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Michael Jackson -- Burial Announced

8/18/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson The spokesman for the Jackson family says Michael Jackson will be laid to rest at Holly Terrace in the Great Mausoleum at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park on Saturday, August 29 at 10 AM. That would have been Michael's 51st birthday.

The ceremony will be limited to family and close friends.

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People continue to refer to Michael as the "FATHER" of the children. He is not the father of either of them, just the man that was raising them. They need to check the DNA of the children to Michael's and also the DNA of Paris and Prince Michael to the DNA of Debbie Rowe.
As for the 3rd child, they know he was adopted.

The court should order all information such as DNA, Hospital records, Adoption records, and fin out who the real natural parents are. Then maybe the children could be rescued from living a life of Jackson Fiasco!

1895 days ago

Phil Myballs    

Jacko is a poo poo face.

1895 days ago


Ok I scanned through most of the comments.

Jermaine is an opportunist, a dead beat dad, and a deciever. He had two women pregnant at the same time. And he didn't mind living off of Mj all these years. For those who are interested, please check out this link and read his ex wife's book. Margaret Maldonado Jackson: Jackson Family Values-Memories of Madness. I found the book and many other Jackson related books free online.

Margaret really exposes Jermaine and his family in this book and I believe every word. What would she gain from lying? She reveals alot of mess that went on behind the Jackson compound gates.

In case the link takes you to the homepage. scroll down to BOOKS and choose the book of your choice. Enjoy! and open your eyes...

1895 days ago


They should burried him a long time ago. Those children just had enough...that is going to be another stepping stone for the children's healing. So sad...

1895 days ago


Still so sad about MJ's death...maybe his burial will bring some closure. He shouldn't have died so I hope all those responsible will pay under the law. It's sad he didn't live to see what an impact he really made and hopefully he knew what an important part of our culture he was!!!

1895 days ago

I'm just sayin'    

Well, I guess we will be footing the bill for this too. Dig the hole and throw him in....get it over already. They are doing it this way to keep the publicity and interest up, so they can profit from all of the deals they have in the that is love.

1895 days ago


"His mother Katherine Jackson is a Jehovah Witness and do not celebrate birthdays."
I thought about this and see that Kate truly is not a strict Jehovah. When I was a teen one of my GF parents were Jehovah and they could never wear make up, cut their hair, had to wear long skirts to their ankles, not have associations with non Jehovah, not celebrate any holidays, etc. It seems like a miserable faith to be part of.

1895 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

At the beginning, Joe and Jermaine talked about Neverland being his final resting place, leading many to believe there was an ulterior motive for cashing in on his death. His mother never appeared to even consider that as an option.

Waiting for burial until the autopsy was completed was an understandable decision. Perhaps someone can explain why they are now waiting until his birthday for burial. Does Mrs. Jackson feel that this is the day she gave birth to this precious soul and to return him in ceremony to
his next life has some meaning?

As previously stated, it seems an odd "legacy" to leave behind for his children (forget the public). Having lost both parents, their birthdays have become a day of celebration. The day they died is a somber day of reflection. Was this decision what his children wanted?

I agree with another blogger who replied in response to "Family Friend" about honoring Michael's wishes in his will. As long as Team Branca is providing updates and communicating with the family about deals, it should be left to them to make his legacy happen. MJ's fans will most certainly watch and speak up when things are not proper.

The biggest concern is the way decisions "appear" to be made. Stories leaked to the press and then reaction from the media or fans are gauged, then decisions are revamped or stories denied. While smart on one hand, this roller coaster appears at times to be blowing (Ken) Sunshine. The key to strong leadership is to give in when needed, but to make a sound decision and stick to it. Also to know who the leader is.

Right now, there are too many players in the Jackson family speaking out with personal agendas. Quiet the troops Mrs. Jackson and emerge the leader. The rest will fall in line. Oh, and keep Joe quiet.

1895 days ago


This is very sad and I hope that the poor man can now, at last, rest in peace. Greatly loved and missed. Always.

1895 days ago


44. Jacko is a poo poo face.

Posted at 10:56AM on Aug 18th 2009 by Phil Myballs

Phil Myballs is a poo poo face

1895 days ago


I have been a Michael Jackson fan for quite some time and I never believed the media hype. The man was humiliated, slandered and stalked beyong human comprehension. He even wrote a song telling the world that he desperately needed his privacy. What could possibly be more private than death and eternal rest? As much as I would love to visit his grave, I believe his mother made the right decision. Many of us would visit respectfully but many would not. Just look at some of the shocking, insensitive and slanderous comments people still make about him. He suffered enough while he was living; he doesn't need to be disrespected and violated again in his final resting place. Let him sleep in peace.

1895 days ago


Sammy Davis Jr., Sam Cooke, Clarke Gable & Carole Lombard, Walt Disney, George Burns, amongst others are buried at Forest Lawn Glendale. I think with the Castle like arcitecture of the building, this seems appropriate. It is just creepy to be burying MJ on his birthday. Joe Jackson seems to have a very distorted way of looking at things. Why would anyone want to bury their child on their birthday?

1895 days ago


Germain-0, Joe-0, Michael-0, Debbie-0, Conrad Murray-0. Looks like a wild gang of losers all around.

1895 days ago


Well The Great Mausoleum is where they block off star seeking people from taking pictures of peoples graves...was looking online and saw this link to some of the famous people who are within the Great Mausoleum area of the FL-Glendale location below:

At least Forest Lawn will keep him safe within this location and he can FINALLY rest in peace where no one will get to him.

Hopefully there will be a museum created to store all the things that were a memory. RIP MJ

1895 days ago
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