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Dr. Conrad Murray Has Patients

8/18/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray may be on the hotseat with the LAPD over Michael Jackson's death, but that's not going to cramp his style when it comes to proving to the world he's a beloved MD.

In addition to his "thank you" video, Dr. Murray posted contact info for 14 of his patients who would give testimonials. They wouldn't talk Propofol, but were more than eager to give props to the good doc.

Here are a few highlights:

Rev. Floyd Williams: "If Murray wasn't black, none of this would be happening. It's the media hype to show that black folks are still the minority"

Eliza Robertson: "If Katherine [Jackson] is that concerned she should have stopped all of the painkillers [Michael] was taking before. I would have tried to get him on a better road."

"[Dr. Murray] would leave Las Vegas and come take care of me in my home [in Houston], and pay me visits, and give me checkups. I don't believe that Murray would have given or prescribed MJ anything he didn't ask for."

Ben Mask: "When Dr. Murray moved his office into my neighborhood there wasn't a lot of money out here just a lot of old people living off checks. When he came out here he was behind on his bills and he needed the money. If I was in his shoes I would have taken the money too. It was an offer he couldn't refuse. It could be a set up ... You just never know, things are so crooked."

Robert "Bobby" Day: "He was the type of doctor that people would want to hug on their way out. He never rushed people and he was wonderful with following up. Everyone adored him."

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I am also black and I do think black people blame everything on that and think everything is racially motivated. Unfortunately it is a burden most white people have to bear. It is not fair but since black people do not feel they every realy know who is against them and who is not, they just say all whites are against them unless they prove otherwise.
I do think black people are upset because we DONT want it to be a black doctor. Unfortunately we are lacking for black doctors and to think or know that a black doctor may have taken MJ's life really cuts us in more ways than one. It is just like when Kanye West's mom died. We hated that it was a black doctor. I think black people want to defend and protect Dr. Murray so that we don't have to fully accept that he could be responsible for this.
That is the sad thing about the black community. Most of us are great people (just like in all other races) and we always believe whites might be against us and hurt us, but we don't realize that sometimes we are our own worst enemies.
Also, I have met lots of people lately (it is cause of the line of work I am in) that believe MJ was killed by the NWO. He always talked about them being out to get him and they think Dr. Murray was a part of that group. He is a free mason or something.
I do believe propofol was the straw that broke the camels back but MJ was an addict and he did suffer from lupus and was very malnurished and dehydrated, so there really could have been several things that contributed to his death.
Remember, he supposedly took propofol EVERYNIGHT to help him go to sleep and he lived this long. What was different about this night that killed him? From what I have heard, they said the oxygen and monitor that MJ usually had to track his heart beat and everything was not present this time. That seems odd to me. Why would Dr. Murray use that everynight (remember the chef said he would come every night and leave the next day with the tanks) except this night? Something is wrong with this whole situation but I think it is WAY more complicated than just Dr. Murray.

I forgot that he was from the islands. He talks "funny" Almost like if MJ and Lou Ferrigno had a child. HA HA!

1828 days ago


Isn't it odd that Murray disabled comments for his video? He thanks his friends and supporters, but knows that he would receive no support or positive comments on that website.

I do not believe this man.

1828 days ago


..and if Murray were white, people might play the race card too.

I think Murray was/is a little dumb about the whole thing..he was all caught up in MJ's stardom. He screwed up...I don't think the guy is evil at all. The evil one is Kline..I hope that they get that shifty eyed emmeffer.

1828 days ago


Gee Reverand, Mj is dead because he is black?

1828 days ago


And one more thing the patients that are coming forward. Give me a break I dont care if doctor Murray is your father if he violated his medical oath and killed someone he needs to answer for that. I want you to know that these pleas you are offering online and via video mean nothing. If you really want to help tell doctor Murray to explain what the hell he was doing while Michael was dying and why he had so much stuff removed from that storage locker hours before Michael's death.

Who did he call while Michael was dieing it certainly wasn't 911 or the police. This man may go to prison I think the best thing for him to do is to tell the truth about everything and everyone involved. I do not accept this crap online. This ploy that oh I have to let my friends know I am ok because I am afraid to use email service, good grief give me a break. If his attorney advised him to do this maybe he better find some better council.

Oh and dont forget the claim that this online junk makes him more human. All I can say is please don't try that approach in court most people can see right through it.

1828 days ago


sorry, i jumped ahead on my last comment. what i was trying to say about blacks being our own worst enemies sometimes. yes black hurt blacks and whites hurt whites and blacks hurt whites and vice versa, i just meant we as black people have to realize if someone is bad they are bad and it does not matter what color they are or who they are hurting. NO ONE should be hurt by anyone. Same thing with black athletes. Black people love to see our children grow up and become successful and do well and be accepted by main stream America and help to break down the stereo types associated with blacks. When a black person has gotten there and then goes back and does something as hideous as possible kill the King of PoP we just cannot accept it or handle it. It is just like women. I am one of those too. (a woman i mean). We have overcome so many obstacles and really worked hard to set a name for ourselves and to be accepted as equals and earn respect and if we find out a successful woman was a crack head or prostitute or something we feel really ashamed and embarrased and stuff. So I just wanted to come back and finish that point cause I don't think I did or made that clear before I jumped on to the NWO thing.

1828 days ago


It would be interisting to read all what said those patients of Good Dr Murray.

That's only few words that Dr Murray is using for himself !!!


1828 days ago


By the way, TMZ, that picture makes Murray look like a kissing guys work at it don't you :-)

1828 days ago


I've created a response for Dr. Murray. I hope you all like it. I will post it in five minutes.

1828 days ago


Rev. Floyd Williams must be like 80 years old!! WTF are you talking about!! Michael was BLACK TOO! Dumb ass!!! I am a black female and get tired of ol school ass mutha f*ckas coming out playing the damn race card! Move on away from that! This thing is being blown out the water not cause this dumb ass doctor is black but because he killed MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Jackson....Michael F*cking Jackson!! THE KING OF POP! The most beloved man on the planet! DAMN it isn't about the doctor it's about Mike!

So f*ck YOU and your race card good Rev!

1828 days ago


If Murray isn't black, he wouldn't have a license to practice!! It's called affirmative action.

1828 days ago


"33. Rev. Floyd Williams: If Murray wasn't black, none of this would be happening. It's the media hype to show that black folks are still the minority."

If the doctor had been white then it would be a case of a white person being negligent and purposely killing a black person and on, and on.

Why is everything about race?

What a sad state of affairs. A talented, yet troubled person dies at what seems to be the hand of another and this is the comment made? Whether the doctor was black, green, white or purple is of no consequence, the fact remains that the doctor was negligent, in one way or another. Personal responsibility for actions is not based on color.

1828 days ago


Word of advice to the patients...I suggest you fill out the paperwork for getting your medical files transferred to another provider...cuz you'll be needing ANOTHER health care provider soon..unless you all plan on getting your checkups when you go and visit the doc in big boy's jail..that glass partition between you and him might interfere with him doing an assessment on you.

1828 days ago


As a trained doctor and a human being with more than an ounce of intelligence, it breaks my heart to see the black community dumbed down by idiots like Rev. Floyd Williams. Playing the race card yet again, in a situation where it is so unnecessary and untrue, makes the black community look so silly. Any trained doctor knows Propofol needs to be used in a monitored setting ONLY. That means a hospital or medical setting with close monitoring. He definitely broke the medical code of ethics and good medical judgement because MJ paid him to. Now he is suffering the consequences. By no means did he intentionally kill MJ, but his flagrant lack of morals and medical ethics did.

1828 days ago


so this guy had a office in houston and las vegas.. i think we need to just get rid of texas, because nothing good ever come from that state.

1828 days ago
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