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Money, Custody on Line in Jackson Hearing

8/3/2009 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Hearing4:54 -- During the lunch break John Branca said Jackson's estate has reached a settlement with AEG -- re: merchandising and rehearsal footage.

-- Katherine Jackson just withdrew her petition asking that she be put in charge of the estate. This petition was filed before she knew a will existed. The issue now -- will she oppose the appointment of Branca and McClain.

4:40 -- The Jacksons have all filed back into court and the judge has taken the bench.

3:00 -- The judge just admitted Jackson's 2002 will into probate. The will names John Branca and John McClain as co-executors. We know Katherine has a beef with that. The question -- will she challenge the co-executors or possibly ask that she be named as a third executor. Court is in recess for an hour-and-a half. Stay tuned.

-- The judge has ruled that AEG has to provide a copy of their contract with Michael to Katherine Jackson.

2:32 -- The judge has taken the bench.

2:28 -- Family members have begun to file back into the courtroom. The judge has yet to come back.

Michael jackson Launch photos

1:03 -- The judge has called for a 30-minute break.

12:55 -- The judge decided on the lesser amount because of concerns about duplicate expenses for the monthly allowance approved for Katherine.

12:42 -- The judge has just granted 83.5% of what was requested for the children's allowance. Specific amounts were not discussed.

12:41 -- The lawyers are now discussing the allowance for Jackson's three kids.

12:40 -- Debbie Rowe will have visitation rights with her two kids and will continue getting spousal support based on the agreement she struck with Michael several years ago.

12:39 -- The judge granted Katherine a financial allowance for six months retro from the time Michael died. The amount of the allowance wasn't discussed in open court.

12:37 -- The judge just named Katherine permanent guardian of all three kids.

12:26 -- Debbie Rowe's lawyer, Eric George, just said he won't object to Katherine being appointed temporary guardian, but permanent guardianship could be delayed. It's curious given the supposed settlement between Debbie and Katherine.

12:24 -- The judge just said Klein has no legal standing to lodge an objection ... that Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe are the parents.

12:18 -- The judge wants to know what legal standing Klein has -- this could force the issue over whether he's the daddy.

12:17 -- Get this. Mark Vincent Kaplan (K-Fed's lawyer) just showed up on behalf of Dr. Arnold Klein. Kaplan says Klein has a long-standing commitment to Michael Jackson and has concerns about Joe Jackson being involved with the children. There are reports Klein is the father, but he hasn't confirmed or denied.

12:14 -- The judge is on the bench. He'll be dealing with the guardianship settlement between Katherine and Debbie Rowe first.

12:00 ET -- Rebbie Jackson, Michael's older sister, has just showed up. We're told, day to day, she'll be the one taking care of Michael's kids.

11:56 AM ET -- Katherine, Randy and La Toya were escorted upstairs to the courtroom. La Toya is wearing a black jacket, slacks, and a white blouse. Katherine is wearing a brown suit, looking calm ... and chewing gum.

11:46 AM ET -- Randy just showed up.

11:45 AM ET -- Katherine and the lawyers are inside the courtroom. Two of Michael's sisters and one brother are also expected. The hearing is expected to begin shortly.

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Your use of I and we mixed into your story is a bit creepy (or telling?). we can give benefit of doubt for all but the paramedic bit, have you ever worked with a paramedic? An EMT might be intimidated by an MD on
scene but not a paramedic, there is protocol with MD on scene to follow instructions but in NO way did they just stand there and not touch MJ. A cool body is not an indicator of death (not dead until they are warm and dead) and they worked 40 min on scene. They came into a situation where an MD was doing cpr and trying to bag claiming the patient did have a faint pulse and initially went into respiratory arrest. They asses, call into UCLA med who instructs them to follow
MD on scene and they do what they do in these calls and then got him packed and took off still working on him (photo shows, protocol stipulates). Nobody knows time of death yet or what status MJ was actually in. Each paramedic is different but many I know would draw the line at a body dead at assess and in full rigor no matter who is on scene. Otherwise it is game on. The engine number was shown in the photo from the tourists and these guys have a range that includes
quite a few hollyweird types and get some insane calls, it is their job to look past that and do their job and no MD is going to stop them from assessing and treating their pt.


A paramedic has no jurisdiction over a doctor on the scene. They are not doctors and cannot supercede the authority of one.

1906 days ago

chicken head    

and the man who wore false eyelashes and lipstick
ha!!! great man!!! what a PERV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wait!! you just wait until his slaves are no longer afraid of being hunted down by people like you!
and they start to talk about how he TOUCHED LITTLE BOYS BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and LOVED IT!!

memory of the King of Pop will live forever in our hearts and in our minds. Just like Jesus, Michael Jackson's legacy will NEVER die.

Posted at 1:24PM on Aug 3rd 2009 by AprilKnowsBest

1906 days ago


I wish people would stop going on and on about whether MJ is the bio dad of the kids. That guy has raised them since the day they were born and no matter what mistakes he made during his lifetime, I don't think anyone can deny he was a good, loving father.

That Klein dude showed up just to protect his own a$$.

1906 days ago

Catholic Girl    

Cin - those pics are amazing, Thank you!!

1906 days ago


MJ taught the children to be respectful, he would never allow tthe children to chew gum at anyone's funeral least of all his own. The no-class lowlife Jacksons have already started to ruin those kids.

1906 days ago


So after christmas no more allowance for KJ. Lets see if the rest of her kids will pony up any support for her. No I'm sorry the whole family will live off the 3 kids. Why do you think they wanted the kids? Kids = Money

1906 days ago


#94 Danger Baby ~ Thank you for that.. It is truly sad that Mj was so sad and lonely so much of his life. I cry thinking about him crying and I cry knowing that his 3 beautiful children are without him. Everyone has to remember that he gave more than anyone ever gave to him. What a F**ked up world we are to treat someone so wonderful with so little respect. Everything MJ did was scrutinized! Whatever plastic surgery he had was his own personal choice, he was never happy with his looks, which by all accounts he was beautiful from birth to death :(. Starting with Joe who called him names, how can yo blame him for always wanting to change???? Neverland was his childhood that he missed out on. Please tell me how many of you would get a kick out of having that exact kind of life right outside your front door. I am a 40 year old woman and I would still be excited to get up every morning and go play and be surrounded by the animals and beauty of the land. Yes we MJ fans do worship him, we do stick up for him and we do love and miss him every single day. We have that right...... God bless MJ & his children may they have the love and support that their precious daddy so wanted for them yet never got in his own lifetime.... I truly believe they are what saved him for the longest time and you cannot convince me that he would have ever wanted to leave them. DNA aside, he is their daddy, he wanted them and he loved them and raised them to be from what all of us can see very sweet and precious children.... Love you more MJ. And miss you ALWAYS!!!

1906 days ago


This is so sad.

I have no doubt that foul play is involved. I have watched multiple interviews and see a recurring divisive pattern among eyewitnesses.

Now AEG wants to be involved in Michael's estate? Why don't they release the details of his contract without the big confidentiality clause? What are they hiding? I believe Michael's estate is worth much more than being claimed and several key players have every intention of profiting from his planned death. The case becomes more bizarre with each turn and at this point, when the autopsy reports are revealed I won't even believe them. A couple of weeks ago I would have but with the dirt I am seeing I know that it will be botched just like LAPD's investigation.

I hope I pray that Katherine is named a co-executor. God bless those three children and I pray that Michael's soul can finally be at rest. My heart will always be filled with love for him as a person and his music. RIP Michael

1906 days ago

lawry, from France    

To DangerBaby: thanks for the transcription in # 92

1906 days ago

Fools Rush In    

Why am I not surprised that Klein had to insert himself into this hearing this morning?

If he wants to allege he is the biological father, than he needs to ask for a DNA test formally with the court and get on with filing to have his interests as a bio parent protected.
If he is not the father, which is by far and wide the most extreme likelihood, than he needs to quit trying to stir up trouble, gossip and rumors and not be sending lawyers in to the court needlessly.

Seriously, it's cruel to these children and the man seems to have such a huge ego that he likely doesn't even really have a clue that he isn't a savior and some cape wearing hero. I try not to judge people based on what the media presents but I have yet to see any rhyme or reason for anything this man does except to do for himself and what is in his best interests and to feed his ego. Gross

1906 days ago


and the man who wore false eyelashes and lipstick
ha!!! great man!!! what a PERV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wait!! you just wait until his slaves are no longer afraid of being hunted down by people like you!
and they start to talk about how he TOUCHED LITTLE BOYS BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and LOVED IT!!
Posted at 1:24PM on Aug 3rd 2009 by AprilKnowsBest

Its funny, I have talked to tons of people since Our Beloved MJ died, and there are tons more that remember him for his music and dance. I wonder why it is people like you seem to remember the charges. Is there something you need to tell the law.

1906 days ago


LMAO in the library! You are going to get me thrown out! LoL! Yess yesss yesss I thought the same thing about the sperm. I feel that Michael trusted these people....Klein and Rowe. I feel that he really did think HIS sperm was going to be used to impregnate Debbie but when the kids grew and got older it was like...WHAT!?!? Where is my DNA that is probley why he didn't use Debbie for the last kid!!! WOW! I said that samething to someone last week!

RIP Beautiful Angel!

1906 days ago


I agree with Junior. There is something fishy going on. I cannot believe how Michael could have given the executors of his will that much power to control his estate. The estate rightfully belongs to Michael's family. There really must be a murder conspiracy and I pray that justice will prevail.

1906 days ago


If Klien did donate his sperm and it was used to produce Prince and Paris I believe that he has a right to be concerned about the Children being near brutal Joe. He knows what really happen to Michael cause Michael told him. I have respect for anyone who tries to protect the children from brutal Joe who threw his kids up against the wall and kicked them in the testicles. I have no respect for Katherine for not leaving Joe and never protecting her children from his brutality. Now she will live on easy street because the son she called a Liar on National TV loved her. Shame on this woman who calls herself a Mother.

1906 days ago


Stop the bullcrap regarding the denigration of Debbie Rowe and/or the denial those older children are from her own DNA (eggs). The Jacksons may have gotten their way with permanent guardianship over the "cash cow" older children, but I can all but assure you those children will, ultimately, turn to their biological mother when they reach 18 years of age and can fight their own course in life, i.e. they will end up despising that family just like their adopted(?) father, Michael Jackson. Dr. Klein needs to come clean about his DNA contribution on behalf of Paris and Michael I as they need to know and should be raised as Jews and not as Jehovah's Witness. The youngest child is a deadringer for Miko Brando and likely one of the strongest reasons for him supporting that family right now.

Also, to the ridiculous conspiracy theories around various stars...people who buy into that type of conspiracy theory have the same mindset as those who believe Barack Obama isn't an American citizen simply because he lived abroad several years in his childhood.

1906 days ago
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