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Fans Boo Madonna

for Defending 'Gypsies'

8/27/2009 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna was hit with a tidal wave of boos at her concert in Bucharest -- pronounced booooo′kÉ™ rest′ -- Romania last night, when she stopped her concert to raise awareness about the discrimination of "Gypsies" across Eastern Europe.

Despite the boos, Madonna -- who was accompanied onstage by Roma (aka Gypsy) performers -- didn't even flinch as the crowd became unruly, finishing her point saying, "freedom and equal rights for everyone ... Gyspies ... homosexuals .. people who are different."

After the rant, Madonna can be heard saying the words "god dammit" in frustration. That happens about 1:20 into the clip.


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What a phoney Madonna is ! With her fake accent and pretentious rants she demonstrates what a lame, ostentatious and shallow skank she is.

She is sooo full of herself !!!

1883 days ago


All you Madonna haters act like you got some personal vendetta for her.. she never did a thing wrong to any of you! I'm not crazy about plenty of celebs but I wont type up nasty negative things about them.
Oh yeah I'm on TMZ tho I guess that's what its all about... If you hate her so much there's got to be something about yourself you hate even more! Do something good for your community help out someone in need it will bring some love and happiness into your hearts!

1883 days ago


Hell, I live in Canada and have had to deal with Madonna's gypsies stealing constantly where I work! Gypsies DO make good Romanian people look bad and maybe dumbass Madonna should think about that. Go buy another horse, douce and shut up! They just stole all your other ones.....

1883 days ago


I can think of a few more reasons to boo Madonna besides her political views.
Like her horror-movie arms, for instance.

1883 days ago


those people will steal anything that is not nailed down.. there all crooks and shold have some street justice.. let madonna get robbed by one of those people and we will see what she says then

1883 days ago


Thank you, Madonna, for raising awareness of Antiziganism. Before this TMZ post, I was not aware of the issues surrounding Gypsies. It's sad to see such violence blindly pointed at a specific group of people. I'd like to think that, in 2009, the World has learned tolerance...but Antiziganism is proof against that.

1883 days ago


Someone her age has no excuse for speaking about something that she is so misinformed about. Didn't she once say in an interview that she doesn't even watch the news on TV??? Romanians are not racist because we judge others by their appearances. Actions speak louder than anything else, and gypsies in Romania are well known for trying to trick people who are already poor, stealing from children and single mothers and even SELIING THEIR OWN CHILDREN FOR CASH into "marriage"!!! Madonna has young children, she should be more concerned with being an ambassador children's human rights rather than thieves, but then again, that would make her an intelligent and relevant celebrity, which she obviously is not anymore!!

1883 days ago


Why on earth is she even touring? lol This chic best quit while she's ahead......

1883 days ago



1883 days ago

Lippy Loo    

She can run into the arm of Jesus, her 23 year old adopted son, oops I mean grandson. This granny is a disgusting pig. Why do people pay to go see an old lady run around on stage in stupid leotards? It is just making the rich richer.

1883 days ago


I am a Romanian and I would like to quote Liana, a Romanian girl that I think expressed extremely well what those boos meant. I was at the concert so I should know, I booed Madonna as well: "What does Madonna know? Is she an authority in human rights or Romania's internal affairs? Has she ever stepped foot outside her hotel while in Bucharest? Has she ever met with people who actually live in Romania day in and day out? People did not boo because they are racist, they booed because her crass generalization was an insult. And ironically, they paid up to $270 to be insulted by this fake, superficial being who may or may not have a high school diploma, yet appears to care so much and be so very knowledgeable. MOST Romanians have nothing against the Roma population per se. Naturally, when you're transiting a Roma village by car and your windows get smashed with rocks one might feel a tad bit different. However, Romanians do not hate the Roma by default, they hate the criminals and the gangs because they affect the overall quality of life, not because of the color of their skin. I live in Romania, I know how it feels to have to deal with a drunk Roma ethnic and I also know what it feels like to deal with a drunk Romanian ethnic. The only difference is the far greater incidence of the first case. Madonna wouldn't know any of this. She is an overpaid entertainer who, like many of her species, believes that mysticism combined with activism equals undeniable cool. This is exactly what her statement was meant to bring her. Just a touch of extra-cool and a bit of media buzz. Deep down, she's still a teenage girl who wants to hang with the cool kids and in order to prove herself she has to be outrageous. Whether that comes by toning up her old body to make it look 20 or by buying an idiotic outfit and then pretending it has a deeper meaning that eludes everyone else or by getting a brand new boy toy or by exhaling wanna-be-wisdom, is less important. Wakie-wakie, you're not in Junior High anymore, Madge. And Romania is so not the new Malawi." Thanks for reading.

1883 days ago


Hello... i'm from bucharest and i know how it feels when you see gypsys all over the world , rich gypsys , whit fancy cars and lots of houses...gained from stealing...they are not one of us....we are asociatted whit them in every country...Romania is not Gypsya...!!! Maddona should know that no gypsy was in that crowd...they don't listen to her music..they listen " manele " all day long...

1883 days ago


5 minute video...
Come on! Was it in the beginning, middle or end...
Who has time to watch her crap...
TMZ Next time please just show the booing!

I love Gypsies!
I have one tied up in my closet...
I call him my little turd burglar...

Ok WTF are Gypsies and where can I get one???

1883 days ago


Madonna doesn't know what is really happening in the world right now. She just likes to tell everyone that we need peace we don't need to discriminate so that ppl will come and hear her. Stupid. Why talk about discriminating gypsies when they are criminals they steal, they don't need to work with others, they don't need work they need fun and money and food. I'm sick of them. They make you all believe that Romania is a criminal country for all they did in Italy or maybe elsewhere too. And Madonna, stick to singing! DO ur best is that cos ur starting to lose it.

1883 days ago


The problem in our country is that, gypsies are not like gays. Gypsies don't leave the romanians alone. They stole us, they fight with us, THEY ARE IMPOSIBLE TO CONTROL! 90% of the mafia are represented by gypsies. They are the "bad guys". Gays are diffrent, they are peace guys. Gypsies not. Gypsies are against everyone and they still wants their rights. Romanians are full of gypsies and that's why they "boo" Madona. Trust me, if you have gypsies in your country, you will not enjoy them.

1883 days ago
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