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Law Enforcement Doesn't Believe Dr. Murray

8/26/2009 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. MurrayLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ the L.A. County Coroner and the LAPD are not buying Dr. Conrad Murray's story that he gave Michael Jackson a relatively low dosage of Propofol before he died.

Sources say the L.A. County Coroner has determined Michael Jackson died from a lethal level of Propofol. There were "traces" of other drugs in Jackson's system, but nothing that would have killed him.

According to the search warrant affidavit, during Dr. Murray's interview with LAPD detectives two days after Jackson died, he said he gave Jackson 25 milligrams of Propofol shortly before the singer stopped breathing. Dr. Murray also said he had been giving Jackson 50 milligrams of Propofol for the prior six weeks so Jackson could sleep, but he felt the singer may have been forming an addiction so he cut back.

Here's the reality. It takes approximately 400 milligrams of Propofol for someone of Jackson's body size to sleep 8 hours -- that's 16 times the amount Dr. Murray says he gave Jackson the day he died.

Our law enforcement sources simply do not believe that 25 milligrams would have in any way compromised Michael Jackson, especially since he had developed a tolerance to a much higher level.


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1846 days ago


I knew it Liar

1846 days ago


Is Michael Jackson stil Alive ??? Watch the video on and decide for yourself! Is it real, or just a hoax?

1846 days ago

And yet, the stupid LAPD does not arrest this bum. Where did this "doctor" get his degree, Togoland?

1846 days ago


Does ANYONE believe this guy?

All I know is, this whole situation is REALLY effing confusing. It's been 2 months and we're just STARTING to get official confirmation as to what happened...jeez.

Question: Does anyone know if the autopsy will ever be released? And if so will that provide answers to Jackson's mysterious health history (ex: did he have vitiligo? skin cancer? a lung disorder?)

1846 days ago


How long does it take to arrest a man? Like seriously, I have never seen police take this long to arrest a black man. For once, I am saying they need to hurry up.

1846 days ago


This doc is evil I think. He lies and leave someone who is dying by himself to go chat on the mobile. What an excuse of a human being. The more info we get the worse the doc looks. As Lisa Minelli said on LKL "when the autopsy result comes out all hell will break loose" So far all the statements he's made are contradictory and confusing to the general public. There is just too many wrong things from the begining. He just doesn't know anything, being a cardiologist, a doc, ...???????????????Dear lord america what is wrong with your system? Do background checks!

1846 days ago


Murray's lying through his teeth

1846 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Breaking News: Drugs to Speed up=Slow down.

1846 days ago


Every day health care professionals make mistakes. This doctor is just trying to cover his ass. He knows he screwed up. I'm shocked he hasn't off himself yet.

1846 days ago


Murray babe your toast

1846 days ago


First page!!!!!!!!!!!

1846 days ago


Michael was Murdered by design.... when the F U C are you people
going to see this.... Breaking News my azz!! I figured this out a
long time ago.. along "with" the fact that this was an executed

All of this drug snit... where is the proof? Where is the toxicology
report? Where is the Official LAPD report... stop beliving every
fubking thing you read!! And hear from the News and the media... the
News papers are parasites in Black and White and the friggin News
media is BS!!! The destroyed this mans imaged while he was living in
now in death... they are still doing the same...

Michael Joeseph Jackson was premeditated MURDER folks... get with
it... Start puting the inconsistancys together....

1846 days ago


Law Enforcement Doesn't Believe Dr. Murray. Me neither.

1846 days ago
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