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Billy's Wife Angry Over 'Speculative' Report

8/7/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy May's Billy Mays' widow is "extremely disappointed" with the Hillsborough County medical examiner's office -- accusing them of sending out a "speculative" report that's damaging her husband's image.

Moments ago, Deborah Mays released the following statement:

"We are extremely disappointed by the press release released by the Hillsborough County medical examiner's office. We believe it contains speculative conclusions that are frankly unnecessary and tend to obscure the conclusion that Billy suffered from chronic, untreated hypertension, which only demonstrates how important it is to regularly monitor one's health.

Given the hectic nature and pace of Billy's life, especially during the past 10 months of his exhaustive travel across the country, it was not surprising to hear that hypertension was the cause of his death. We were totally unaware of any non prescription drug usage and are actively considering an independent evaluation of the autopsy results."

"As those who were close to Billy knew, he had been in chronic pain for more than two years and was about to have his third hip surgery in 18 months. His use of prescription pain medication for his hip condition was guided by his physician and was at recommended usage levels. This has been a very difficult period for our family and we appreciate the respect for our privacy that Billy's many clients, fans and members of the media have extended. We appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers for the family and will not have any immediate comment beyond this statement."

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Cory (yes Feldman)    

52. Let's go slow... what was the quantity of any of the compounds listed? If anyone of us (non-user types) had a toxicology taken, you'd be surprised what it would reveal. Just because your toxicology comes back with 'baking soda' listed (from the Croissant you ate), does it mean you had cocaine instead? FYI, baking soda is the common cutting agent for cocaine.

Posted at 8:09PM on Aug 7th 2009 by BeeObjective

HA HA.. Try sniffing Baking Soda
It's cut with Baby Laxitive.

Baking Soda is use for making CRACK ,....dummy

1811 days ago

Bubba Northridge    

I've heard cocaine and hypertension today. If either is true, it shows how a wealthy person just ends up being the richest person in the cemetery. Both were preventable. Was he too cheap to go to the doctor, or did he rely on some sort of "Do It Yourself Doctor Checkup and Medication kit for $19.95" that may have been sold on late night TV?

1811 days ago


Dude had more stuff in him than a $5 hooker. Haven't we all done a little nose candy meng?

1811 days ago

ex lax    

Help! some dead dude keeps showing up on my tv trying to sell crap that dont work! an I think he acts like he high on cocaine! please call 911 an get a intrvention for that dude!

1811 days ago


I believe autopsies are public record. In some cases, items such as graphic photos can be sealed, but only with a court order in many states.

Yep, wifey is in big time denial. All celebrity toxicolgy reports will be released to the public. If the heat is too hot, the celebs need to exit the kitchen. Fame has a very high price.

1811 days ago


BILLY MAYS ON CRACK! YEAH WHATEVER! I think they got his report confused with Micheal Jackson'!

1811 days ago

billy buck    

Nutella, good post. So, you're saying a prescription drug addiction is more desirable than an illegal drug addiction? Jackson was a hardcore junkie. It sounds as if Mays was, too. Both choices lead to people finding themselves six feet under.

1811 days ago


Oh P leazzzzzzzzzze he was a doper Lady! Just like half of the other famous & rich people!! Now go take a dip in your gargantious pool!

1811 days ago


Secretly I was glad when I heard he died. I hated his loud commercials so much.

1811 days ago


"We believe it contains speculative conclusions"?? Sounds like someone's in denial.

She can "believe" whatever she wants, but the toxicology said that there was cocaine in his system. Nothing "speculative" about that. And if the pain pills were "guided by his physician", why didn't that physician treat his "chronic, untreated hypertension". Did they forget to take his blood pressure? This statement makes absolutely no sense.

She would have been much smarter to just keep her mouth shut.

1811 days ago


I understand wifey getting upset, but please....we all have skeletons in our closet. The man was NOT a saint! At age 50 some you'd expect a little more sense. I think that experimenting and doing with drugs, is more of a juvenile thing. How could you not know or notice something of that sort from the person you sleep with every night? jeez!

1811 days ago


man nobody cares about this loser burned out coke head

1811 days ago


11. What right does a medical examiner to release such personal information anyway....
Seems like they would have to have a release from the family. Even in the MJ death, it is way too personal...
It's not like others were hurt as in the instance of the mother who was driving (supposedly drunk) and killed all those people...


Autopsy results are public records, unless there is an ongoing criminal investigation. such as right now in the Michael Jackson case. Death certificates are also public records

1811 days ago


OOOOh Billy Mays............ another druggie!!! Hey wife, wake up and smell the cofffee........... your hubby was addicted to drugs which ultimately led to his death!!!

1811 days ago


Better solution. If you know you have hypertension, stay away from the coke so you don't have a heart attack


24. This is MORE of a Statement about how much in DENIAL this fricken country IS about:
a) the Prevalence of Hypertension and what a REAL Killer it is....
b) the Denial of how BAD the Medical Profession TRULY IS at dealing with People's REAL Pain.
If treated Appropriately, NO ONE would have top resort to anything that was NOT legal,
not appropriate or deadly.... but they do NOT, and there are Millions in REAL PAIN~
~ with Legitimate Medical problems... All of this sticks of Mad Medical Training and the
Lack of Dr's living UP to their Hypocratic OATH.... to "Do NO Harm"
If they Truly treated patients as if THEY were walking a mile in their shoes
They would treat patients ALOT Better and totally differently.... Period.
With that said, I KNOW there are Millions of Dr's out there doing a Great Job
and the Best they can, but other are NOT.

I have worked IN a Hospital for 17 years and I have run a Support Group for
Patients with Diseases that are in chronic pain.... and have also dealt with , along with them.,
incompetent, rude, dismissive, insulting Dr's that give the Profession a bad name...

Bottom line: Pay attention to your Blood Pressure
There needs to be MORE Legitimate Chronic Pain research done.....
~ and I don't mean just "Mind over Matter" BS....

1811 days ago
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