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Who's to Blame in Jackson's Death?

8/25/2009 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've been telling you for weeks Propofol killed Michael Jackson and authorities had their sights set on Dr. Conrad Murray. The affidavit to the Houston search warrant makes it clear -- Dr. Murray fueled Jackson with multiple drugs before he stopped breathing and Propofol was the crowning blow.

So the questions -- did Dr. Murray come clean when he spoke with the LAPD or is it even worse than we thought? Why was he on the phone for 47 minutes after Jackson stopped breathing? Why did he wait so long to call 911? Why did he refuse to pronounce Jackson dead at UCLA? Why did Dr. Murray disappear for a day?

And the bigger question -- is Dr. Murray the patsy -- taking the heat for years of prescription abuse at the hands of various doctors?

What do you think?


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MJ was like a living contradiction---he was very sexual onstage but very asexual off...he was very much a mature genius with dance and music but very immature and chidlike away from the business...he wanted to eat pure and healthy yet dripped drugs into his body. Having said all that, doctors are supposed to heal. Those 'doctors' should have commited MJ into rehab but chose to accept payment, administer lethal doses of drugs to an addict and look the other way. The doctors should have said no---they are at fault. Dr. Murray is at fault.

1884 days ago


was it like a game of musical chairs with thes drs and conrad was the one left standing maybe but just like any other person who didnt have his money or talent he deserves justice .he wa used and abused from day one and maybe his conceit and ego rubbed some people the wrong way, i think there are alot of people who will have a guilty conceince incuding his family fo rmaking him the cash they realize every time they get on tv and say they are doing some tribute for mike ,everybody knows its relly about them.particularry jermaine.his mother is endorsing some tribut for "MIKE" but if you ask me it really fot jermaine to make a come from ma and its kinda like what the kennedys the fallen martyr and then try to put themselves in that money and money and mj kwew it tha why he was brokenhearted.can you imagine being so rich and famous and your life sucks worse than the guy stuck pumping gas for a living

1884 days ago


SONY killed MJ! they are the first ones to blame! their hunger for money pressed him ( the black-mail version wouldn't be a surprise) to go on tour, though he couldn't do it! (for obvious health reasons)... why was Michael in debts, anyway? was it because of the conflict with sony? and because of his trials in 93 and 05? who was behind those accusations, anyway? what if SONY ordered all this crap? they were up to get his Beatles catalogue and his publishing rights! just follow the money and you will get your answears... and the doctors had interests to make Michael an addict: his addiction can be seen as an certain and a constant source of money for their pockets! He supposed to be in Rehab long time ago, and never thinking about going in this tour madness, especially in his condition! May God rest his beautiful soul in peace!

1884 days ago


The parents had nothing to do with it dumb-ass!

1884 days ago


what the HELL PEOPLE!!! leave michael jackson alone im a 11 year old boy and i am smarter than you dame people that make's comments about michael we should call you rat's and these dame doctors in calafornia they are screwing up all this mj wouldint be dead if these doctor's wouldint want MONEY!! money is the root of evil! so..... mj is the best and tmz you are the best god bless.

1884 days ago


The law does not permit prosecution for being a "bad person", or an "overzealous fan" or just plain "greedy." So the only people who should be prosecuted are those who broke the law.

If drugs were illegally prescribed or illegally obtained, then the persons responsible should be prosecuted, be they doctor or lay person. And yes, the bottom line is that Michael Jackson became a complete and total drug addict. Compliant doctors made this easier for him to do, but the catalyst was Jackson himself.

The superstar mentality -- "I dont care if it's illegal, I want it so I shall have it" reared its ugly head in Jackson's molestation young boys AND his illegally obtaining drugs. Star or no star, he paid dearly for his actions.

1884 days ago


It's all Micheals fault. He was very aware that what he was taking would kill him. The doctors knew too, but when an addict wants something they'll get it no matter what. Especially when they have millions of dollars. I think it was very selfish of Micheal, putting his children through this.

1884 days ago


Finally a nice picture of MJ!

1884 days ago


34. If i shoot myself in the head, is it my fault, or the gun makers fault? Micheal had WEAK will power and was hooked on drugs for years. Real men and fathers get help, not demand drugs that knock you out for surgery.

Posted at 10:03AM on Aug 25th 2009 by J.R.

The drug company, maker of Propofol, is not faulted, Michael Jackson didn't administer the drugs to himself Dr. Conrad did. Your example doesn't work.

1884 days ago


46. the jury did their job he was innocent og to youtube and check out the untold story of neverland .hope your never a rich and famous target of unfounded charges.btw once someone calls you a pedofile or a for that matter a wife beater you pretty much cant do any thinf about it

1884 days ago

Michael Jackson    

Buckle down and learn proper grammar, matt is piss. You are only 11 so there is still time.

1884 days ago


Dr. Murray killed Michael Jackson – Yes. He delivered the lethal dose and therefore killed MJ.

Dr. Murray should be prosecuted – Yes. As a doctor he knew where HIS boundaries lied… HE knew that as a cardiologist HE had no business administering this drug to MJ (or anyone for that matter). Therefore, whatever crime he’s guilty of he should be punished for it.

Michael Jackson is responsible for his death – Yes. I believe MJ is responsible for his death even though I also believe that Dr. Murray killed him. MJ was a drug addict (unfortunately). When you live this type of lifestyle the end result can be death. Unfortunately for MJ this was his fate. I find it sad and tragic. He was an amazing talent and from some of the stories I’ve read/heard about him an awesome human being. I, personally, feel as though he was misunderstood in so many ways and with his supposed sensitive nature this lead him to lead the destructive life that eventually ended in his untimely death.

Dr. Murray is the fall guy – Yes. Dr. Murray is the fall guy for the simple fact that he was not the only doctor who supplied MJ with drugs (including the one that eventually killed him). There are other doctors who should be looked at in this investigation as well. With that said, because I feel MJ is responsible for his own death…Dr. Murray is the one left with the blame but with good cause… He made some very foolish decisions and it is for this reason and this reason only do I feel Dr. Murray should be prosecuted. If this were not MJ but some random person I would feel the same way.

1884 days ago


Conrad Murray is a weak man (7 kids with various Moms) who was in over his head when he started trying to treat Michael Jackson's severe insomnia. A long string of doctors had laid the foundation for the mess he entered, helped along by Jackson's own desperation and stubbornness.

There was no other possible reply to Jacksons plea for propofol at that point than a no, but the patient was probably beside himself that morning and Murray didn't find the professionalism to tell him he would have to endure a bad day after a sleepless night. I understand it must have been difficult for him, but he gambled with his patient's life and lost.

Maybe the outcome had been different if he had just started with the propofol instead of first injecting all those other doses, but that is far from certain - the whole propofol regiment was dangerous at any given time.

Murray did not act as a good, experienced doctor. He should have said no to the propofol the minute he started this job and worked out a safer treatment, taking other variables into account. Distractions, walks on the countryside (maybe even at Neverland), more carbs - and safer drugs. And he should have encouraged Jackson to cut down on the number of concerts, since they caused him distress. Better ten concerts than none. Best of all, only one big event. (And someone should have removed that ominous name "This is it", too!)

1884 days ago

Lima Bean    

11PM Doc I need to get some sleep
1AM Doc hook me up with something
3AM Doc I still can't sleep
5AM Doc you are not doing your job!
7AM Doc, damn you I can't sleep, don't you get it?
9AM Doc, you will be history if you don't give me the @#$& drug!!
11AM zz....................................

1884 days ago


Doctor Conrad Murray is a very good actor. On the video tape he looks very sincere and mournful. However the facts speak for itself. His time line does not add up. He is not a man of character. His baby mother is a stripper. He was known to make nasty remarks about Michael Jackson when he was hanging around the strip clubs. And his personal finances are a mess.

1884 days ago
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