Wolfgang Puck -- Hey Slick, You're Being Sued

8/1/2009 1:28 AM PDT

Wolfgang Puck -- Hey Slick, You're Being Sued

Does a restaurant need to put up a "Caution: Wet Floor" sign if the floor isn't actually wet?

A woman from Michigan is suing Wolfgang Puck over an incident she claims went down at his Beverly Hills restaurant Spago back in 2007. According to a lawsuit filed last month, the woman claims she slipped and fell on the floor -- not because the floor was wet, per se, but because of "an overly slick finish on its wood floor." This is the same kind of person who sues because the coffee is too hot.

Anyway, the woman claims she fell and suffered "disabling and serious personal injuries" as well as "shock and injuries to her nervous system."

She is seeking unspecified damages.