Paula Leaves 'A.I.' -- A Hoax?

8/6/2009 2:56 PM PDT

Paula Leaves 'A.I.' -- A Hoax?

Paula Abdul says she's done with "American Idol" and "A.I." officially says "right back at you." But we're hearing otherwise.

Well-placed sources at "Idol" tell us Paula may indeed reach an agreement with the show. It's all about money, and a last-minute agreement would create a good buzz for season 9.

Auditions will begin tomorrow -- without Paula.

"Idol" insiders say it's definitely not over, but a source very close to Paula says "If 'Idol' wants her back it's news to her."

In that case -- welcome to Hollywood, Paula.

Vanessa Hudgens Attacks Over Naked Pics

Vanessa Hudgens is on the warpath against websites that are publishing nude pics of her -- and she's leaving open the possibility of filing criminal charges -- sources tell TMZ.

The pics have been pitched to various sites, including TMZ -- we turned them down. Several websites have published the photos, taken by Vanessa herself in her home. Vanessa's lawyer says the pics were taken when she was underage. As such, publication could be a federal crime.

Sources tell us Vanessa uploaded the pics into her computer and she could be the victim of a hacker. Her lawyer says Vanessa had absolutely nothing to do with the dissemination of the photos.

The lawyer has sent cease and desist letters to various websites that have published the photos, asserting the publication is both a crime and a violation her right of privacy.

Beach Bums

See whose summer bod is ready for a tan and who needs to go back in the oven to finish cooking!

Who's Your Mommy?

Can you guess which celebrity leading ladies gave birth to these cute kids?!

Jude Law's Baby Mama -- Got Hooters?!

TMZ presents ... The Difference Between You and Jude Law

You -- wish you could take home a Hooters girl.
Jude Law -- did take home a Hooters girl!

Just last year, before the whole "carrying the child of a world-wide superstar" thing, a pre-Law Samantha Burke was slangin' chicken bones at a Pensacola Beach, Florida Hooters.

Hooters -- the official launching pad to your 15-minutes of fame.

XYZ -- Examine Your Zipper!!!

Call Farmer John -- these barn doors were left wide open!

Free Loaders

Everyone in Hollywood is looking for a free ride. Including these lazy babies!

Sittin' Pretty

These dashing dudes sit like dainty dames!

Heavy Petting Zoo

Hollywood is filled with big dumb animals -- and there are horses, too!

Celebrity Look-Alike Contest!!!

Fake Angelinas, a bogus Bruce Willis, and a poser Penelope Cruz -- the TMZ celebrity look-alike contest
brought in a ton of worthy submissions -- and some lame ones too -- but alas, the finalists have been chosen!

Which of these wannabes will score the $250 prize? Check back Monday to find out who wins -- and to find out the topic for next week's photo contest.

Michael Jackson -- Rare Family Photos

Over 20 never-before-seen pictures of Michael Jackson have emerged showing him as he lived his everyday life.

From birthday to costume parties, these pictures show a candid, unmasked, genuinely happy Michael as he interacts with his children, employees and friends.