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Fans Boo Madonna

for Defending 'Gypsies'

8/27/2009 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna was hit with a tidal wave of boos at her concert in Bucharest -- pronounced booooo′kÉ™ rest′ -- Romania last night, when she stopped her concert to raise awareness about the discrimination of "Gypsies" across Eastern Europe.

Despite the boos, Madonna -- who was accompanied onstage by Roma (aka Gypsy) performers -- didn't even flinch as the crowd became unruly, finishing her point saying, "freedom and equal rights for everyone ... Gyspies ... homosexuals .. people who are different."

After the rant, Madonna can be heard saying the words "god dammit" in frustration. That happens about 1:20 into the clip.


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I am a Gypsy and I put a curse on all of you, you will all turn purple and your heads will fall off tonight during the Conan O'Brien Show. Death To America!

1847 days ago


I am a Romanian as well, living in Canada now. One of the reasons I left my country is gypsies. If YOU like them so much, why don't YOU take them home, to YOUR country? Then see if you will trust leaving your kid to play outside, or your teenage daughter walking alone on the street or even having a wallet on you. They ARE the most disgusting creatures on the face of the earth. Never ever met one that was human. Thieves, whores, killers, they never got a shower, they don't deserve to live.

1847 days ago


The dirty Gypsies won't return to India because they think they are better than the Indian people.

1847 days ago


I see this board is plagues with skinheads. I am disappointed that this kind of commentary is allowed. Please refer to comment #77, my previous one, and to those of other reasonable individuals. I am a Rromani and hope to provide a good example as one. I am probably better educated than most of you and have less of a criminal record (meaning I have no criminal record nor do I beg, as these hateful people would have you believe). Thank you.

1847 days ago


People pay a lot of money to see Madonna in concert. I did. Great show by the way, it kicked butt. I know when I go to see a concert, I do NOT want to hear socialistic/political views on anything. I want to dance and have a good time. Madonna needs to stick to performing and leave her opinions at home. If she wants to help the gypsies, she can donate her money for their causes on her own time. I, for one could care less about the gypsies and I'm sure the concert attendees have partying on their minds, not gypsies.

1847 days ago


Wow, Carmen, aren't you a nice addition to the Western hemisphere.

We have lots of roma in my country. As soon as people stopped treating them like thieves etc, and stopped discriminating against them, guess what happened? They became like everyone else. They went to school, live in ordinary houses and apartments, get jobs. You can't tell the difference.

If you treat people like dirt from they are born, they will behave like dirt.

Kudos to Madonna, and a big minus for you. I suppose you will intoxicate your new environment with your bigotry.

1847 days ago


aren't gypsies just foreign homeless people? Well maybe not actually 'homeless' but travel in caravans of wooden wheel wagons that are drawn by big Budweiser Clydesdales? Oh, what that was in Pinocchio ... or Dumbo or Cher's song ..oh God! I'm so confused!!!!!!!!

1847 days ago


This has been going on for nearly a thousand years I don't think Europe will ever change. I think Madonna should have handled the situation better though people came to see a show not to be lectured. Hitler tried to exterminate the Gypsies and failed so they Gypsies are here to stay. They are citizens of every country in Europe, not just Eastern Europe.

1847 days ago


Perhaps there is a high rate of crime and corruptions among various Romani subgroups all over Europe because they have been ostracized, oppressed and forced to live in poverty for so many centuries where this lifestyle has become a psycho-social paradox - they don't expect any better. It's a similar type of experience that Blacks have had world-wide. Another part of the problem is lack of education among Romani. If they knew the facts about who they are, historically, they would feel socially self-entitled as a group...the same way recent East Indian immigrants have felt in their mass exodus out of Indian in recent decades.

I also want to add that not ALL Romani people are of the same socio-economic level, have the same values or lead the same lifestyles. Especially in recent decades, many Romani have progressed socially in many areas. The Romani, or Gitanos, or Spain (for example) dominated the performance art scene.

1847 days ago


Let's see Madonna say everyone is equal the next time she has to wait longer then 30 seconds for a table at a restaurant!

1847 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

We ought to stop the Stop-Discrimination-Against-[Fill in the blank]-awareness campaigns. The cry of discrimination is getting long in the tooth.

1847 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

What's wrong with Egyptians?

1847 days ago

Black Power    

Why do most of you even care about these Gypsies. Our own country is filled with white, black and brown ripoof artists that will steal you blind. If you don't like Gypsies, fine. But don't make it seem like they are the only bad people in this world. Hell, our own government steals from us every day. Although I think Madonna is always stepping up on a soapbox and telling people what she thinks they should do, Gypsies are not the biggest problem in the world.

1847 days ago

supa b    

I've been to Romania 7 times and let me tell you, they're not a bunch of sensitive cry babies like Americans. I have some cool Gypsi friends but even they know you cant trust them. Unlike most of Europe, they love America and always supported us in the War.

1847 days ago


I boo her too but for different reasons!

1847 days ago
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