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Money, Custody on Line in Jackson Hearing

8/3/2009 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Hearing4:54 -- During the lunch break John Branca said Jackson's estate has reached a settlement with AEG -- re: merchandising and rehearsal footage.

-- Katherine Jackson just withdrew her petition asking that she be put in charge of the estate. This petition was filed before she knew a will existed. The issue now -- will she oppose the appointment of Branca and McClain.

4:40 -- The Jacksons have all filed back into court and the judge has taken the bench.

3:00 -- The judge just admitted Jackson's 2002 will into probate. The will names John Branca and John McClain as co-executors. We know Katherine has a beef with that. The question -- will she challenge the co-executors or possibly ask that she be named as a third executor. Court is in recess for an hour-and-a half. Stay tuned.

-- The judge has ruled that AEG has to provide a copy of their contract with Michael to Katherine Jackson.

2:32 -- The judge has taken the bench.

2:28 -- Family members have begun to file back into the courtroom. The judge has yet to come back.

Michael jackson Launch photos

1:03 -- The judge has called for a 30-minute break.

12:55 -- The judge decided on the lesser amount because of concerns about duplicate expenses for the monthly allowance approved for Katherine.

12:42 -- The judge has just granted 83.5% of what was requested for the children's allowance. Specific amounts were not discussed.

12:41 -- The lawyers are now discussing the allowance for Jackson's three kids.

12:40 -- Debbie Rowe will have visitation rights with her two kids and will continue getting spousal support based on the agreement she struck with Michael several years ago.

12:39 -- The judge granted Katherine a financial allowance for six months retro from the time Michael died. The amount of the allowance wasn't discussed in open court.

12:37 -- The judge just named Katherine permanent guardian of all three kids.

12:26 -- Debbie Rowe's lawyer, Eric George, just said he won't object to Katherine being appointed temporary guardian, but permanent guardianship could be delayed. It's curious given the supposed settlement between Debbie and Katherine.

12:24 -- The judge just said Klein has no legal standing to lodge an objection ... that Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe are the parents.

12:18 -- The judge wants to know what legal standing Klein has -- this could force the issue over whether he's the daddy.

12:17 -- Get this. Mark Vincent Kaplan (K-Fed's lawyer) just showed up on behalf of Dr. Arnold Klein. Kaplan says Klein has a long-standing commitment to Michael Jackson and has concerns about Joe Jackson being involved with the children. There are reports Klein is the father, but he hasn't confirmed or denied.

12:14 -- The judge is on the bench. He'll be dealing with the guardianship settlement between Katherine and Debbie Rowe first.

12:00 ET -- Rebbie Jackson, Michael's older sister, has just showed up. We're told, day to day, she'll be the one taking care of Michael's kids.

11:56 AM ET -- Katherine, Randy and La Toya were escorted upstairs to the courtroom. La Toya is wearing a black jacket, slacks, and a white blouse. Katherine is wearing a brown suit, looking calm ... and chewing gum.

11:46 AM ET -- Randy just showed up.

11:45 AM ET -- Katherine and the lawyers are inside the courtroom. Two of Michael's sisters and one brother are also expected. The hearing is expected to begin shortly.

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1307. Holmes

All I can say is OMG ! Well with the debtors coming after them I think that is a BAD IDEA.
Jermaine will be on LKL tomorrow for the spin....

I am in shock....dumb ...dumb ...dumb

Frankly I hope they lose their part and the judge appoints a guardian ad litum for the kids. WHOA gonna go research that.

Nite Della!

Holmes I might be back!

1871 days ago


1303. Holmes that was spot on


1303. BRANCAROCKS..YOU KNOW how I feel about Londell.. I've been watching him closely-- from his reasons alone why Katherine should be an executor?? he's going around in c ircles.. he really has no leg to stand on and he'll be a disruptive energy between branca & Maclain.. as londell/kath/joe want to rule that roost.. they want to run the show- not cooperate forthe common good.In this case: the estate.

it's really interesting the way people with a deeper ulterior motive/s cooperate.. one doesn't even have to take what they say. but t he things THEY DON'T SAY.. I find it amusing. when they think-- they are so clever & not obvious.. but in truth?? THEY SURELY ARE..

Posted at 9:29PM on Aug 5th 2009 by holmes

1871 days ago



1871 days ago




I think Londell is still angling for a trustee position. Victory until october!

1871 days ago


1310 WOW going to see if there is a rerun! The story unfolds....

1871 days ago


DO ANYBODY KNOW ANYTHING about debbie rowe childhood,her parents they must be so proud of her,do she have any siblings,ANYBODY,I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT HER LOVELY CHILDHOOD AND IN BETWEEN.YES 1312 IT WAS RIGHT AT THE END WHEN THEY COMMENTED ABOUT IT.PEOPLE MAGAZINE GONNA HAVE THEM ON COVER TOMORROW!1312 not sure how true it is but that's what was said.i looked everywhere to see if it was true,i guess no other network no about it yet!check it out tho!

1871 days ago


just thinkin' about it..

Rowe came from an a rmy background.. her father was in the AIR FORCE(not weralthy as some people propagate) and her dad retired lives in the BASQUE REGION estranged or divorced from her mother who lives inLA county. Debbie is also estranged from her mother. Debbie has a sister.. who helps her with the horses??.. not sure.

and brancarocks??/ as for your comment with entry 1309.. yeah.. and I'm right too a bout Klein & Rowe.. I may seem harsh. but when all is revealed?/ I will be proven kind and reticent even.. you'll see..

I've been like this for most of my life-- like I said. I'm perceptive & astute & acutely intuitive. I can 'see'..

1871 days ago


I'm saying it right now-- all this rowe biz is a total non-starter.. a non=event. spinning their wheels over nothing!

those kids will outright reject her.. lol.. you'll see..

1871 days ago


Holmes I don't disbelieve you. I'm just hoping for the best...really for the kids and even MJ's family.

But tell me how Klein has betrayed MJ in the past.

Also can you believe that KoreanNewspaper Moonie front wants money from a 20 yr old judgement. I think Joe et. al took 2 mil out of 5.5 mill. That's what McJoe gets for running his mouth about the estate being worth 2 Billion.
He needs to go.

1871 days ago


thank you holmes,i jus never really heard anything about her.THanks!nite.

1871 days ago


hmm.. got the Roling Stone issue with Mj on cover HOPE & RUIN.. the final days..

page 50.. for all to ead for themselves.. " to quote": Klein has insisted that he did not overmedicate Jsckson ,saying he only sedated the singer ONLY during painful mediacal procedure'..

really??? so why was debbie rowe doing housecalls injecting him daily around the clock with demerol??


this is why Klein is such dubious character. yeah,brancarocks.. he & rowe are both betraying Mj.. you betcha..

1871 days ago


branROCKS.. look at t he way they going around Mj's will & wishes.

After he died faster than a speeding trainwreck-- they filed in court to say Mj didn't leave a Will-- and to place Katherine as executor-- only for the reason Less people will object to it-- and it will look good knowing how MJ felt about his mother. Nothing more.
Tehn BrNCA produced THE WILL- they must have been dissapointed.. but they persisted with their agenda anyway.

now, here it is- the motive obvious-- THEY ARE TRYING TO DO THEIR DAMNDEST TO OVERTURN THAT WILL LIKE IT HAS NO BEARING.. listen to what Mac Joe dismiises it.. and insisting Katherine was Mj's confidant in his business ventures last few years.. after 2002.. BUT MJ WAS NOT WORKING!!! WAS HE??? HE WAS LIVING OVER HIS HEAD. so what's there for Mj to confer to Katherine?? he was on a self-imposed exile.. SO WHY DIDN'T MJ SHOW KATHERINE HIS AEG CONTRACTS THEN.. why are they asking for it?? rather defeats their pronouncements,doesn't it?!

1871 days ago

danger baby    

Holmes -- As of August 2008, MJ had not spoken to Janet in 3 years, rarely spoke to Kathryn or his other siblings, and never spoke to Joe. MJ was essentially estranged from his family according to biographer Randy Taraborrelli, who knew and wrote about MIchael for 40 years (he first met Michael in 1970 during the Jackson 5's Hollywood debut). So how could KJ have been involved in MJ's business affairs if they rarely spoke? It doesn't seem likely, but that won't stop Londell from trying. The bit about the estrangement was mentioned in a 'where is he now that he's turning 50' article that Taraborrelli wrote for the NY Daily News.

On an unrelated topic, the National Enquirer (don't laugh) has a detailed timeline of MJ's final hours but there are two versions based on differing accounts by Chernoff and others. In one version, MJ collapsed in the living room at 11:30, and was eventually carried upstairs to his bed by a security guard and Dr. Murray, and in another version Dr. Murray discovered MJ in an upstairs bed with a faint pulse. If the living room version is correct, that means the delay in calling 911 was closer to an hour. Whether it was an hour or a 30 minute delay -- both are unconscionable. As to the conflicting versions, as MJ would say, someone needs to "get it togetha'.

1870 days ago

danger baby    

Kathryn advised MJ? What a puff piece. My guess is Manning wrote the text, handed it to the publicist, then Yahoo published it verbatim. Joke.

1870 days ago

danger baby    

BrancaRocks said: I don't believe Londell was primary general counsel for Michael Jackson's business transactions and ventures during the 3 years of service. Mr. Jackson had other attorneys working with him regarding those matters. Londell handelled litigation and breach of contract suits...the only business negiation he was involved in was for the 25 th anniversary Thriller rerelease. Did Londell negotiate the contract with AEG no. Londell should recuse himself as Mrs. Jackson's counsel as there is a conflict of interest. His attempts to intimate he was the number one lawyer during that period is so disgraceful.


You really summed up Londell, with the all-important detail. He seems like such a fraud! Branca is now saying he is open/amenable to KJ or another family member becoming a trustee, but Londell and KJ want the whole enchilda. But for Londell to go on LK Live and act like a little pit bull...bragging that he can 'prove' KJ was MJ's real business advisor, not the 'just hired' Branca, what a jerk. Read the will Londell! If MJ had wanted his mother as executor, you would know it!

Btw, I just I saw a clip of KJ and Joe giving a "48 hours" interview around the time of (I think) of the 2005 trial or the investigation, and KJ pipes right up and says Joe did nothing wrong (physically) to her boys. Then she says, "You have to understand where we come from (I'm paraphrasing here). Gary Indiana is the murder capital of the nation." It was HOW she said it that sent chills down my spine. There was MORE than a hint of pride in that statistic. So what's a little (or a LOT) of belt (and a few ironing cord) whoopings by comparison? No way was MJ lying about what their father did to them. In one of the phone recordings MJ says he 'lost a rib' when Joe hit him. KJ is cut from the same cloth as Joe imho. Just because someone seems nice doesn't mean that they aren't mean as a snake. Anyway, when she said that, Joe looked over at her and smiled. He was visibly pleased that she had his back on national TV The fact is, it is NEVER okay to hit a child. If you are a parent out there reading this, i can assure you that even a slap will be remembered all the way into adulthood (and resented). There are other ways to discipline that don't involve hitting. What KJ and Joe did to their children was evil. It wasn't just hitting, it was flat out beating. I wonder if MJ ever saw his Mother for who she really was? Given the provisions in his will, my guess is he did not.

Listened to all of the Jesse Jackson/MJ interviews today. Thanks! Had no idea MJ loved and spent so much time in Africa. He saw so much of the world. What a life. I also looked up the MIles Davis tribute album to boxer Johnson (that MJ mentioned). I'll probably pick up some of that music. I listened to parts of it on iTunes. It was incredible. Miles Davis always is.

Anyway, enjoyed your last long post (I think it's a few pages back). I'd go back to look at it again to see what else I wanted to respond to, but if I do that, I will lose what I have written here. :0)). I'm just amazed at how much MJ stuff there is out there. The more I learn, the more I want to know He really is the gift that keeps on giving. Oh, one more thing. Like Holmes, I am suspicious of both Debs and Klein. Big time. When I step back and take a look see, it really does feel like they groomed and used MJ.

1870 days ago
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