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Left His Mark

8/21/2009 1:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 51-year-old resurfaced in England, looking paternal.

Mark Lester

Mark is godfather to all three of Michael Jackson's kids and claims he could be the biological father of Paris Katherine.

Lester says he donated sperm to Michael back in 1996.


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With friends like him.....Poor Michael!

1854 days ago


Please Sir can i have some more?

1854 days ago


Michael had the worst luck, he was really surrounded by the worst people.

But regardless of what you people think, those kids, all 3 of them; are Michael's.
So get over it.

1854 days ago


Why not do a piece on those actors who spend years hidden in costumes as pitchmen for places as McDonalds (Ronald), Burger King etc. Who are they? Are they well paid for being never seen & doing the ads for yrs.

Aren't sluts like Paris Hiton, Bianci, and the twit(Brittany) doing the 10 reasons of herself being president ever ashamed of how embarrassingthey are to their families and children who have to go to school with kids who have moral mothers. No wonder the kids go on drugs! Bianci plays so moral, then struts on stage in slimy outfits with disgusting movements fully knowing little girls will imitate her in this generations' twisted idea of "stars" like the stupid "beauty contests on reality tv showing girls that the only control and value placed on their lives is something they had no control over (their looks) and are losers without it. Their depraved parents forcing them and the junior tarts never develop a personality or couldend up like the little girl who was forced to dress like 21 y/os and was murdered for her efforts. Real sad what society values instead of more honorable characteristics like caring about the poor and disabled. my kids and grandkids idolized my mother not some drug ridden alcohoic slut spending thousands on their mutts dog houses and themselves while others starve and die'

1854 days ago

Just Facts    


Did Michael choose this man to father his child because he (Michael) was so fond of Oliver (as a child), and in love with the story of Oliver, its a fantastic movie...

However, I would of never dreamed that this beautiful little boy would grow up to be this homely man, who walked away from Oliver having learned "not much"...

1854 days ago

just sayin    

who care about this piece of trash that claims to be paris' dad, seems like he doesn't understand the role of a godfather , and lovehimmore is right even the wife said that his claims were false ridiculous and that he just wanted to bask in michael's fame

1854 days ago


"Lester says he donated sperm to Michael back in 1996."

I can't be the only one that finds that sentence creepy.

1854 days ago


Please sir, can I have more? Sorry pal your time has expired.
Find yourself a new "rich" friend and you too can say you father them.

1854 days ago


I know what happened to that 'donated sperm'
Michael had it for dessert! SLURP!!

1854 days ago


"sperm GLORIOUS sperm"!

1854 days ago


Why does he say that he donated sperm to Michael?I dont understand, was Michael sterile?
If it is true,poor Michael,I feel sad for him,he was so unhappy. He deserved to live longer to see his children grow.

1854 days ago


MJ only wanted sperm from white guys. He didn't want to end up with black kids. Besides, if he wanted black kids, he could have just kids are freely available for the one wants them.

1854 days ago

just sayin    

this mark dude is till trying to promote his daughter's singing career, someone needs to tell him that mj is dead and he's not coming back so all her hopes of becoming a singer are long gone,they need to find another rich friend to ride on their gravy boat, we don't need another talentless idiot trying to sell us crappy music

1854 days ago


Um...could someone take Anne's super gulp caffeine away from her?

Thank you.

Anyway....Wonder if this guy can still sing?

1854 days ago


gosh couldn't mj use his own sperm? yech what ever happened to just having sex or jacking off to get kids?

1848 days ago

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