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Campbell's Booty -- M'm! M'm! Good

8/12/2009 11:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's 39-year-old temperamental supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi can beat everyone ... in the bikini department.


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Tamara Cannon    

Naomi looks amazing. She is almost 40 and has the body of a 20 year old.

1896 days ago


I CAN NOT believe that these blatantly , disgraceful and embarrassing racist thoughts are ALLOWED to be expressed.

As my grandmother would say: "Leave them to the MOST HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

1896 days ago


She's in good shape, just lose the attitude and you be alright, Go Naomi not to skinny nicely toned.

1896 days ago


# 18 I'm glad you like your flat ass. Go head on if you have a pancake ass an nothing wrong with that.

1896 days ago

JoJo Dancer    

If you like your pancake butt, fine. There are plenty of men who like the big booty to. What's your point?

1896 days ago


Actually, she looks like an over-sized, lumpy tranny mess. Not good.

1896 days ago


The reason everyone is being so racist, is because racism never died. It disguised, but it has never left. People tend to be more open about it on the net, because what? They are in diguise as well. We don't know who it is that's saying it, don't know their names, address nothing, so when they make the comments they long to make in every day life here, behind their shields, then go out in public and say, "Some of my best friends are black"....LOL What they say here, it's what's truly in their heart, but must disguise. As for "black ass being smelly" it's either your top lip Reyna or that black ass gased in your racist face. My beautiful black @ss STAYS so fresh and so clean. LOL, I take it you don't have an ass, your jealousy revealed that. Now kiss my black @ss.

1896 days ago


I love my tall stallion sisters, Much love John..

1896 days ago


Naomi looks good she is good shape she has money not to mention a white boyfriend it must be the white women on her hatin because I know quite a few white guys that love black woman but anyway Naomi Looks fabulous for her age I wish I was toned like her way to go Naomi your in great shape!

1896 days ago


I've seen 15 year olds that don't look this good, so I think she's doing really, really well for her age even if it isn't some kind of iconically "perfect" body.

So what is all the fuss unless everyone just wants to get their racist or catty digs in?

1896 days ago


I have to agree with sheesh, why is it that people are always calling white people crackers but as soon as a white person says anything about a black person racism becaomes a issue. Maybe someone should call Jesse Jackson, I am sure he will come support you as long as you are black!!! Racism isn't dead and african americams (dont want to offend anyone) are the biggest cause.

1896 days ago


If you don't like it, skip the pic. There is no reason for anyone to down the next person. Everyone has their idea of what's attractive so if you don't like it, don't comment, especially if your going to be disrespectful about it. To TMZ, I honestly think you guys need to monitor the comments on here.

1896 days ago

Smells Good, smells real good.    

I would eat a steak off of that ass. Then I would eat that ass and I would hope that it smelled because that would give it more flavor. And I would hope that she ate a steak the night before and DIDN"T wipe good because that would give it yet more flavor. AND WHAT???? JAMONE, JAMONE.

1896 days ago

Doctor, You are in BIG trouble    

If you believe in the bible, ALL persons born on this earth comes from two people and two people only, and that is Adam and Eve. Now tell me what color were they? There is NO such thing as raceS. There is only ONE race and that is the HUMAN RACE! Ask any scientist that question and they will tell you the same. People, please just grow up!!

1896 days ago


I wouldn't do her with YOUR meatstick!
...and I'd do Britney Spears (Id have to be drunk though... and dressed like a mail man)

So there.

1896 days ago
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