call from Tommy Mottola while he was there, which aroused his suspicion, but he did not tell Novel that he later put Malnik on the board of the Sony/ATV Music partnership. (Reached by telephone, Malnik scoffed at the idea of a conspiracy or of his having any Mafia ties. He said, "It does not make any sense." Ratner confirmed that he took Jackson to Malnik's house and that he considers Malnik a father figure.)
Jackson and Mottola have been at odds for years. In New York in July 2002, Jackson staged a public protest against Mottola with the Reverend Al Sharpton, calling him a racist and "very, very devilish." He called for a boycott of Sony, which is believed to have contributed to Mottola's ouster from the company six months later. Jackson is reportedly so frightened of Mottola that one of the reasons he surrounded himself with Nation of Islam guards in 2003 was that he thought Mottola could put out a hit on him. (Mottola could not be reached for comment.)
Jackson wanted Novel to find the links among these characters. Novel told me in March that "he believes he'll get convicted. He believes the judge, the D.A., and the Sony guys are a conspiracy to take over his money."
On March 17, nearly a month into the trial, Novel went to Neverland to strategize. Maximo's first thought was that Michael was in need of "an extreme makeover" of what he calls "imaggio." Jackson drove him around the ranch in an old pickup truck. "He acted like he was scared silly," Novel told me. His fear was "six foot thick. He kept asking me what prison was like. Can he watch TV and movies there? He wanted me to stop the show." When I asked Novel what that meant, he related that Michael said, "'I want this trial stopped.' He said the judge and Sneddon had rigged the game."

1881 days ago

you must stupid    

10. Ummm, Mel Gibson, the "devout Catholic"...with his pregnant girlfriend. LOL

Posted at 10:43AM on Jul 30th 2009 by TJ

Yet you lack the balls to pass judgement on Muslims, ehh big guy? Gotta love those gutless, hypocritical liberals!!! LOL

1881 days ago
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