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Wolfgang Puck -- Hey Slick, You're Being Sued

8/1/2009 1:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wolfgang PuckDoes a restaurant need to put up a "Caution: Wet Floor" sign if the floor isn't actually wet?

A woman from Michigan is suing Wolfgang Puck over an incident she claims went down at his Beverly Hills restaurant Spago back in 2007. According to a lawsuit filed last month, the woman claims she slipped and fell on the floor -- not because the floor was wet, per se, but because of "an overly slick finish on its wood floor." This is the same kind of person who sues because the coffee is too hot.

Anyway, the woman claims she fell and suffered "disabling and serious personal injuries" as well as "shock and injuries to her nervous system."

She is seeking unspecified damages.


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Good lord, some people will do anything for a buck. Get a REAL job, woman.

1910 days ago


2007 and she sues now? That's some latent pain....

1910 days ago


Two things - First, LEMON, this is a forum to comment on the topic at hand. It is NOT your personal advertising site, which, quite frankly, just makes you sound desperate. Second, this gold-digging wench would have better luck getting a job at McDonalds than winning her case, but then again, it is the states, so she will probably win millions of dollars and be set for life. At least here in Canada, the judge would rag her out for wasting the courts time and tell her to go get a job, and probably make her pay all court costs just for wasting their time. Hmmmm, maybe she and Lemon should get together. He is, after all, looking for a mate. Dumb and dumber. lol

1910 days ago


OK, can I just make a point that some restaurants and bars do have extremely slick floors. Even while dry, some flooring is so overly waxed and buffed to make it gleam that for a woman in heels it can be like walking across ice.

1910 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

5. OK, can I just make a point that some restaurants and bars do have extremely slick floors. Even while dry, some flooring
is so overly waxed and buffed to make it gleam that for a woman in heels it can be like walking across ice.

Posted at 1:22PM on Aug 1st 2009 by jenn

I completely agree with you. Not once - not twice - but THREE TIMES - I slipped and nearly fell at 2 different Bone Fish restaurants .... because of exactly this kind of floor. And no - I'm not clumsy and didn't have on 6" stilettos. The owners may think the floors look good (as if people are really admiring the floor as they're walking through a restaurant to their table or the restroom??) - but they are TOO DANGEROUS.

1910 days ago


Love this place, we eat here 3-4 times a year and I have never noticed that the floors were too heavily waxed but then again I usually wear flats or 2-3 inch heals and I don't drink which may make a difference

1910 days ago


Maybe this greedy bitch should also sue the shoe manufacturer for not putting a warning label on her high-heels saying: Caution, in these shoes you may slip and fall!

1910 days ago


HAHAH...coming from a former employee at a wolfgang puck restaurant in san francisco, I have to laugh at this..Just recently the restaurant announced it would be closing due to poor business and the economy, blah blah blah...aaand then 2 days later the great puck released a statement saying how his san francisco restaurant was closing for some huge remodeling and would reopen in the coming years...and coming from an insider, the remodeling stuff is all bull...honkey a representative released to cover wolfgang pucks therefore, this article makes me smile:)

1910 days ago


She should be escorted directly to the nearest mental institution and left there without a penny.

1910 days ago


Last month a fried of mine took a bad fall `at his job after he saw a customer looking like she needed help getting some merchandise off a shelf, so when he got right in front of her in the aisle he slipped and landed on his back got bruised up...there was something slick on the floor in front of the customer like an oil or polish, and she did not warn him about there being something spilled on the floor she took off out of the store without even offering to get him help...when the store replayed the security tape they got the customer on tape spraying the floor with some oil from a can, turned out my friend was interrupting a slip in fall set up. What got my friend upset was, the store was questioning him like he was in on the scam because the customer took off like a bat out of hell. Lesson for retail workers to keep in mind, nobody is your friend when you work in retail, eveyone assumes you are trying to scam the company in one way or another.

1910 days ago


What exactly is a "personal" injury? Did it involve her "private" parts? Did she bruise her "hoo hoo" or rupture an implant?

1910 days ago

haven here    

The courts are so backlogged that it takes a long time for a case to be heard. She had to have filed in the time frame alloted for the case to be filed or it would have been disallowed. As far as the floor goes it depends what was used on the floor to make it slick and what was used to keep it that way. Either way she either has a cause aginst the resturant or the agency doing the flooring work, or both depending on the knowledge each had. Almost all wooden floors are slick especially when chemically cleaned. People who are hurt must have recourse, and people who are business to serve the public have to maintain levels of safety for the same people. The restaurant has to carry liablity insurance as does any outside agency the might hire for floor work. This woman has done nothing wrong.

1910 days ago


if sge can afford to eat at a beverly hills restaurant .. then she does not needf the money . most of us nowadays are lucky to get a happy meal .. but again you never know . she may really have been hurt .

1910 days ago


She's an idiot. Why would this even get to court? It's two years late to whine, and it sounds like complete nonsense to begin with. Send her to a penitentiary and have her do dishes for a month. Stupid bitch!

1910 days ago


The woman who spilled coffee on herself, got 2nd & 3rd degree burns all over her legs.

1910 days ago
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