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From 'Dawson's Creek' to Dawson's Eek!

8/4/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometime-actress Monica Keena has really changed since playing Abby Morgan on "Dawson's Creek."

Monica Keena
The 30-year-old definitely looks, er, different.


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Why does it look like she's growing a beard and has hair on her stomach? Looks like a gay guy trying to pass as a woman.

1914 days ago

who dat    

Put a bag over her head, no problem. Just never be seen with her in the light of day.

1914 days ago


I'd used her for a sex slave

1914 days ago



1914 days ago


I think she's had some work done and maybe a testosterone shot or two
is she going female to male...not a problem...I'm just sayin

1914 days ago

The Canadian    

Someone better get that gal to a rehab clinic and fast! She's starting to look like the 2nd picture of that email that was going around, you know, the pics of the increasingly uglier woman strung out on meth? The one where her first arrest, she looks like Brittney Spears, then uglier, and uglier, til she looks like death warmed over in the last pic all due to meth abuse. Yup, she's going down fast. (And probably these days, goes down fast for $$$$)

1914 days ago

Ryoichi Morita    

I like the slutty look. :-)

1914 days ago


Definite tummy tuck, and definite tweak-age going on here. LOL @ "Dawson's Tweak"

1914 days ago


Oh dear oh dear oh dear. No no no. Plastic surgery is rarely, if ever, a good idea. It's sooooo ageing. People always look older and worse.

1914 days ago


What plastic surgeon (plastic the operative word here) turned her into a 45-year old hag? eeeeewww those puffy duck lips, botox. I checked IMDB to be certain, she is only 30 years old. eeeewwwww

1914 days ago


Can you spell m-e-t-h ... women just don't get it -- yeah, it makes you skinny but it destroys the collegan and bone and depletes calcium absorption making the skin look like sh*% and eventually your teeth begin to rot as does your jaw bone from grinding the teeth you're about to lose -- in fact, in a nutshell, it rots you from the inside out -- have you ever SMELLED somebody on meth?? When it comes to vanity, women are so stupid

1914 days ago

Karen Ann    

She has much less make-up on, hair is mostly straight and looks more casual. I still think she looks good. That's how most of us look staying at home verses good out on the night.

1913 days ago

who dat    

Take a good look. That is what 6 years of being used up in hollywood looks like.

1913 days ago


Nike seems to have checked her as hot. Her mouth looks stretched out
but thats alright with me.

1913 days ago

Wanda W.    

Another not so shining example of bad plastic surgery results . Please women out there DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shes only thirty, but is well on her way to being another Phylis Diller, or a Dolly Parton. Why, for the love of heaven do we do this to ourselves, why do we risk looking worse than if we had left ourselves alone? ? For a fleeting chance/glance at turning back the clock, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ! Accept your aging , accept those lines , accept your perceived flaws, accept yourself being beautiful and unique, accept your YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!

1913 days ago
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