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Obama's Beer Summit Begins

7/30/2009 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In an attempt to calm racial tensions, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden threw back beers with Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and the man who arrested him -- Police Sergeant James Crowley -- near the Oval Office today.

Obama's Beer Summit

A national debate on racial profiling occurred after Crowley arrested Gates for disorderly conduct during a burglary investigation at the professor's home.

But here's the important part -- the respective beers each man drank:

-- Bud Light
Biden -- Bucklers
Gates -- Sam Adams Light
Crowley -- Blue Moon


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I cannot stop laughing.....

1880 days ago


Gates should be ashamed of himself. He is the racist.

1880 days ago


Hay homeboy I gots to have me some old English 800 and some colt45
Den I gutta get up and hang a foot in yo ass bring my all the way here hay obomma
Wher is that , "Quit snubbing about that that little bitch that called the police
Let me get some of that old English bro hay lets fight dude…
I got to finish this shortdog man hay obamma let me get one those kools, Right on""""""""

1880 days ago

Harvey Rocks    

I think the snoopy caller nearsighted neighbor should have been the waitress.

1880 days ago


just one beer? the light weight in the house?

1880 days ago


Biden. Obama, Gates cool as cats Crowely the only one slamming the beer I give him one hour his true colors will be coming out.

1880 days ago


Sorry, but I find this so sickening. It just seems ALL about the nutty professor. WTF.

1880 days ago


why does other websites show them happy and having a conversation, but this site shows tension.

1880 days ago


THIS is a GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!! My sentiments exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to vote the unqualified con artist the hell out of the White House!


8. This is the stupidest thing Ive ever heard of..WTF is a beer -summit??lol..If Obama thinks for a sec. that throwing a picnic table
up and inviting a white officer and a racist professor to drink beer with him so it can be on national tv to make him look like a problem solver,hes mistaken.He doesnt even drink beer,and neither does the nutty proffessor.I cant wait for election time so i can throw my 2 cents in the ballot to remove this parasitic,racist,excuse of a dictator(i mean president) out of office.

Posted at 7:15PM on Jul 30th 2009 by cmanla

1880 days ago


No Bush was the Con-Artist.

1880 days ago

I Have To Say . . .    

What the heck is Obama doing getting involved in this ? Talk about reverse discrimination - do you think anyone would be having a beer with the President if it had been a policeman of color and a caucasian blue collar ? Hey, wait, that happens every day....

1880 days ago


Interesting tactic by Obama, cannot say we have seen this one before.

and LOL at this post in the beginning, I scared the cat senseless screaming at it.
13. Cartman: "Race War!! Race War!! It's On! It's On!"Posted at 7:21PM on Jul 30th 2009 by cartman

1880 days ago

who the hell    

GATES = Yo mama so poor when I saw her kicking a can down the street, I asked her what she was doing, she said "Moving."
CROWLEY= you should have just been grateful that we were there incase it was an intruder.
OBAMA= don't be so stupid clowley.
BIDEN = pass the nuts whats the score?

1880 days ago


HAHAHA t.....his just in....The Govt is giving up the CASH FOR KLUNKERS program because it's "too successful" and COSTING TOO MUCH.......another one of Obama's fool plans foiled! He is the KLUNKER! and the sooner the drones who voted for him realize it, the better!

1880 days ago


Ning Ning...every time Obama makes an ass out of himself and accidentally proves how inept he is, does not mean you have to point out a damn thing about Bush....when Bush is the subject, go for it....but get over pointing to him every time Obama screws up....and you will have lots of practice because Obama isn't done screwing up yet

1880 days ago
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