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Stay Off the Roads ...

8/1/2009 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... and the sidewalks, just to be safe.


Britney Spears was spotted driving around in Los Angeles yesterday.

You've been warned.


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I wonder if she even owns a mirror? More likely she just doesn't care. But in this pic, if looks could out camera guy!

1872 days ago


and once again stephen king is on top with" driving miss crazy"

1871 days ago


I just cannot believe that people still pay to see her concerts and still buy her crap. It's unbelievable that she makes $700,000 a month even without concerts. Some people just don't appreciate or deserve what they have! I've always thought she was a lip-synching no-talent! BTW, the way she looks is probably a direct result of drugs, booze, smoking and too much tanning-all that tends to age a person big time!!!

1871 days ago

barbara miller    

AAHHH people, where's the LOVE? And forgiveness, and encouragement for her recovery so she can be there for her kids!!!! Shame on all you haters!!!! Britney has all my love, support, understanding, encouragement, and HOPE!!!! Britney, they're just unenlightened... In time they too shall see their own faults and human truth.... that we ALL make mistakes and we all are on the planet to learn, love, grow, change and finally ascend out of this schoolyard called life. Good luck brit and God bless

1871 days ago


Oh goody,Do you think she will flash her vagy again,Omg can you imagine what that looks like now.I wish i didnt bring trhat up. I hope no one just ate,Forgive me.

1871 days ago


This is getting terrible the way people are always judging this women, it is not in our place to keep talking about her just let her be she is trying very hard and is always under the spot light, I would like to see how many people can could handle the pressure that she is under what would you do? ARE u all prefect?

1871 days ago


stop intriguing her!!she can do whatever she wants thats her life you wont get suffer though!!so,let her be what she want to be!

1871 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Oh poo poo, too bad. She got herself into all these bad situations because of her megalomania, arrogance, greed, and stupidity! If her life sucks, that's her fault! And to all you loser fans who always blame someone else (the paps, Korn Fed, her parents, haters, ect.), you will never learn from your mistakes and are doomed to never progress and have a happy life. Everyone is responsible for their own life and if they wreck it, oh well! She wrecked hers, so not pity for this idiot!

1871 days ago

California Cowboy    

This is for all the crack babies that don't ever have anything good to say about anything on this wevsite..this picture is what you call just being HUMAN!!!! on a bad day!!!!

1871 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Awwwww, look at all the Britards getting seriously butthurt and taking everything personally because their cow god is looking like her usual pile of steaming, rancid garbage! Thanks for the laughs you d-bags provide!

1871 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

203. stop intriguing her!!she can do whatever she wants thats her life you wont get suffer though!!so,let her be what she want to be!

Posted at 5:20AM on Aug 3rd 2009 by jennylibardo

Behind your back people call you Jenny Retardo. Guaranteed.

1869 days ago


Would have been cool if Britney had freaked out and punched the accelerator. The white knuckles show she was thinking about it. How ironic it would have been that the guy shooting her picture couldn't get paid for the ultimate Britney-emo moment of all time, because he would be smeared on the pavement?

1866 days ago


Jenny Retardo. Classic.

1866 days ago
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