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Proud Mary

8/14/2009 1:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 51-year-old -- who now goes by Mary Slaney -- resurfaced at her home in Oregon, looking kinda like the real Erin Brockovich.

Mary Decker Slaney

Mary failed to medal at the 1988 Olympics and didn't qualify for the '92 Games.

In 1996, she qualified for the 5000 meters at the Atlanta Games, failed a controversial drug test and was eliminated during the Olympic trials. Mary never won an Olympic medal.


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Very pretty. Nice smile. Looks much better now that she's not an emaciated Olympic kid.

1860 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

She should show more skin.

1860 days ago


I was thinking Sheryl Crow.

1860 days ago


you think an in-shape Olympic athlete looks emaciated? wtf, when did fat and lumpy become the new "normal"

1860 days ago


Looked better as a brunette.

1859 days ago

Justin is Calling    

Decker failed a Testosterone ratio test, that has since disqualified exposed hundreds of cheaters, including Tour de France winner Floyd Landes. Quite simply, she was caught cheating at the beginning of the implementation of new series of tests, and exploited the public's lack of knowledge. Today's media would find her guilt unquestionable, much like that of the Human Growth Hormone use of UFC star Brock Lesnar.

1859 days ago


She looks like an ugly cheater. I just remember her crying like a little b@tch on the ground when she tripped and tried to blame it on another runner. WHAAAAAAAA massive FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1859 days ago


She could pass for 67 easily. Cardio is so overrated. Explosive cardio (sprints, basketball, wrestling, soccer etc) are one thing. They're okay. Steady state cardio (long distance running, cycling, swimming, elliptical machines, treadmills) will wear you out by flipping your metabolism upside down and causing your hormones to more or less shut down as your body goes into starvation mode and shuts off its hormones. Lift weights people. Steady state cardio makes you look sick.

1859 days ago


I don't like the blonde hair. People should not try to go against their natural coloring by turning their hair a completely different color. It hardly ever looks good.

1859 days ago


I can understand why she was so upset after the collision with Zola Budd.

1859 days ago


yikes that hair is hideous.

1859 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

I was really pulling for her in those Olympics, but the way she conducted herself after the fall turned me off big time. She was an embarrassment to herself and to her country. Did she have a reason to be upset - absolutely. Were there more appropriate ways for her to handle her disappointment without embarrassing her country - ABSOLUTELY. She whined and cried and bitched and moaned and complained to anyone who would listen. Look, I am not a runner, just a former high school track competitor, but even I have been in enough track meets to know that collisions happen; people fall - it happens at all levels. If she had been the competitor she thought she was, she 1. could have prevailed in the face of adversity and come back and made a strong showing in either those Olympics or subsequent games or 2. could have competed without the use of performance-enhancing (to be read "cheating") drugs.

The way she looks now pretty much reflects how I began to see her even in the 1980s, when she was complaining like an old lady. My apologies to old ladies everywhere.

1859 days ago


I think that she looks good, aside from the fact that she looks like she lives in Oregon.

1859 days ago


She looks quite aged for 51. Like others have said, blond just doesn't work for her. On the other hand, kudos to Mary for (obviously) not having gone under the knife to turn back the clock. Perhaps that can attributed to her living in Oregon as opposed to California.

1859 days ago


This b*tch doesn't deserve to medal. She should rot for destroying the dreams of a fellow Olympian who she was sure would pass the finish line before her at the turn. She should have stayed in hiding instead of 'resurfacing.'

1859 days ago
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